Rome: Total War - Barbarian Invasion

Rome: Total War - Barbarian Invasion
Greetings from the Stone Age - dogs, wild asses. Notice how the scatter enemies.
IV century BC. Christianity spread throughout the world, and the great migration of peoples plunged Europe into chaos, that the descendants would be called Dark Ages. Vandals have ever put your name down in history as a symbol of the senseless and ruthless destruction, and other tribes gave the world map France and Saxony, Burgundy and Lombardy ...

Following in the footsteps of Attila

We offer a "fire and sword" to walk with the Huns to Constantinople, together with the Saxons cut the indigenous people of Britain, to lay the foundation of the state with the Franks of Charlemagne. Or, to deceive the history and restore the greatness of Rome? Or to build a great empire Berbers? Nations and cities scattered around the map and are ready for a giant chess game, we should only make the first move.

Each add-on in the series is traditionally devoted to somebody's invasion and emphasizes the barbaric nature of the invaders. This time - with the hordes. If the "nomadic" a nation loses the last of the city, she immediately turns into a horde, whose size depends on the population. There are special "Horde" units, and in this regime the army does not require maintenance. From the resulting pile of troops you can quickly find a new home and settle there (all of the "Horde" units will disappear), or on the map to run hither and ruin someone else's city.

The funny thing in this mechanism - the effect of "dominoes". Initially there are only two horde, Vandals and Huns. But as they move to Europe and destroy the other tribes, more "refugees" disperses on the map in search of better lives. In the end, have to reap the fruits of their own zlonraviya: tired of robberies, settles somewhere in the rich provinces of the Romans, and to visit us is a horde of Goths, who spawned hordes destroyed us in the beginning of the game Sarmatians.

Rome: Total War - Barbarian Invasion Cabinet of curiosities
Rome: Total War - Barbarian Invasion
History buffs blamed the original game for the arbitrary treatment of the chronicles, but developers are not confused. Discounted pigs, gladiators and animals were throwers in the past, but they were replaced by no less exotic Knights of the Grail, Dogs Kulani, paladins and the nail of the program - the Roman "carts."

Rome: Total War - Barbarian InvasionRome: Total War - Barbarian Invasion
"And the tanks Assume infantry, small groups of two million." Francis - Throwing Axe. Until now flaunts the emblem of France.

The Last Days

Playing for the Western Roman Empire - a special subject. In urban reign filth, poverty, anarchy, bickering between Christians and pagans. In the treasury even though the ball dips slightly, small garrisons, and on the borders of the Germanic tribes raise their head, pressed from their ancestral lands, steppe dwellers. Couple of moves - and the emperor is dying of old age, half of the territory in rebel hands, and the first Allied Eastern Empire decides to bite off from us a considerable slice. In short, the happiness experienced commanders.

Rome: Total War - Barbarian Invasion Hey, Slavs!
Our ancestors in the game - the steppe tribes in the backyard of the world and is little different from the rest of the barbarians. Yes, despite the many names of all the new nations is almost the same set of units. Someone is berserk, someone - Axe Thrower, well Slavs boast equestrian priests.

Rome: Total War - Barbarian InvasionRome: Total War - Barbarian Invasion
When choosing the nation show what the province should take mandatory. "Hedgehog", unlike the phalanx has no vulnerable rear and flanks, but can not move.

Some errors

The remaining innovations returned safely from the Medieval: loyalty and titles of the generals, the impact of religion on peace in the region, the revival of the destroyed nation ... It is not clear why the general was to be removed. Night battles that are so lauded designers, looks beautiful, but some radical changes in tactics do not contribute.

But the increased speed of movement of troops and lack of slow phalanges - still as. In particular, the reduced power of the archers, and cavalry became even deadlier. Against it helps to "hedgehog" of lancers, and learn to swim the light infantry and cavalry reduces losses in the assault bridges and fords.

More interesting was the play on the global map: A computer collects the power in his fist, throws the troops by sea, do not hesitate to go to storm the city. Generals can now be hired, but they are much slower dial "star."

And how fun to fight with the four "Golden Horde" armies simultaneously! Spoils the picture changed little tactical AI, but for any fan of Total War add necessarily to buy.

Rome: Total War - Barbarian Invasion Baptism of Fire
Rome: Total War - Barbarian Invasion
Religion is now important not only to calm the population. Although, of course, the Governor-Gentile will be a lot of problems in Rome. So, in an abandoned African garrison reappeared suddenly pious general, arranged a coup, and the province is back under my control. From the direction in which faith turns a city depends on what buildings are available for construction and some units can be hired there. Priests in battle raise the morale of nearby units, but the Gentiles have berserk, uncontrolled in the battle, but worth the detachment of elephants. And in the retinue of generals caught Christian saints that contribute to "convert" captured settlements.

Rome: Total War - Barbarian InvasionRome: Total War - Barbarian Invasion