Secret Agent Clank

Secret Agent Clank
One of the unwritten laws of show business says that when one or another stage duo achieves great popularity among the masses, its members, sooner or later reflect on his solo career. Game industry only confirms the rule - after a long and fruitful collaboration with teammates succeed as an independent voyage went by celebrities such as Donkey Kong, Luigi and Italian tailed joker Dexter. Their example has recently decided to follow the robot Clancy seems to be seriously set out to escape the shadow of big-eared Ratchet. Until now, mechanical punch was on the sidelines, only occasionally allowing himself to come to the fore. Because, surely, many had the impression that the hero of Clancy's get a very mediocre. This view, however, is completely untrue. , Author of Secret Agent Clank (which is the brainchild of studio High Impact Games) are out to correct the glaring injustice.


The fate of defender of many galaxies is full of surprises. It would seem only yesterday that Ratchet was the zenith of fame, gave autographs his many fans and enjoyed life on one of the most expensive resorts in the world Pokitaru. Today he is - all the abandoned prisoner in a maximum security prison, accused of stealing a huge diamond. Clearly, Ratchet did not commit a crime - and yet recorded from surveillance cameras, and fingerprint evidence against him. The police and the tabloids just glad that the dock was a known character. Only Clancy's going to spare no grease to dig up the truth. Fortunately, experience in dealing with complicated crimes robot does not hold, because it turns out, has long since performs key government jobs, hiding under a mysterious and terrifying in the souls of the enemies of the pseudonym "Secret Agent Clancy. Whoever stole the diamond and Framed Ratchet, he will soon be found and handed over to justice. And so the authorities probably come up with how to punish the double-faced criminal.

Secret Agent ClankSecret Agent Clank
Gigantic reasonable slugs - dangerous opponents, but sedentary. Convict robe will keep reminding Ratchet about where he is.


Turn the dashing action in a parody of the spy thriller - not an easy task. We are accustomed to the fact that Ratchet & Clank makes plenty for everyone to shoot and run, but hiding from the watchful robot guards and disguise ficuses fans of the show have, perhaps, for the first time. If so, and to draw parallels, the closest relative of Secret Agent Clank does not have to admit last year's Size Matters, and Sly Cooper for the PlayStation 2, where, recall, was also paid considerable attention to stealth-elements. Do not fall under the sight of CCTV cameras, to avoid a meeting with the patrol, to neutralize heat rays - this special agent will find something to smash his head.By methods of force finally decided not to give up: if necessary, Clancy will be able to stand up for himself, but the desire to draw attention to his own person will invariably lead to loss of many bonuses. They rely only those who can act on instructions. So, if gathered to wave their fists, do it as discreetly!

Secret Agent ClankSecret Agent Clank
This guard did not show due diligence, for which he paid. Graphically, Secret Agent Clank far removed from Size Matters, except that the explosion was smaller.

Kung Fu Clancy

Another elderly pokazushnik James Bond convincingly proved that for a successful career secret agent is required, firstly, spectacular looks, and secondly, strong fists, and, finally, the widest choice of a variety of gadgets - from nuclear pens to cigarettes with a video camera. We are known for certain, if Mr. Bond was listed among the mentors Clancy, however, blame the brave robot in insufficient preparation is not necessary. Impeccable style (as well as outstanding growth), the knowledge of martial arts and a rich arsenal of technical devices - that is the key to future victories of your ward. But the ability to sensibly think in the most desperate situations, and boldly to defy even the much superior forces of the enemy's will for the main character an additional trump card.

Since we're talking about martial arts, let us consider them in detail. Especially that Clancy does not use podnadoevshee all or not very popular aikido jiu-jitsu and fighting techniques Vsesokrushayuschaya Clancy-fu in a way that few people succeed. And we must pay tribute to the nobility of the brave robot: at first he intended to spare the enemy, showing them only a fraction of the deadly devices. But the closer to unraveling intricate offense is chosen Clancy, the more actively begin to resist the enemies and the more he has to resort to a truly brute force. Any special technique or combo you can gradually improve (for this, however, need to part with some cash), so that a relatively weak first strikes eventually become deadly, even for well protected and armed with the latest technology opponents. Also, no you do not learn new tricks prohibits - in the game is more than enough. On the other hand, too much to get involved in melee optional - Clancy's familiar with the latest developments of the galactic military-industrial complex, and often prefers to radio-controlled grenade sturdy pink. Sharp as a razor, boomerangs, all sorts of time bombs, and without them, the special devices that disable any security system - this is not an exhaustive list of what to use Clancy on the way to a landslide victory.

Secret Agent Clank Three of the casket
Secret Agent Clank

Sometimes Clancy appealed for help to the trinity of miniature robots capable of, despite the very very modest size, to create real miracles, but ... only under your leadership. You control only one, whereas the other two actions are controlled with simple commands.

Secret Agent ClankSecret Agent Clank
Heaviest weight in the hands of a secret agent - a terrible weapon. No explosions and other pyrotechnic effects yet is a part of Ratchet & Clank.

Unplanned losses

Undoubted charm Clancy does not save the Secret Agent Clank on a number of obvious shortcomings, chief among them - the lack of dynamism inherent in TV series. For failure (though partial) of the fiercest firefights and big explosions had to pay a pretty high price - in some places perhaps too high. The latter is due not so much the irresistible pull users to the destruction of everything as the reluctance of developers to approach the matter with due sweep. Judge: control, interface and even design new levels almost indistinguishable from its own predecessors, including the already mentioned Size Matters. However, the goal is now before us are somewhat different, and the principles of the gameplay in the part that is devoted to the Clancy's, have changed noticeably. And judging is subjective, one with the other blends are not the best way.

Get at least a camera - it still revolves around the character with "Shift". But in the process of passing another obstacle not just once or twice a desire to position it as something else, more comfortable ... For example, to hang over the head of a hero to somehow improve visibility. Alas, tame besovku does not work - the developers simply have not provided such an opportunity. Exactly the same reasons many levels seem too primitive, because it makes them with a clear eye on the action, but not to play hide and seek. Probably aware of the vulnerability of their positions, and developers have tried to "dilute" the story of Clancy's scenes from his time in detention mate and captain of quarks (see box) - though not always successfully.

Secret Agent Clank Without a hitch
Overcoming some particularly difficult obstacles have turned into a separate mini-game, which requires keeping a certain rhythm, press the right buttons. Errors lead to the fact that Clancy is losing some precious health - having lost all of it, the robot (and you with it) will have to start all over again.

Secret Agent ClankSecret Agent Clank
Details of his adventures brave captain think up literally on the move. And with the fantasy he has a full order. No explosions and other pyrotechnic effects yet is a part of Ratchet & Clank.

Slippery path of true spy

Employees of High Impact Games have stepped on quite a dangerous road, trying to change our ideas about what should be the adventures of Ratchet and Clancy. Fans of restless couples abound, and most of them firmly believe that saving space and protecting disadvantaged invariably entail Hurricane shooting and explosions in a radius of several tens of meters and dashing Battle with crowds of enemies.Rake Clancy referred to the joys of one way or another are deprived of, and besides, they got some of my "exclusive" shortcomings. So instead of absolute blockbuster, this time we got a pleasant but somewhat controversial game, barely able to achieve huge success.

Secret Agent Clank Meanwhile ...
Despite promises by the developers to make of the stars of the upcoming Clancy games, the little robot is forced from time to time to give the screen ubiquitous Ratchet and Captain Quark, who still preferred to act as an auxiliary character. Now, however, Quark eager to regain the lost glory of the former superhero and travels through the galaxy, accompanied by a reporter, talking at every corner, that the deeds committed Ratchet and Clancy, in fact, his handiwork. From time to time routes Quark and Clancy will intersect, and, apparently, these meetings will become an occasion for a variety of comic situations. Ratchet that up to poor, then his fate will be somewhat different. Prison, where upekli innocent, became home to a variety of villains - and most of them put behind bars thanks to Ratchet. Of course, the newly arrived inmates can not miss and yearn for a chance to settle scores with old enemies. Which, in turn, would have done to try to live up to an acquittal, fighting in the arena.

Secret Agent ClankSecret Agent Clank