Disgaea: Afternoon of Darkness

Disgaea: Afternoon of Darkness
Hello you are still a time, boys and girls! You, of course, missed the glorious and incomparable lady demons Etnochke, is not it? Fortunately for all, a reason to appear before your eyes betrayed introduced even earlier than I expected: a third Disgaea still looms on the horizon, and Nippon Ichi unexpectedly took and suffered the first part of the PSP. The first part! The same one that single-handedly revived the genre and propelled me to fame and public adoration! And it is not anywhere but on a portable console, just perfect for endless manchkinizma in the endless dungeons! Chudesnenko!

But you, the people, narrow-minded creatures, of course, there is little to be happy just rasprekrasnoy me. Do you never forgive, but for the glory and prosperity of the native "Disgai" is ready to even tell that it still has chudesnenkogo. Although, in an amicable way, you need to know everything themselves - Kairan-chan in the 163-meter room sort through all the charm of the game, so much so that Yum from reading.

Especially for lazy people like to remind: the main thing there - the most dynamic in TRPG gameplay. Characters can miss each other, and enemies, too - and they want to throw to, here. Commands are executed immediately, but when you want it - so you can plan an impressive chain of indecency. On the battlefields often come across geo-symbols, which give certain cells of the field their properties, and nothing but manipulation of these geo-symbols - their throwing, the combination of effects, alternate destruction and repainting of cells - we can put more than a dozen hours. For each of an infinite number of items in the game is a dungeon in size from 30 to 100 floors! In "Disgayu" you can play forever!

Disgaea: Afternoon of DarknessDisgaea: Afternoon of Darkness
Scene rename Mid-Boss in all its glory. It is ridiculous to continue, even four years later. In multiplayer, it makes sense to raise the level of its most powerful characters. They should do the same and leaders.
In many ways it contributes to the upper limit of growth characters, two orders of magnitude higher than usual. Ten thousand levels - so weak pump? Do not forget that the characters can be reborn, coming down to the first level to start pumping again, but with a steeper increase in performance. Also - the rebirth - you can change the profession, a set which, however, for TRPG is fairly standard. And, in addition to levels that can be pumped and the possession of different weapons and abilities, and (passing the appropriate dungeon) levels ekipiruemyh items! Disgaea - etnochkin paradise for munchkins! And the first of the additives in Afternoon of Darkness - just for you, such nastyrnenkih: New NPC monitors all records and maintains statistics collected weapons and armor. Perfectionist now have something to navigate!

Encompass all facets of gameplay on two pages of the magazine Cormorant incredibly difficult.There's still there and the Dark Council, where you can make suggestions - for example, to deliver the stores are more expensive (and, hence, steeper) rags, to improve the ability of the character to move or open access to sensitive, highly complex levels. Senators can be bribed, and even cracking down on undesirables. This is our way, in a demon! And there appeared only in Afternoon of Darkness music shop where you can buy (fi! curmudgeon!) And listen to favorite songs Tempeya Sato. And - explosive penguins zombie with a knife.

Disgaea: Afternoon of Darkness The most significant innovation
The most significant innovation in Afternoon of Darkness (after my scenario, of course) - multiplayer. You can play with a friend via ad-hoc (no line) and measure their tactical skills and prokachannostyu team. For many, the last paragraph will be without significance - the balance of teams because it is very difficult to sustain. The choice is given by a dozen cards, but with the ability to carefully customize all options duel each fight will be different from the previous one. For example, you can set the condition for winning a massacre against all opponents, as you can - just over one leader, and you can tighten the battlefield fog of war, and you can add a neutral monsters, you can fill in the field of geo-symbols, which increase the level of heroes spheres, and geo-cubes, which allow make global lewdness, such as the murder of three arbitrary characters, zero MR in all the characters or even destroy the enemy spawn. And if you do not want to fight, you can simply buy a friend some valuable items. Do not miss the penguin with the phone in the room Laharl, for whom, they ask, I put it there?

Disgaea: Afternoon of DarknessDisgaea: Afternoon of Darkness
My answer is simple: "For-me-cha-tor-no! This blond is inadequate! Save yourself if you can!
As to the plot, the Hour of Darkness, the first part, he mumbled about how Prince Laharl became the prince of all the underworld (not without my help, please note!) So open to a such heinous and useless feelings, like love and compassion (there have already tried unbearable angelitsa Flonne, blonde and fool, which is small). Thanks to the hilarious dialogue and funny, amusing incidents Hour of Darkness easily extended by your short lives for a couple of worthless years old (and whom to thank? Me!). People are strange - they appreciate it. Although, if so, they surely will not dare not to evaluate and Afternoon of Darkness, because I still listened and added a script - with me in the lead role! That's all it was worth trying to wake Laharl accidentally shoot him! Needless happened by accident, really demonic! My script is not too long (krohobory!), just five episodes - but the humor in it no less. I promise not to wear earrings century!

On the technical side of things Afternoon of Darkness, too, did not disappoint - PS2-original is not lost Well absolutely nothing when moving in Widescreen, and yes even on a portable platform. Here, incidentally, to all of you together should aim to spit in the direction of Square Enix, not master sinless port FF Tactics with some kind of PS one. Yes, yes, I know, occasional problems with the camera, of course, remained, but they are not critical - this is TRPG, in the end.

Disgaea: Afternoon of DarknessDisgaea: Afternoon of Darkness
Dark Council continues to regularly meets to discuss rendered by me on the discussion of issues and endorse the creation of good-looking characters. Previews of future episodes of unparalleled me contain lots of references to different cultural phenomena. Having eyes to make out yes!
All right, enough, you're tired of me, rounded. Well, then, if you missed Disgaea: Hour of Darkness, as she soon as we had, you could be forgiven (just barely!) - European release through the efforts of Koei, the game is appropriate for CD cost the Japanese voice acting was very badly. But now, when you can get the most-the most complete version of itself, the most remarkable games in the world (and even a portable version!), No excuses can not be. And if you decide to still go past, make no mistake: one night in your bedroom will penetrate the Sonderkommando explosive penguin zombie.

Disgaea: Afternoon of Darkness SECRET!
Disgaea: Afternoon of Darkness

For those who remember what did Prince Laharl, and is willing to help me kill it quickly, I made the code that will give you access to my script. Simply place the cursor on the «New Game» and press triangle, square, circle, triangle, square, circle, cross. The said cross, and start a new game - my only mine! Oh, how nice to be the main character!

Disgaea: Afternoon of DarknessDisgaea: Afternoon of Darkness
Arranged by the destruction of the geo-character combos from the 1725 bombings - not the limit. But too bad happened. For cool fighting style (or even a combo at the pictures side by side) increases the bonus line. And for it is already possible to get otlichnenkie prizes!