Civilization IV: Warlords

Civilization IV: Warlords
Sid Meier's postscript in the title has long been a guarantor of quality games. It did not leave even a single project, which would blacken the glory of Sid Meier. And the first expansion to Civilization IV will certainly take the minds of fans of the series on many evenings. But so is a good game to an ordinary buyer is decided to start with her familiarity with "civilization"?

Big Six

Mistakenly assume that the add-on - it's just dry seasoning of new maps, buildings and units to the main dish. Fans always come up and draw for your favorite games amusing scenarios and tasks, and sometimes rework it beyond recognition. However, do not ask for $ 30 at other fans, as do publishers. And the guys from Firaxis, fortunately, not escaped a pack of additional missions, and resources, and tried to change some rules and the possibility of Civilization IV.

Civilization IV: WarlordsCivilization IV: Warlords
To join his empire a little cut off from the motherland strange town is almost impossible. All the wonders of the world, built in the city, fairly visible on the map.
When it comes to choosing sides, pleasantly surprised by the list of available sprawling civilizations. To carve the world have joined the Vikings, Celts, Koreans, Carthaginians, Ottomans and the Zulus. A solid collection, if one considers that the continuation of other policies will not wait and a new race. But unfortunately, after a careful examination revealed that the differences in powers quite a bit. Just one particular unit (usually appearing in early epochs), a pair of leaders and the initial discovery in science. Religious preferences of nations either, so do not be surprised if Germany suddenly decides Buddhism and urge you to follow suit.

However Warlords can amuse not only the new entrants in the race of civilizations. First of all, pay attention to the amazing script. Them as much, and new parties in the game - a half-dozen. But each of these small campaigns in their own way transforms the game adjusts its a historical event. To make the story in such missions are more or less plausible, the authors excluded the excess of the country limited the number of moves and even lop the tree of technology! It is unlikely that such bold decisions will like hardened fans of Civilization, which are used to slowly but surely lead the conquest of the planet over a mug of hot tea. But developers, too, can understand. Otherwise, it would happens that the ancient Athenians used on tanks drove to Sparta and win so all of Greece. The script is about the Vikings do you do just that ravages the city, arrange the robbery at sea, and to terrify the whole district. In this case, even on the basic development of native villages and the science of speech does not go. And it does not fit into the rules of good old Civilization, which is known for its corrosive look at all periods of the life of nations.

Civilization IV: Warlords "Not one step back"
One of the new leaders in the appendix - Stalin. "Civilization" had not seen him for 15 years. In the second and third parts were Russian tsars of the Romanov dynasty, but the dread companion Dzhugashvili tried to no longer remember. That and look, will make Adolf Hitler, leader of the German people in these parts.

Civilization IV: WarlordsCivilization IV: Warlords
Civilization IV: Warlords Generals artificial civilizations
And yet, why addition is called that way? The whole thing because of the new unit - the general who called in the game is Warlord. If you remember, in Civilization IV in the cities of great men were born, which significantly advance the science, develop the culture and to make scientific discoveries. General, in fact - the same "outstanding personality", but are the benefits of exclusively military. He has to battle your shelves, increases combat effectiveness of soldiers and increases the number of earned experience, or settles in and opens up a military academy. The most interesting things that appear in cities such warrior is not often, and you risk to beat the game, not having met him once.

But many extras inherited from the previous parts. For example, the famous curse, pursuing long series. In Civilization IV: Warlords still does not matter in what era have trained your soldiers. The enemy in a loincloth did not blink an eye when votknet spear in your precious tank and detonate it in tatters. Should not expect an easy win when push cavalry armed with rifles against the knights of the last century with museum swords. No matter what your soldiers are armed, the value is only their health bar and the force of impact. So if you are zateete war, think three times and calculate the force.

Civilization IV: WarlordsCivilization IV: Warlords
"Manhattan Project" - a miracle of light, along with the pyramids, the Statue of Liberty and hanging gardens. Oddly enough, but the explosion of the atomic bomb destroys only the city but not the army of the enemy.
Warlords are unlikely to arouse a passion for history at casual gamers - the fourth part of add-on'om above, as not cool, not too much has changed. But fans of "civilization" will find it an excellent excuse to conquer the world once more.

Civilization IV: Warlords Running for the enemy
War in Civilization IV - it is very troublesome and complicated. Previously had to crush the enemy on all sides, beat each of his city, and quickly push the boundaries to get ahead of other countries. In Warlords the enemy can surrender if the loss is obvious. Then he became a vassal, which can, for example, incite a more powerful enemy, and then himself got into a fight.

Civilization IV: WarlordsCivilization IV: Warlords