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Gran Turismo

Showing a portable version of Gran Turismo at E3 2009 was so sudden that even when the game fell into our hands, it is still difficult to believe in its existence. But here is it, in front of us, demonstrating excellent introductory video. Is it all right to be after him?

Let's just dot the «i» and before you begin to admire the game, tell you about the bad things about the shortcomings. Yes, Gran Turismo for PSP is far from ideal. Ready? In the portable version is not a career! That is in-of-the-public no! No GT World, no licenses, no progress, no shops and dozens of specific types of competitions like racing on some Cooper Mini. If you have all the meaning was self-titled Gran Turismo mode, you can quietly browse the review, saying that the estimate is inflated, biased opinion, but the game is nonsense - you'll be in his own right. We also loved a career in GT4, and hoped for some of its embodiment in a portable format, and its absence we are very upset. Still, Gran Turismo - a game that is not one, but many components, always evolving into a pattern "Love cars," which has always been and will remain highly appreciate the fans.

Gran TurismoGran Turismo
Here is the main game menu. No frills - simple and concise In addition to various assistants in the game there and the "ideal line"

Of course, this love has not disappeared anywhere. Should just go to the store car and look at their models to understand: this game cherished real fans. Each of the eight cars made with stunning for the PSP-game detail. Such a beauty you will not see any one race. Polyphony Digital is still a little magicians, they know no matter how much power to the platform to which they make the game, to create absolutely stunning model cars. Looking at the rally version of the Nissan Bluebird sixty-ninth year, one is struck: every detail in place, just do not find fault with what. And how good Isuzu 117 Coupe and sixty-eight! You look and you realize: It's really one of the most beautiful cars ever produced the Japanese automotive industry. Another amazing moment: here at PSP-race, there is a cockpit! Yes, of course, this is not a full "view from the cockpit - no steering wheel or dashboard no" inside "cabin just looks black three-dimensional silhouette, but each of them one hundred percent repeats the real contours of each of the eight models, which are in the game . Moreover, in the presence of even a working mirrors! And we're not talking about the PlayStation 3, but a small pocket console. It is truly amazing.Even if the GT for the PlayStation Portable was just a big interactive encyclopedia of cars - with a bunch of text and three-dimensional models of cars - it still would deserve great attention, and yet still before us and a full game!

Yes, without a career, at first glance it's pretty boring. In single player mode offers only choose one of three types of competition (race for time, the usual race and drift), route (all are available initially), a car and immediately went into the race. Minimalistic. However, if we consider this austerity as an invitation for creative ideas, you're much themselves to create a competition that you like. Race Nordschleife on some "beetles" from Volkswagen? Ceremony. Ninety-circles on supercars for "Suzuki"? Necessarily. Drift at Laguna Seca in Plymouth Cuda? Without fail! Lots of options - everything is limited only by your imagination and fullness of the garage.

Gran TurismoGran Turismo
Familiar from the "Prologue" boxes show how good you have been turning to drift In the garage, each car looks simply divine, we can consider them for hours

We mentioned the garage? Here comes into force, probably the main driving force behind the game - buying a car. To collect the entire collection (yet again: more than eight machines!) Have Screw more than one hundred community and spend more than a dozen hours. Because prices for many race cars are up to two million local currency and earn money very slowly. Even if you drive ninety-nine laps of the Nordschleife (which is simply unrealistic, since it will take you about sixteen hours), you still do not earn and the tenth part of hidden cars here. And, incidentally, is another interesting feature: the winning race on any track, you discover a higher level of computer opponents for her. It all starts with the class D, and ends at S. For many, this can be a good incentive to continue to play, as each successive race is becoming more difficult and therefore more interesting.

If we ignore the figures again, it will want to remember that there is still much forty-five trails. And among them - as the fictional "urban", such as Seattle, as well as real-life tracks like the already mentioned dvadtsatikilometrovaya Nurburgring Nordschleife. But the interesting thing is this: the game went back and gravel tracks, including the Tahiti Maze in the second part, and the Grand Canyon of the fourth. Rally cars, by the way, also an enormous amount, while driving, as before, more pleasant on the asphalt. General physics of the portable version is very similar to the one we saw in Gran Turismo 4, and sometimes even surpasses it - for example, drift in the fourth part was oh, how easy. On the PSP the same stall wheel passes more realistic and is already close to what we see in GT5: Prologue, which, of course, a huge compliment to the developers, bravo. Gran Turismo for PSP - probably the first real car simulator for a portable consoles, because all that went before it, Let it play sometimes even very good at this honorary title is not seriously claim. Here, not only, or indeed feel, how does the car feel a difference in a full, front and rear drive, but also to distinguish between the behavior of the car. Even between the Lancer Evolution VII and VI of the game is noticeable significant change in the management of the transition from one to another.

Gran Turismo ***
If you believe that the main advantage of Gran Turismo - just a huge number of machines, you're wrong. The main thing here - care, even love, which made the disclosures of each of them. After Will you come to the detailed characteristics of your favorite car, you realize how much work and effort was spent on the game. So much knowledge about the various companies, brands and specific models you do not get, probably, even from Wikipedia. Each of the eight-car, in the game, has not only technical details, as in all other races, but also a detailed history: why she became famous when it was released, and that prompted the company to its development and production. After reading each of these "summaries" really understand why this seemingly homely, the car got into Gran Turismo, for which it should respect and love. Especially valuable here is that the game is fully translated into Russian and, surprisingly, translated beautifully! Read all of these profiles in their native language a double pleasure.

Gran TurismoGran Turismo
In multiplayer, as expected, hovers over each machine name of its pilot Replays of the game is as gorgeous as any other game of the series

If we talk about comfort ride, it is all very well. As promised, the developers can optimize everything under the digital push-button control. Therefore, even to maintain high momentum in the drift is quite simple: press-release the gas slowly, and keep pace in the red zone, easily and naturally, for what is one more advantage goes to the treasury of Polyphony Digital.

But complete. If you have already decided to buy a copy of this work of art, would have to disappoint you a bit: of course, no system damage in a portable version does not. Furthermore, all collisions were all the same clumsy and unrealistic, as in the fourth. But, considering that we play in this racing simulator where the push, in fact, is not accepted (and repeats all the same great, as always), to find fault with this game to PSP-even somehow uncomfortable. That's bad textures on the buildings and the lack of polygons in the roads - yes, that is ai-yai-yai. But at sixty frames per second, which is a stable game, the picture as a whole still looks amazing, securely Gran Turismo is the leader in quality graphics, including all portable racing games.

Gran Turismo
Here is the menu "Test driving" different tasks, which previously had to perform to obtain licenses, and now - just out of interest
To summarize, I want to reiterate that the game was extremely controversial, but, without a doubt, worthy. All fans of motor racing series Gran Turismo, and even connoisseurs of the beautiful literally must have it in the collection.No other race on the PSP can not boast of such graphics, this set of tracks and so many cars. Moreover, in portable GT is excellent multiplayer, which allows shlestnutsya on one track with up to three friends came by to visit. And there are some very interesting game modes and, most importantly, he is completely devoid of lag: Gran Turismo PSP on the network and continues to go on their fantastic sixty frames per second. So it turns out that, like taking away the main incentive to play, it makes us come back to him again and again, collecting cars, compete with friends, share cars, set records in the drift, and simply counted technical descriptions of the car, like a good book.

Gran Turismo SECRET
The easiest way to earn lots of money, strange as it seems - Drift! The formula is simple: track Driving Park Beginner Course, the settings put "style drift - a full circle, choose any good all-wheel drive car like the Subaru Impreza, Nissan Skyline or Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution. Become familiar with this type of competition is not so difficult, the main supply before leaving on your car tires front and S3 S1 ago. After all these procedures leave the track, pull the handbrake before the first turn and the same gas, keeping the momentum. When you catch the moment slip, everything goes like clockwork - you will collect even if the worst scenario for a tiny circle of this route for two to four thousand points. When you get tired Drift, go out and see how your points are doubled, turning in money. Thus, podriftiv ten or fifteen minutes, you can earn from fifty to one hundred thousand. This is much faster and easier than welling circles on the challenging tracks.

Gran TurismoGran Turismo
In single-player mode, as in the multiplayer, the race may be involved only four cars Choice of routes is enormous: first came to this menu, even a few get lost