GTI Racing

GTI Racing
What car brand is not only dedicated computer games. Mercedes-Benz, Corvette, Alfa Romeo, Porsche - this is not an exhaustive list. Some machines "lit up" even in several projects - think Ford (several parts Ford Racing) or Volkswagen (a couple of years ago, flashed and Beetle Crazy Cup Beetle Buggin) - this is a native of Germany, is dedicated to the reviewed our game.

GTI Racing engine developed from scratch, it is familiar to us by game Xpand Rally and the "Expedition-Trophy: Murmansk to Vladivostok." Proud of the picture they did not have - the schedule is not at some passionate compliments, but to be ashamed of, in general, there was nothing.

GTI Racing though it looks significantly better than the mentioned games, but up to date it is still far away: oath of developers to create photorealistic image remained promises. By the way, the game is not very similar to his "family" is more appropriate comparison would be with World Racing 2 - both externally and on the part of the gameplay.

GTI RacingGTI Racing
When viewing the developers repeats allow to impose a number of different visual effects. Local interior is not just ugly - they are flawed. Speedometer and tachometer were frozen forever.
First of all, we should note management, which can hardly be called friendly: even the inveterate racer trying to make friends with virtual incarnations VW will take away much time. This stems from the constant desire to leave the car in an unreasonable and poorly controlled skid. Most likely, this game can discourage many potential fans. Do not rush to push uninstall: the wonders of physics appear only on the early models of Beetle - next will be easier. Initially, we recommend to include only the form of the cab - to operate the machine becomes easier. The interior itself is not very presentable and incredibly far from perfect (perfection, as we remember, and till now still sleeps in the GT Legends), but only where you can play the first time.

Tangible concerns adds no control, and opponents. Umishkom they do not shine, on the contrary - there is complete absence of the brain. Virtual opponents, not only do not know the word "honor" and "conscience" - they generally do not know. If you suddenly seemed that the car goes off somewhere to the side - do not rush to raise the "glitches", you are merely trying to overtake. Attempts to annoy the computer can also leave your side: most tightly stuck to the car player opponent is confidently leading the two vehicles in the nearest tree.

GTI RacingGTI Racing
Travel from point A to point B is much more fascinating than in World Racing 2 Lovely landscapes - a rarity for GTI Racing.
Reeling virtual miles in World Racing 2, players felt that the track - just a small piece of the big world: in the tracks laid by developers occurred some life - not very rapid, but movement. Let theatrical, manipulative, but it was. In the GTI Racing this is not: instead of huge spaces offer the player a few tiny cubbyhole, which laid a rather monotonous route. A whole life around - only the rare audience, languidly waved upper limbs.

As a fashion - not without drift. Really, if these passions are not held soon, very soon we will see in this mode, the virtual race
Formula 1.

Developers are able to impress as an inveterate and novice drivers: they think the machine is a skid at the very slightest turn on the lowest speed. However, laughter is not very relevant: when sighted opponents, who on the highway can not see anyone, even a meter away, drift great spoil my nerves - after a collision with a minimum of points earned are discarded. And here it may be noted a curious fact: the pull for some reason only to the regime - it is annoying, sometimes exasperated, but the menu item «Restart» still remains much more popular «Quit».

GTI RacingGTI Racing
Where the drift - there and drag: but if local drift is still able to deliver some fun, then drag completely failed - in the absence of traffic match transient and disappointingly dull. If it were not for two additional modes, the game was awarded to the lowest estimates: both are based on travel from point to point, but one of them implies the presence of rivals, and boardwalks over rough terrain, and the second race against time in splendid isolation on city streets. Absolutely ridiculous in this cardboard look (literally) mannequins, trying to get to you under the wheels. Collision takes precious time. By the way, impact on any living person in the game, as well as attempts to turn off the beaten track, developers, shall be punished instantly - the car just put up back on the road.

Summarizing the above, it is desirable to note: if you're not a fan of Volkswagen and accidentally bought a GTI Racing (of course I accept that you can do it on purpose, but such cases are, in my opinion, will become the rule), do not rush to throw it on the shelf after the first track. Flaws in the game in bulk, but inspire it still is capable of. Moreover, it is possible to somehow pass the time before the release of Test Drive Unlimited and Need for Speed ​​Carbon.

GTI Racing History Lessons
Start Concern Volkswagen, aims to create a perfect vehicle for ordinary people (in German volk - People, wagen - car), put back in 1934m by Ferdinand Porsche - one of the most prominent German engineers and designers of the last century.By coincidence, the Porsche before creating a design office named after himself (the exact date -
March 6, 1931) has worked on several models of cars Mercedes Benz. It is curious that the creation of the legendary Beetle had a hand himself Adolf Hitler. " Vision does not fail you - that he had ordered development of the first car "for people," Ferdinand and personally hand-drawn simple sketch (inspired by the design of cars Tatra), where you can see recognizable forms baby Beetle.

Now the concern has turned from an ordinary small car manufacturer in this giant of the automotive industry and has acquired several other brands: Audi, Seat, Skoda, Bugatti, Lamborghini and Bentley, to secure a reliable rear in all classes of cars.

GTI RacingGTI Racing