Monsters vs. Aliens

Monsters vs. Aliens

Championship to collect DNA

Evaluate games based on cartoons ... But why children? The same studio Dreamworks knows how to create images that can wake the child in all of us. Vivid characters, a little humor, a simple moral - that's all you need. And if we add to this simple and addictive gameplay, you get and do good. At least, very much like to hope that the developers of Beenox Studios will make it so ...

Monster Movie

Resume the interrupted thought: to evaluate "childish" games very easily. Do not be facing an expert talk about the new version of the engine X or try to discover the changes in game mechanics. Only two options: either interested or not. And, alas, on the first version of "Monsters vs. Aliens" somehow does not pull. It all started very well. Beenox though redrew the story from Dreamworks in its own way, yet carefully treated to the original source. The plot, to remind you quite original: the film tells of an attack on Earth treacherous, but the infantile conqueror Galaktora, where conventional armies are powerless, the government issues a command against mutant monsters, collected from around the globe.

Monsters vs. Aliens About Us
Monsters vs. Aliens
2000 "The Birth» Beenox Studios in Quebec City. Studios involved in porting games "based on" on the PC, passed through it Shrek, Spiderman and even the Evil Dead.

Monsters vs. Aliens
2,007 Canadians for the first time released its own game by licensing - Bee Movie Game.

Monsters vs. Aliens
2009 In June, held major release in the history of the studio: will Guitar Hero: Smash Hits, where in addition to guitars can be used on drums and a microphone.

The Magnificent Five

We must pay tribute to the staff Beenox. They were not limited to the minimum necessary and picked up each character your playing style. Levels of the gelatinous BOB 'and turn into a kind of puzzle. Life rybocheloveka on behalf of the missing link is filled with action, running around the walls, and fights with multiple enemies. Finally, in the case protagonist Susan - a girl who suddenly grew to enormous sizes - you are waiting for "rails" levels, when the character is constantly going forward, and your task - to timely respond to emerging obstacles. Mad scientist Dr. Roach is reserved for multiplayer - the second player takes control of a special cursor with which you can collect bonuses and slow down enemies. The only pity is that handsome Nasekomozavr, furry parody of Godzilla, has remained out of work.

Monsters vs. AliensMonsters vs. Aliens
The missing link: if you want to live - to know how to twirl. Playing for Susan essentially boils down to a timely push the right buttons.


Sounds great? Played, too - as long as the saviors of mankind does not begin to walk in circles. Levels to be extremely monotonous gameplay does not change, but the disadvantages of each time a dramatic effect on the nerves (eg, how the BOB will interact with one or another surface, can only be determined empirically). By the end of the second hour of play the only incentive to keep going forward remains to collect DNA points that allow to open the bonus material such as concept art for the film. Still have an opportunity to re-run episodes for the sake of playing the same points of evolution ... so what?