Advance Wars: Dual Strike

Advance Wars: Dual Strike
And each time the number of innovations seem insignificant, but they invariably hone their gameplay, giving it depth and excitement. Anyone familiar with Advance Wars 2, immediately orient in Advance Wars: Dual Strike (hereinafter - AW: DS), the benefit from its predecessor, it had gone far, having played as a little bit longer, one can not ignore the differences that make the AW: DS and special fully justify their lawful 9 points.

The first thing that catches the eye - an isometric representation of the main card fight. The boundaries of the field far narrower, and the units - reduced in size, creating a perspective effect, buildings, mountains and forests are now partially obstruct them units. We can not say that the decision to make the game look much better, but certainly gave her a certain volume, which distinguishes AW: DS from companions with GBA.

The presence of touchscreen also means a natural use in the management - and it is implemented exactly as it should be. Nevertheless, the standard "push-button" control, switched from GBA, veterans seem more credible and perhaps even more convenient. Application dvuhekrannosti? Of course! Not outstanding, but still - most of the upper screen is used to display information about the terrain, the balance of power and characteristics of the selected unit.

Advance Wars: Dual StrikeAdvance Wars: Dual Strike
A detailed dossier on each commander attached. Mode Combat. Soon we shall these mountains razed.
Occasionally shows looming over the battlefield sword of Damocles in the form of a missile or a satellite - in concert with the relentless ticking (in real time!) Timer. But the salt - the so-called DS-battle, when the battle takes place simultaneously on two fronts. For example, the flying fortress does not allow ground troops to approach the enemy base: building a pack of fighters, send them to the upper screen, where they led the second commander of the air destroying the enemy fort. Alternatively, another when the battle on both screens are deployed on a standard template. In this case, the bottom screen is considered a major and a victory for him - a decisive, winning on the second front allows the use of both teams of officers in battle simultaneously.

Most missions, however, are not so picky and allowed to dispose of the forces of two commanders at once - admit that such a move could not give the depth of gameplay! At the end of the course you are free to change the current command, if circumstances so require: for example, if some of your tanks suddenly found myself in the zone of destruction of enemy artillery, it makes sense to put at the head of army chief, giving the units additional protection against indirect attacks. Having accumulated the same full line of super in both teams, you can use Dual Strike - strike at the enemy a super leader, make a move, change to the second and repeat the deadly combination, thus getting a free course. Compatibility leaders used also affects the force of the attack the troops.Moreover, in AW: DS commanders may, in addition to everything, to develop, gain levels, and additional capacity.

Advance Wars: Dual Strike The regiment has arrived!
The number of new units in AW: DS can not please. Here and Carrier, dealing with transport and refueling aircraft, and moving through the pipes Piperunner, and able to repair the Black Boat, and hiding in the sky Stealth, and a powerful Megatank, and able to immediately destroy any unit in an adjacent cell Oozium-238. Will not be bored!

Advance Wars: Dual StrikeAdvance Wars: Dual Strike
Fighters were victorious over the enemy in the skies. But the soldier at the bottom of it for some reason are not happy. The top screen is full of helicopters - is poslet there several anti-tank guns.
Dual Strike, and boasts a variety of game modes. Campaign - three dozen related story assignments; War Room - tons of maps to hone skills in battles with the computer opponent; Versus allows you to send a DS, like the pipe of peace, with the game "vmnogerom»; Survival - a set of interesting jobs with severe restrictions; Design Room - here you can give free rein to their imagination in creating your own maps; Wireless offers to start or join a battle begins (Multi-Card Play), share your own maps or download other people's DS via Download Play Mode Combat. The latter is unique to the Nintendo DS and more and more resembles an old arcade hit Battle City: you drive in real time by one business unit formed from a set, your goal here is the same as in the strategic mode - to capture the headquarters of the enemy or destroy all enemy forces. Captured the city in time to help restore life and on the field you can find all sorts of bonuses, and commanders are free to use during combat their super.

Unfortunately, this does not help Combat - the depth of gameplay, which is valued for Advance Wars as a strategy here, however, did not. The plot was never a strong point of the series, and Dual Strike - is no exception. The action of AW: DS is set in the Omega Land, where the alliance of the four powers fighting back the aggressors from the ubiquitous Black Hole. Nevertheless, for all the homeliness scenario skits miss any desire does not arise. In many ways, this contributes a great character design and complete unobtrusive humor and pathos of the traditional dialogue.

In conclusion, we recommend the Dual Strike all lovers of good games. I will say more - AW: DS fully justifies the purchase of the console. And even if you've never been a fan of strategies, try - for the delays with incredible force. Overcast and me - exchange abandoned, lonely nintendosobaka inaudible whimpers in his box, PS2 gathers dust in the corner. And, you know, I am very pleased to complete the review - because it means that I finally can go back to the next mission. Hey, soldiers! Smoke break is over.In the battle!

Advance Wars: Dual Strike "Wars» Nintendo
Advance Wars: Dual Strike
Dual Strike, in fact, is the ninth game of the series Wars. Named in honor of their host consoles Famicom Wars and its remake, Super Famicom Wars, came to light in 1988 and 1998. respectively, and a set of VS-cards are not connected by one story line. Of the four Game Boy Wars is only the first developed Intelligent Systems; other created Hudson Soft. English game series started out with only moving to a GBA. And here is the tenth - an action-oriented Battalion Wars for GameCube: us you have the opportunity to try it until early December.

Advance Wars: Dual StrikeAdvance Wars: Dual Strike