Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning. MMO with a human face

Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning. MMO with a human face

At one forum I found a saying that Warhammer Online players either immediately love or immediate causes rejection. Naturally, this does not happen: even a single player game is difficult to assess at first glance. What can we say about the MMO, which exit to the next patch may change dramatically for the better and for worse ... The latter, of course, it is unlikely if the developer is correct. And we have every reason to believe that Mythic - the right developer. Otherwise, why would a Dark Age of Camelot seven years after it was over 50 thousand subscribers, and the launch of WHO was almost perfect? But let us not delude ourselves sverhuspeshnym start the game and the final verdict is in after a few months when it will be clear to move the project.

Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning. MMO with a human faceWarhammer Online: Age of Reckoning. MMO with a human face
In the golden chest reward for the performance of public quest. You see, as it was surrounded by players? However, the bags of prizes will go to not for everyone. In the village Grimmenhagen, the Empire starting area, crowded as ever. Alone wizards in the screenshot I counted nine pieces.

Range war

"If you are attacked by the enemy, kill him and then sort it out what's what", - reads the inscription on one of the loading screens. That's the Warhammer Online. The authors do not ship the player long histories (those who want to get to the truth can read it on the official website of the project), and give the sword in his hands and kick sent into battle. There is no need to pump your character, performing dozens of similar quests, and then collect a cool outfit, again and again by killing the same monsters. PvP - here it is, at a distance of click: push the button, and you're in a scenario that puts before you a unique challenge. Capturing control points battle for the artifact, the destruction of enemy fortifications and even banal capture the flag look fresh and original, the main thing here is not to win, and team play. And when the battle ends with a score of 499:500, silly to divide the players into winners and losers - they all received the same pleasure.

MMO with a human face "class =" center2 first png "/> Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning. MMO with a human face
Guns or crossbows is in all races. But the dwarves, in my opinion, the prettiest guns. Immediately evident that beat away and hurt. Barrels of beer - the only thing that dwarfs more guns. The fact that dwarves are born with a beard almost a proven fact. Drink too from the cradle, or what?

WAR confirms the wisdom of the people "there is safety in numbers." Understand that almost from the first minutes of the game. And while one on one skirmishes are not uncommon here, the main focus of the game - large-scale battles in which winning is not the characters, and units. Warhammer severely punishes lone Rambo - when they met with overwhelming odds, even a giant white shark fins in an instant glues. And any death on the hands of the enemy - for the murder of opponents of the characters are not only the glory (renown) and the corresponding grades, but the usual combat experience. And on carcasses of defeated players can find a very decent outfit. But do not worry, at death you do not lose things - the trophies are generated by the game itself. So up to the maximum level you can level up without firing a single quest. Obviously, getting experience in PvP completely removes the game from another disease: Twinkie (twink - a character who has the best gear for his level, making it much stronger than other players). It makes no sense to spend a lot of effort to improve weapons and armor, if you will soon get the next level.

Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning. MMO with a human face Be different!
Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning. MMO with a human face
In view of the complexity of the developers refused to change the appearance of the avatar with the growth of his rank. However, the trophies have not gone away: the "dummy" character for which there are five cells, opening upon receipt of levels. You can also paint the equipment - for creativity is virtually limitless. If the junior level, representatives of the same class look like twins, is already at the 15 th rank is difficult to find similar characters.

Cause of our money

Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning. MMO with a human face
First public quest for Greenskins. First need to kill the Squig, giant nuisance. Then drink giant beers. After all, only happy and well fed burly able to grab a mine and blow up the door to the fortress of the dwarfs.
WAR is not one of those MMOs that contribute shmotnichestvu and accumulation of wealth. First, money is no problem: 15 gold to buy a horse I have already accumulated to 16-th level (saddle horse can be level 20 character). Secondly, as a reward for the job offer only things that can use your class.Do not argue, it is somewhat casual, but awfully convenient. Orders themselves to be surprisingly pleasant: you can not please advise the population of white rabbits, or cut down a pine forest. Maximum direct to kill a dozen other monsters (or players, hehe) or find the same kind of thing. And a surprising number of jobs (especially for PvP-oriented games), each preceded by an interesting story, and they run fast. Particularly pleased at the quests Greenskins: what will be asked to shove a dwarf in a barrel and shove off the cliff into the water, then - gather up a few mushrooms poisonous.

Apart from the usual targets are long chains, which in the end you will find a great reward, as well as public (public) quests, designed for a group or even a raid of 10-20 players. These tasks consist of several stages and carried out in a certain area. Take part in them can a man be found near the player. Unfortunately, the mechanism for distribution of awards for "public" leaves much to be desired: the quest came at the end of a character can get the best bag of trophies, while the player is, frankly defunct in all phases of the job, will remain with the nose. In addition to the awards in the public quests you earn influence (influence) - also give him great things. However, rarely look at the auction also will not hurt - it is necessary, somewhere to spend money. But usually, almost all the equipment produced in the fighting. Even the creation of objects (potions and talismans) does not require any time-consuming and serves as a nice complement to the "main dish" - the battle for territory.

Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning. MMO with a human face Worlds WAR
Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning. MMO with a human face
Has traditionally we dedicate box type game servers. In fact, two of them: Core RvR and Open RvR (both exist in variant RP - for the fans act out the role). Core - a game in the form in which it was meant to most Mythic. Battles between players are allowed only in the RvR-zones and scenarios, so if you want to relax and do quests, you no harm. Those who want to tickle their nerves may include PvP-flag, it would allow the enemy to attack the character. Also, the flag is automatically activated when an attack on another player. And if your level is above the level RvR-zone, you turn into a chicken, so that hurt kids will not work. Rules for Open RvR give more freedom and delight warlike character. Battles between players are allowed everywhere, with rare exceptions like the starting zone. And you turn into a chicken, if the difference in the levels just too prohibitive.

Again in fight

Each zone can be controlled by one party: Order or Destruction. It all depends on who has more points, which you can earn by completing quests, defeating in the PvP-battle, capturing control points and locks. It so happened that almost all servers in the majority of the representatives of Destruction. Although the sides are mirror classes (for each of the ten classes of Order exists an analogue of Destruction), players prefer evil characters - they are painfully colorful. Accordingly, most of the areas under their control - and to plunder the enemy's capital city far away. On the other hand, the tactic in WAR is important, and small teams have repeatedly won big disorganized enemy forces.This is another reason not to make rash statements, but look at the game when most players reach the maximum, 40 th, rank. One thing is clear: among all the multiplayer games PvP Warhammer Online is one of the most interesting and accessible. Important - is the ultimate goal (win your side and attack the enemy's capital city).

Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning. MMO with a human face Destructive phrase:
"I suggested that subscribers would be 3 million. If you guess, tear the jackpot in the office, which is almost 27 dollars! "

Paul Barnett

Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning. MMO with a human faceWarhammer Online: Age of Reckoning. MMO with a human face
They say the helicopter invented by Leonardo da Vinci. Lies! Although ... if he was a dwarf ... In normal people - squirrel in a cage. And our green friends have managed to put in the troll.

Spoon bugs

Even if we forget that, for the speedy release of the developers have removed from the game four capitals (leaving one for each party) and four classes that can not be denied: the game has flaws. Usually much they do not interfere, but serious problems, such as periodic "crashes" of the client or lags in the major battles of great annoy. Yes, and minor bugs, too, are not encouraging: for example, post in the game was done extremely inconvenient.

The rest of the Warhammer Online is a great game, and give details of her three pages is not possible. See you next month when we get back to the WAR in an online diary!

PS We have decided not to raise assessments. MMORPG live long, and objectively evaluate the WAR at launch impossible. Russian Premier «Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning" will be held early next year. Then we return to the game and compose a final and authoritative "opinion editorial."

Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning. MMO with a human faceWarhammer Online: Age of Reckoning. MMO with a human face
When it comes to navigation, here running the show dark elves. And the ships they have the most beautiful. Not a couple kegs of the Empire or steamers gnomes. Clips between the missions are definitely succeeded: a moment in the room breaks out swift and full of dramatic scene, prescribed in minute detail the Author!