Restaurant Empire 2

Once in gaming circles the myth that any game with the word «tycoon» in the title is doomed to failure because the word is a curse. It does not matter whether it was the construction of the zoo, automobile or even in prison - had only to write a fateful six letters, as the game immediately attacked the merciless criticism and she disappeared forever. Some developers believe in the myth and created a Counterspell. So there were countless "mogul" or here, for example, "Empire". Alas, it turned out that not a word of it.

Those who are familiar with the first part of Restaurant Empire, it will be interesting to know what campaign you are starting with an old friend Armand. His uncle is retiring, and Armando are the same three restaurants that you ran to the end of the previous chapter culinary saga. The authors have decided to sweeten the pill by connecting to the game his wife Armande, with which we have to develop new menu: coffee and dessert. Agree, the additive can be submitted as an addon, not a full-fledged sequel.

On the whole before us again, "Restaurant Empire", only with better graphics. Interface, which forced to suffer badly, remained as invincible. To make the menu or substitute ingredients for better, you still have to repeatedly scroll through the whole list of dishes. The developers added fuel to the fire - the menu is now more than a hundred dishes. Traced to the smallest detail, they actually look preappetitno, but pay attention to such details in no time. For the resettlement of the restaurant is still spent about ten minutes: buy and arrange tables so expensive to hang more pictures. The most important thing - count "attraction for customers, and not whether the interior of the eye delight player.

Restaurant Empire 2Restaurant Empire 2
If the game could pass the taste and smell, the price would be "Restaurant Empire" was not The building itself and the interiors can be designed in a particular style, depending on the chosen cuisine

Staff is little known - the level of skill and a certain "moral", which is directly dependent on wages. Somehow humanize the employees of the developers did not dare. Very vain, since we know what the manners of these people could be immediately expel those who lowers rating institutions, and customers would not have to complain about the rudeness and coldness of the next Mario.

With cooks a bit more complicated, each magician skimmer and ladle - the dock and some of the nation's kitchens. Improve their skills will be over time - more often cook prepares a particular dish, so it comes out delicious. You can also send his protege on the cooking show, which takes place at the stadium in the city. Chosen chef pointed out what he great master, and in battle. We are helping him by participating in mini-games. However, the gameplay, they do not diversify - with the same dish can win forever.

Restaurant Empire 2Restaurant Empire 2
Traced to the minutest detail cityscapes in fact are dead scenery A typical layout of the restaurant. On scaffolding, ladders, diagonal walls, and in general any architectural diversity have only dreamed

Clients and game

Visitors interested in us, only when the cross the threshold of the restaurant. In the morning they order light meals in the evening, respectively, full dinner. Watching them quite amusing. Voracious little creatures come in pairs and alone, talking at a desk or talking on a cell. In general, behave naturally. The only pity is that the gameplay of it, neither cold nor hot, as the main battle is unfolding in the lists and charts.

"Complaints Book" is filled faster than you have time to utter the word "Kulebyaka. Complain at all: the noise in the room, no vacant seats, coldness of staff, cold and tasteless food. Solve all these problems in one fell swoop is not possible. For example, that employees were polite, you should invest in their training. You can rebuild the restaurant so that the waiters brought the food quicker and smarter, but no sense in this bit - the food will still be cold, even if you run a whole crowd of cooks. That is the reality game - too many conditions that can not be done.

Restaurant Empire 2Restaurant Empire 2

The huge city around, though he Paris, Rome, though, only pretends to be half alive in the campaign, the sandbox mode, turning into a useless dead scenery. On some diversity in the process of building a restaurant can not be considered. The more expensive item in an institution, the greater the joy it brings visitors, respectively, raising the rating, and it does not matter that this would harm your sense of beauty. Caring for a growing list of new menu and the ingredients can not be assigned to the virtual manager, click "make all tasty and leave me alone" is not provided. However, if we're trying to somehow act, the game again puts us stick in the wheel, and look, these obstacles are not everyday difficulties, intent restaurateur and ordinary negligence of developers. And this does not save the situation nor cute graphics, not hundreds of dishes, from which salivate excessively.

Restaurant Empire 2 Food for thought
Restaurant Empire 2
After several hours spent in the "Restaurant Empire 2", this window will be dreaming of you a very long time. All your recipes, ingredients, all dishes are here, and not to zaplutat and did not mix, it is better to prepare in advance:

  1. Category into which fall dishes: from light appetizers to desserts.
  2. The drop-down list of dishes. Once sorted, these lists can not be voluminous. Prepare for the constant scrolling.
  3. Overall rating dish. Depends on the efficiency of your chefs and the rating of the available ingredients.
  4. Requirements for cooking. In order to be able to cook any dish you'll need to purchase all the equipment, which provides a game. Do not skimp on the size of the kitchen!
  5. Kitchen and menu, to which the dish. In this case, a French dessert. The game is also available to American, Italian and German cuisine and a coffee menu.
  6. Ingredients. Here, given full information about the quantity and quality required "elements chef's table." Add authors advice on cooking, would have been a full-fledged cookbook. You will always be to offer products better, so do not forget to replace the old with new ingredients.
Restaurant Empire 2Restaurant Empire 2