Take a black-box precherny. Put him in the hands, bolts, gears, decorated with stars dial and sapphire crystal. Shake the box a million years, trying not to dwell for a moment. If you did everything correctly, the box will watch. Gather themselves. Opponents of evolution like to give an example of this absurd incident proving the existence of the Divine. But evolution is, it can not be.

Uncover the evolution!

The hero of the new piksarovskogo cartoon "WALL-E" has evolved from conventional robot cleaner in the dreamer-poet with a fine of psychic organization and full of sorrow unearthly eyes. Small animated vacuum cleaner has denied all the known laws of robotics, with a maximum convincingly: even he is capable of high feelings, just need to be patient and wait for what some 700 years. How long should I wait for gamers, before computer games will turn into true works of art? This, of course, the mass production rather than individual masterpieces of great developers.

Animators needed a thousand years before the rolls with live pictures turned into cartoons. Antique Lucretius described the first projector, then the Chinese shadow theater came up, followed by the Europeans had already built a magic lantern laterna magica, projected on the walls portraits of the saints and the saints. I wonder what would be the emotions experienced by our ancestors, they look at one of the modern computer animation?

Another race. Wall-E need to hurry and have time to go through all the gates. The robot with an exclamation point - the local police.

Works by Andrew Stanton - a real miracle. Back in 1995 the master wrote a story about two lovers robots, the last inhabitants of a dying Earth. Whether the story was too sad, that if the world was not yet ready for such a plot, but Andrew was advised to be easier and remove the cartoon about fishes or wardrobe babayke with purple hair. So Stanton did, but their dream home have not forgotten, put aside for the near future. And did the right thing: his Wall-E was a shock for all when he found himself in the list of "250 best movies of all time."

Rubbish wind

What future for the game made based on WALL-E? Most iridescent and bright - evolution works here. Pre-doomed to oblivion platformer suddenly showed remarkable agility and strong potential. The guys from Heavy Iron Studios have come up with your own recipe for children's entertainment, mixing in a computer crucible just four genres: still the same three-dimensional platformer, adventure, puzzle and racing simulator.Wall-E rolls on its tracks like a real skater, simultaneously solving puzzles and unpretentious firing debris.

In Wall-E has broken down the center of coordination of movements, and only the EVA can save his friend. Wall-E has found an artifact, this time with an ordinary hammer.

The main and naiperveyshee purpose robot - the production of waste bricks and stacking them in neat piles. During his absence earthlings they could grow into a gigantic ziggurat to the very dusty, the sun, but our hero is not frustrating, on the contrary, he finds all the poetry, eagerly exploring the surrounding world of trash. We must see how Wall-E managed objects - because he has no idea to what exactly they are fired. The film is simply a set of hilarious scenes in the game - the search for additional bonuses. The robot switches to first-person view, and scans the area, and should he find another curiosity, as the monitor shows the amusing new video sequences. Speaking of video sequences. Them in the game a great multitude, and every new mission precedes the binding spot. If we gather together, get a blank and unfinished, but the cartoon. Our advice: first go to the cinema, and only then sit down to play. Treats will be more. Especially that storyline is virtually identical to kinooriginala. And it's very good, the script is Wall-E is ideal: neither subtract nor add.

Happiness in a cube

All game missions can be divided into three groups. The first - the decision of mechanical puzzles, almost like the ever-memorable Incredible Machines. Assume you need to climb onto the roof of a skyscraper, but the road blocks jammed wheel. What should I do? Pressed from garbage cube and throw well-aimed kick out of the tap jam piece of iron in it. Or embark on impromptu swing, throw a cube mentioned on the opposite side of a rusty piece of metal and catapult Wall-E on the other side of the garbage barricades. Puzzles are very simple, a child certainly seem interesting, and dad too.

Another type of obstruction - mechanical gate, which can be activated by blue energy capsules. Need to collect a certain number, a ride on the nearest district, and then drop into the machine. Two other varieties of capsules repairing armor robot (yellow) or charged (red), its weak laser. It still is useful for shooting enemies and activation of some electronic handheld device. Them in the game abound. This machine, which supply additional android capsules, and logical locks. To open such a device, you need to quickly assemble a color puzzle.

This magnetic cube opens up many doors. Castle defends a test for memory. Remember the sequence of colors.

An important component of gameplay - racing on a very rough terrain.Wall-E is necessary not only to drive fast, but smartly to turn aside from piles of debris, sigaya over pits and potholes. These skate stunt robot does not know, but deftly spinning in the air and can go under the high platform. Even more interesting to play for Eva, a girlfriend of our hero, who flies with incredible speed. Caring developers have prepared a small gift - a multiplayer for two people. Simple but funny. Especially fun to participate in the championship game, which consists of several disciplines. Do not want to deceive the reader enthusiastic reviews. Perfect game does not happen, and Wall-E has its shortcomings and flaws like an awkward layout and outdated graphics. But you forget everything, Wall-E should be in open space riding a last earthly fire extinguishers.