Dead Space

Dead Space

How long have you played in this horror-action game that keeps the tension up to the final credits, to which you want to return again and again, preferably in the evening when the darkness outside the window in the apartment off the light, and the headphones do not allow outside noise? The real world for you anymore. There's just a nightmare on the other side of the monitor. And, oddly enough, you do not want to be a nightmare came to an end ...

When I sat down to Dead Space, it seemed that after Doom 3, any "cosmic horror story" will be secondary. Certainly not! Already the first minutes of forced to change their mind. Our hero, a member of the crew repair the ship flies up to a huge miner station, which cleaves on minerals entire planet. Literally five minutes of being on a ship poor guy understands: this trip will be his challenge. None of the crew does not come out to meet the maintenance crews, and a terrible kind of monsters are soon torn apart two of his teammates. From this point you will manage the brave engineer who led the survivors of repairmen to figure out what happened at the station, and possibly

get away from it far away. The plot looks prostetskoy, but do not be fooled - the writers have worked on glory. The plot is so interesting, that sometimes curiosity can only cope with nerves and cross the threshold of another room.

Dead SpaceDead Space
Steep macho: the protagonist valiant kick finishes off another creature Beauty! And it does not think that the horror will soon pierce through you from head to toe ...

Crown horror

Indeed, not once had to make an effort to move on. No, not because they did not want to play. Just the fear sometimes topcheshsya in one place, not daring to move forward. Dark, shabby corridors of the station, slap the blood up to the ceiling of the room and covered with ominous graffiti wall make sombre reading. Uterine growling monsters, the rustle of feet coming out of ventilation shafts, and gnashing of torn metal press on the nerves. And then there's the writers stokes: periodically hero come across audio, video and text materials that shed light on what happened on the ship until the repair team. And the scripted scenes ... Rollers on the engine can drive mad anyone! Leaning against the wall, she laughs hysterically when a hero, and then put a bullet in the head. Unhappy, tormented monsters, carries his skull on the iron pipe. Heart-rending screaming guard holds a severed his same leg. At such moments is truly frightening - simply because they do not understand what the hell is going on the ship. And shifting from foot to foot, gathering the spirit to open another door.

Dead Space Where feet grow?
Dead Space
Dead Space pozaimstovavala much of the popular horror films. But most of the game is close to the film "Something" by John Carpenter (John Carpenter). Place the ice deserts of Antarctica took a cold emptiness of space, instead of the order of polar - the crew of mining ship, and is replaced by a single alien creature came a clutch of strangers. That movie monsters have in common with the game. In the "something" unknown organism also captured the human body and changed them beyond recognition (although for the time deftly masked creature), turning people into sophisticated murder weapon. If you like Dead Space, must revisit the classics! Despite the release date (1981), the film is devoid of computer special effects, does not seem archaic and sometimes frankly shocking. Even the frame of the films so far caused consternation bordering on disgust. The head, incidentally, in a moment to grow long spidery legs that are repugnant to the rustling will carry her around the corner. Br-rr!

Dead SpaceDead Space
Intuitive menu - a pledge comfort and control Such a creature we have seen in the movie "Something." But still scary!

Parade of Freaks

Fear of catching the monsters. Firstly, they are very much disgusting: the developers clearly gave vent to imagination when inventing mutations that can occur under the influence of alien life forms. Secondly, the happy variety. Once you've managed to catch his breath after the attack, slow-moving but powerful zombies as you pounce on a couple of babies crawling on the walls, creepy tentacles grow and constantly asking for a handle in the hope of one `s hero in the neck. Babies replaced suddenly jumped out of the hole in the floor of suicide, playfully hurried to your side to explode ... Will, naturally, and bosses. But the most terrible experience left an ineradicable monsters, from which run, like a hunted animal, and pray that soon opened the door saving.

By the way, the enemy is very hard to kill just Pal in the case. It is better to shoot the creatures legs. And one or two do not: even without the feet creating a very fast before you get. The main principle - shoot the mutants all limbs, and then they are likely to kick the bucket. Well, or hiding, but when you get closer to them, instantly grow new tentacles and throw at you.And you thought would be easy?

Dead Space A bit of porting
Dead Space
Dead Space was originally focused on consoles, so developers had to try and adapt the game to the PC. To their credit, the standard console ports of stocks like an extremely awkward control system or twitching the camera was found. However, in the sight of weightlessness is sometimes difficult to put on arriving from the ceiling enemies. Some particularly complex actions make the keyboard squeak. But in general, wish to partition a disk with the game does not arise, thanks to EA.

Dead SpaceDead Space
Local critters and strive to embrace a hero. Do not drive to the kisses! Living at the station, of course, remained, but the roof went even they

Handheld grinder

To deal with such adversaries will need a good weapon. Since the main purpose of the space station - mining, shotgun and BFG is not found. But on hand a large set of mining equipment: plasma cutters, circular saws and laser remote action rifles to crush the rock. Believe me, for the destruction of the local monsters better than guns do not find it. Mining tools allow a jeweler to cut several limbs, quickly calming the beasts. Pleased that almost all guns are different, everyone can find a weapon to taste, and even the first cutter does not lose efficiency to the most final credits.

In addition to killing the player is given tools to help the stasis module, which allows you to slow down enemies while lacking in energy. True, at the same time keep all at once does not work, so that the shootings in the style of Max Payne did not wait. Another fun toy - a kinetic module to throw any objects. It is through such "telekinesis" and to solve puzzles related to lifting and transporting heavy loads. Beautifully arrange the parabolic antenna to better receive signals from space, in time to rush through the madly spinning fan blades, figured out where to move blocking the road bed of the personnel, - puzzles simple, but it is the best way to relieve stress after a bloody battle. In fairness, I note that sometimes the creature will haunt you, and while solving brainteasers.

In arriving at route terminals sell new items. In addition, the equipment can be upgraded on special benches, using the scarce power washer. Pump is allowed as a weapon and protective suit hero, including the kinetic and stasis modules. Do stems increased ammunition, killing power and speed of recharge, the suit becomes more resistant to damage, increasing oxygen supply (have to go out and in open space). However, all immediately upgrade fails, at least for the first passage.Immediately after watching the final credits player is offered again to go to the miner's station to start all over again, but with better gear. Occupation is very questionable, since the difficulty level remains the same, but the main character with powerful guns and impenetrable suit turns into a killing machine.

Dead SpaceDead Space
With magnetic slippers and a good supply of oxygen walk in open space are not afraid Boss, even on a computer screen does not fit. Have to do liposuction!

Do not hurry!

It is obvious that such a rhythm was not for Dead Space. During combat, precision is important, but not the density of fire, health points in battle evaporate very quickly, so dashing swoop tantamount to suicide. Here we have to constantly keep track of who and which side to you creeps, do not be ashamed to retreat and very carefully "to pull the trigger." An awkward movement of his arm - and the shot will not cause substantial harm to the enemy. This could cost lives because of the ventilation shaft is already certainly climbs another creature. And after the battle you are unlikely to flee, waving a gun in the next room, but rather will be frantically looking around in search of new enemies, recharging in order of each of the trunks. And only then, deep breath, step forward ...

Dead Space Rumor
They say that Inspired the financial success of the original Electronic Arts already hard is developing a sequel Dead Space. Moreover, the company is actively negotiating, whose aim is the publication of books and possibly a feature film based on a scenario game. Well, the soil is very fertile for the development: as any horror movie, Dead Space does not put an end to the fight against evil, so the story is to move forward. Yes, and too many questions remained after the passage - they just also be able to give an answer book and the full movie.

Dead SpaceDead Space
Get lost in the game is impossible: any time you can call this "thread of Ariadne" As we see, in some cases, powerless even medicine of the future

Beauty Dead Space

Maybe screenshots are not impressive, but in motion the game looks great. Smooth animation, appropriate special effects, attention to detail - all this makes the picture so alive that it seems as though you actually are on that side of the screen.Yes, and not from the hand calculating the number of polygons in the monster, who suddenly appeared in front of you, and that and look, chop off polnogi.

Reinforces the impression of the graphics sound - clean, deep, stunningly beautiful. Responsible for the soundtrack Jason Graves (Jason Graves), a famous composer who wrote music not only for Hollywood movies and TV shows, but also to a series of video games. This time he seems to have been in shock. Melodies are so well intertwined with the sound that are perceived as a whole. Describe useless to listen, armed with good speakers or headphones.

Clear Pedestal

All horror movies that come out after Dead Space, doomed to comparison with this exciting project. And the followers will have hard times. Because it is so seamless and exciting game was not long ago. Even the recognized leaders of the genre go into the shadow of Dead Space. So good we have long not scared!

Dead Space Those who are a little
Dead Space
If after beating the game so you never fully understood what had happened to the miners' stations, or you want to plunge deeper into the background of Dead Space, no problem. Under the guidance of developers released comic book series, cartoons and feature-length animated feature Dead Space Downfall, telling of how a spaceship were alien parasites, and what role was played by ambition, fanaticism and stubborn people. A series of commercials can be viewed on the official game site (oddly enough, under "Comics"). But the book is only available for purchase, and that U.S. residents. And a feature film released in rent only in America.