Tomb Raider Underworld

Tomb Raider Underworld

C very likely the article could not be. Once we Sergei Tsilyurikom independently of each other could not extract Lara out of her own boat in the first mission (an error exists), the question of principle, cross the new Tomb Raider.

Behind the tutorial, a fire in an intriguing family names Croft. Lara in tight bathing suit picture (or a frog - depends on whether we are on friendly terms with the management), plop into the ocean from the board of its own boats. And here is under the bottom. Neither forward nor backward, nor depth, where, indeed, necessary. The camera is behaving disgracefully, snatching from the bluish haze debris landfills, which were once noble contours of the body. Another couple of convulsive jerks here and there, and we are inside the head of the heroine. There is woefully empty. Bewilderment. Short session in consultation with colleagues. Meditation and a second thought.

Tomb Raider UnderworldTomb Raider Underworld
And as soon as Lara is not wet slips with these pillars? To a gamer has not violated the thinking game designers, access to the steering wheel boats blocked the invisible wall.

Finally, a way out. We need to start a new game, kerf tips, and only if for some reason, floating aristocrat drowns in the right direction.

Legend of Lara

Tradition says: reached its peak in the far-nineties, from series to series episodes of adventures of Ms. Croft lost heat and sharpness, until revived in the revolutionary Tomb Raider: Legend. Further, fans made happy remake of the classic episodes of Larina's biography, Anniversary. And then, finally, a full sequel. History does not like it so happened that from cosmetic changes the terms of seats lost gameplay dynamics, but it is with him, of course, happened. The impression is that early in the development of the creators quickly blinded a couple of good episodes to show to the public, and then relax and plugged the hole than his arm caught. The spectacle has turned controversial.

Tomb Raider Underworld Watch for yourself, be careful!
Seasoned "charlatans» Tomb Raider Underworld on foreign Web sites warn about the following common errors (not counting referred stuck under the boat): Lara loses a flashlight for no reason, scattered on the level of additional poles lose interactivity; loading checkpoint Lara throws on the previous level; during the perepryzhek "between the walls may fall over the edge of the world, in Mexico, ceases to operate an Indian calendar, which is why it is impossible to complete the level; periodically seizes any animation. Glitches, note pop up and pisishnoy, and in the console versions. Prescriptions offered to combat, usually two. First - to create "hands" back saves at least one per level. The second (and most common) - «kill Lara». Meanwhile, the Russian-language forums TombRaider.Ru indicate otherwise. In pursuit of the latest graphics technologies Lara Croft with a whistle flew past the potential gaming audience. Dozens of the owners of the laptops and computers are not the first freshness precipitated moderators, endlessly asking the same question: "I downloaded the demo, and it would come out that I can not play the full version that is ???».

Topsy-turvy, back to front

On the one hand, by the end of the game, we continue to force the new tryukachestvam, the specter of an increasingly complex combinations of buttons. Tips to cut down, as it turned out, is fraught with the entry of Bagua, because every now and then have to listen to another "hold such a button and Lara splyashet squatting." And it splyashet! But it's not too nice - to throw something that has already learned and adapt to new and more complicated technically, but the same performance trick. In the end, I want to have to start to realize the accumulated potential and poke you again, like a blind kitten, a new design for distortion levels.

Tomb Raider UnderworldTomb Raider Underworld
Ordinary moment of the game. Bayonetta weeping quietly in the corner. Level of discharge successful. Giant octopus, with which to fight in the open will not have to perfect.

On the other hand, all these new tricks - only fresh seasoning for at least fresh basic process. Going through the story, Lara sluggish intermit two classes: the acrobatic exercises, turning to a player in the typing tutor, and shooting nizkointellektualnyh, hulking enemies.

Dunghill raking, a player found a pearl

Scenario background of what is happening, throwing us into the ocean at the beginning: Lara is looking for the secret of the disappearance / death of his mother. To do this, no less, she needs to get into Avalon. Can pave the way there, only artefacts - gloves, belt and hammer Thor. Do not ask me why. He had to somehow link those successful areas of the game that somehow the developers have turned out. And they certainly are, although their number is small.Very nice dive into the misty blue abyss with a tiny diving (in the beginning, if you can trick an insidious error). Sigh of relief to discover that sharks are in no hurry to rush the heroine. At once, the monsters do not just act out the role of monsters and trying to resemble living creatures that caution is inherent from birth! The second time captures the spirit of joy at the sight of gorgeous scenery of Thai ruins. Statue of seated "Diamonds" of Shiva and Kali - definitely the most daring design decision in the last five years in the games, in my personal rating. And the puzzle is due in great.

When designers decide to take a spatial imagination of the player, things are going well - in the game - way. Besides the camera, beach series, behaves not as an ultimatum, as before. In almost all scenes, it can be rotated, sometimes even to fix a different idea about the creators of view.

Tomb Raider UnderworldTomb Raider Underworld
CAUTION: narrow and low lazah, where Lara is crawling on all fours, the camera sometimes goes mad. As before, the "schedule a new generation takes too many resources (especially water). Comfortable, even on powerful computers to play with weak or medium settings. True, the weak are all very scared, but on average still all right.

And finally - the unexpected joy. Sometimes animals, opponents do not fight with Lara, but with a human enemy. Maybe a fight taking place on the script (if so, what conditions trigger the beginning and could not be determined). In any case, how nice to other people's hands, or rather feet, reduce the number of potential adversaries! Why are so far not come up with Tomb Raider weapon, forcing monsters to fight each other?

"But what about the rest?" - You ask. And it will be - in "the bad news."

Cut off, cut off Maresjev feet!

Where to start - with the worst? Or put aside at last? Frankly, the claims you want lots of spill. I'm afraid not printing will master print of the sign, which is due to come out. I will try to present beautifully.

Nothing-they, developers, life does not teach. When will they finally cease to feed us with herring and milk? Yes, and the second freshness. "Jump puzzles and fight enemies with stoerosovymi interest completely different audiences. Moreover, competition from other games "alone" stand only puzzles, fights are worthless.

Tomb Raider Underworld
An attentive fan will notice that from series to series heroine's appearance continues to change, despite the seemingly found back in Legend worthy new look. Lara, like a real film star, endlessly pass tuning. With the ever increasing capabilities of video cards is hardly related. Every time we see not only new girl model embodying Lara, but a new computer model of the exterior. Underworld is no exception. It's funny that the role of the new Croft choose young models.If you check the official biography, it appears that bouncy aristocrat he went for fifth decade (year of birth, according to various sources, the 1967 or 1968). It seems that the designers realized this and tried to bring the exterior of the heroine for a new denominator. Only here is the result more closely resembles the work of the average plastic surgeon's hands over the face of some fading Hollywood star or pop singer. What's strange: polygons cut - not cut to the quick, easy to work on the bugs. I wonder, will we see Lara in the following series gradually like Madonna, or, say, Cher? The main thing is not to Masha Rasputin!

But even puzzling jumps are implemented in such a way that some of their elements can not be brought to the automaticity and the end of the game. At the same time designers are rudely pushing us to perform particularly difficult pas. Worst of all work out jumps between two parallel walls. "Pata-pata-pata-pon", honestly. At the same time Lara on the other side of the screen is no problem - it has no objections to the words of whitefish in the gulf, as if so be it. Problems of the player: the fifth time after falling from the same cliff, you begin to notice that more does not solve spatial puzzles, and develop skills in rhythmic beating on the buttons. For all of you have already decided "in his head," but management has traditionally constructed so that to verify your solutions in practice jumping and jumping. Still there are places where the camera kolbasit so badly that the game has virtually blind. Keyboard go crazy when the wall "perepryzhek. You can connect a gamepad, but - this is a surprise surprise! - It does not provide buttons to control the motorcycle.

Prinudilovka, obyazalovke

On this vehicle! If you merge into a single effort of all modern Russian poets, then they can not find adjectives to convey a sense of gamers who are forced to mototsiklovozhdeniyu.

Okay, motorcycles Legend «delivered" by Ducati, but this is quite a strong argument that the management of two-wheeled monster could not get out. But what keeps the founders of now, when any mention of the sponsors have disappeared from the splash screen?

Motorcycle clumsy, like a wild cross between a bear and mammoth, and its average speed is much slower than Lara's. Iron horse mercilessly chatters on turns, he constantly flies off the road or crashing into a palm. However, he did not ploheet. Only the player. Nevertheless, the gamer simply must carry Iron Horse "for a" through clumsy (in terms of design and manufacturing) traps and kishkoobraznye roads of Mexico. Even at speed, among other things. To the final painting with the help solve the puzzle.

Tomb Raider UnderworldTomb Raider Underworld
Turn into anything, just not in Masha Rasputin-oo-oo-oo-oo! The poor girl grew up without love and affection, and never tried to lollipops. Now trying to somehow make up for lost time.

The farther from the beginning, the sadder it becomes. It is clear that the fantastic stories the series provoked the appearance of no less than fantastic villains and their henchmen, but towards the end of the imagination of the creators, in my opinion, still overcomes the threshold between Fantastico-adventure genre (see "Indiana Jones") and trash (see "Diamon Jones"). Yes, and mistakes, the deeper into the jungle, so thick, thank you for such fatal, as in the beginning, is not found. Lara, do not hesitate to fall over the edge of the levels and get stuck in walls.Cantilever method of saving something nobody has canceled, so sometimes it is necessary once again to proprygivat polpodzemelya. What does not add joy. Of course, these crumbs from a lordly table can be taken for long-awaited sequel adventure favorite heroine. But the feeling that you kit, like a bazaar, not leaving any minute.