Blitzkrieg 2: Retribution

Blitzkrieg 2: Retribution
Frankly, we've already started to worry. A whole year passed, and additions for the second part of "Blitzkrieg" everything in sight. And after the original game has broken all records on the number of add-ons within the Russian projects. And generally chosen close to the glory of The Sims, deservedly ranks first among the add-on'ov. Now, our fears in the past: in the light came Retribution gave us a few more hours of pleasant familiarity with "Blitzkrieg 2". True, the developers did not surprise us. New units and levels are slightly different from what we have seen in previous games.

Almost in Berlin

The Soviet Army finally went on the offensive and does driving a German in Eastern Europe. Zatyukannye fascists are desperately trying to resist, but still lose the miles and miles so easy to get at the beginning of the war the land. Our task - weigh Fritz farewell kick that flew up to Berlin itself. Well, or vice versa, press against the horn in the upcoming Russian and show that the Gross Deutschland something else that is capable of. Ahead of the standard tasks. Storming the railway station, the mining of roads, the attack from the shelter ...

Blitzkrieg 2: RetributionBlitzkrieg 2: Retribution
Graphics "Blitzkrieg 2: Retribution" beauty does not shine - in fact went a whole year. Sweep enemy bridge - a deadly trap.

New figures

In an amicable way, the entire add-on can be described by the statistical summary: so many units of new technology, so many levels, so many hours of gameplay. The gameplay itself has not changed one iota, offering the usual scheme: "leveled all the artillery, and again leveled all the artillery, tank and come to finish off the survivors." If such a scheme is not tired of "Blitzkrieg 2" or if you have time to forget partially for her year after release of the game - undoubtedly will get the pleasure.

And if you still remember the grand battles of the war itself, add-on anything you are not happy. Attract attention except that the updated performance characteristics of units. Play became more difficult, although the above scheme is still running like clockwork.

Home sweetie "Vengeance" - fighting in the city. What is said, feel at ease. It is here that need to be as Prestressing and show what you stand. There are, of course, and the global battle with an impressive amount of military equipment. Unfortunately, the epic battles from the original game, they nedotyagivayut.

Blitzkrieg 2: RetributionBlitzkrieg 2: Retribution

Only complement

No, well, what do you expect from a supplement? Novelty of the gameplay? Developers were not going to fix that, and so, in general, it is not broken. Updated engine? But this is a problem for the third part. In principle, the work of developers can hardly be called hack. If you're willing to pay money for a set of new missions and a handful of units bared his teeth with guns, you will not be disappointed. Those who want something new, it's better to look at other games. "Blitzkrieg 2: Retribution" differs little from its predecessor - this is its main advantage and main disadvantage.