Race - The WTCC Game

Race - The WTCC Game
Dedicated racing game Race WTCC (World Touring Car Championship). This is a race to the production car - in the rules of FIA says that the current 12 months for each machine must be made in an amount not less than two and a half thousand. Of course, before racing cars are a significant improvement, but there is established a set of constraints (eg, engine size should not exceed 2000 cubic cm). In general, the rate in the WTCC much smaller than in the GT-class, and especially in F1, and it makes the most affordable RACE hardcore simulation of modern vehicles. In addition, transient race - only 50 kilometers, which, for example, over six times less than in F1.

Generally lots of fun in the WTCC rules. On weekends, held just two races, and the winner is the one who attains the most points. At the same time on the grid for the second race the first eight put the opposite: the one who came first, ranked eighth. Moreover, the winner of the race weekend for next weekend will come with additional ballast of 40 kg (2 nd place - 30, etc.). All these creative outrage lead to the fact that the overall championship is the constant change of leaders, and until the last lap final race we can not say who will be the champion. It is one thing to watch this mess from the TV screen, and quite another - to plunge into it myself.

Race - The WTCC GameRace - The WTCC Game
Nothing so contributes to accidents, as a close track. In this sense, Macao is unparalleled, so if you feel uncomfortable in Monaco, then here is better not even be put. Alex Zanardi machine. Former Formula 1 in 2001 in a car crash has lost both legs. However, unable to return to motor racing and now appears in a series of WTCC, and very successful: in the overall standings he is 11, and even won one race.


Artificial intelligence for the most part very good, although its hardness some players may seem excessive. The fact that collisions in the WTCC cars - it is quite common, and in contrast to F1, where any contact is likely to lead to very unfortunate consequences, where even tangible impacts may go unnoticed. Damage model in general is quite good, although, frankly, we were hoping for the best - still WTCC ever requires detailed study.

Race - The WTCC Game Racing Mini Cooper
While the WTCC and in the title, the game has a couple of additional types of racing. Firstly, this Mini Challenge class S, the race for the modern Mini Cooper, and second race at WTCC-machines 87-year. True, both these types are clearly bonus and focus do not pretend.For example, Mini Challenge'06 carried on entirely different paths than there are in RACE, with the sole exception, slopes Brands Hatch. But the one in the Mini Challenge uses a different configuration.

As for WTCC'87, then from the five types of cars that took part in the season 87 th in RACE are only two: BMW M3, which took exactly half the seats in the final ten, and the Alfa Romeo 75 Turbo, in the final championship standings are not appearing altogether because of a disagreement with the Federation of Alfa Romeo, they withdrew their vehicles from the competition. A great speaker Ford Sierra RS Cosworth, who took the second half of the seats in the top 10, was somehow ignored by developers. As for the tracks, then sezona'87 in RACE are available only to Monza and Brno, and they, of course, only in today's configurations. However, the exact reconstruction of the historic trails - an impossible job, and an unsuccessful debut in the WTCC-class 87-meter - not a good topic for a meticulous simulation.

Race - The WTCC GameRace - The WTCC Game
The game is licensed broadcaster Eurosport, whose logo is now constantly hovering in the upper right corner of the screen. In the setting of minimum ground clearance - 80 mm. The machine could, or more, but prohibited by the rules FIA, but it better not to argue.

Register of claims

There is no telemetry. Generally no, although in fact in the WTCC telemetry, of course, is used. And the best settings to us, apparently, it is proposed to search blindly. This is, frankly, is shocking, especially considering that the apparent reason to leave such an important part of the game behind no.

Of course, dense work with data telemetry - the inheritance of only the most sophisticated virtual racers. However, before we have still not arcade, but a very serious simulator. In general, this situation very much surprised.

Race can not save the game in the middle of the race, and we note that in GTR2, and in GT Legends such opportunity was. A text file with multiple game settings "imya_igroka.PLR now encrypted! That is, the player is no longer possible to customize the game on your own. RACE requires much more computer resources than previous games in the series GTR / GTL, and thus it is much inferior to them in terms of graphics. Cockpits are made in less detail than in GTL/GTR2, outwardly machine RACE much easier they are suffering lack of an explicit polygonal, and the texture of a special detail will not shine, and in general it all on the model of modern graphics does not pull. Also, something strange is going on with the lighting. The cab car as something suspiciously dark, with nothing very contrasting bright streak of the world, looming in the windshield.

The game does not save replays free practice and the best laps, and only race. As a single race and the championship the maximum number of contestants - 24. In this case, pilots are much more (in real championship race was attended by an average of 25-35 drivers), but because every time some drivers cut off. Especially funny when contenders for the title. The game creates difficulties even with remapping the keyboard when the simple functions simply refuse to work. It is already generally in any gate not climbing. The game is being discovered flaws that were not there before. They are not very significant, and catches the eye immediately, but all together now pretty spoiled. Please understand it correctly, the game was not bad, and if the world did not exist nor GTR/GTR2, or GT Legends, Race it would receive an assessment to higher.

Race - The WTCC GameRace - The WTCC Game

The main question

How could it happen that Simbin early moonlight? (Let's really call a spade a spade.) But the fact that RACE did not she Simbin, which gave us the GTR / GTL. It so happened that some time after the release of GT Legends main and most of the team Simbin left and founded his own office under the name of Blimey! games. And the development of GTR2 Simbin gave it Blimey!, But RACE do yourself. This explains the almost simultaneous output of GTR2 and RACE, as well as the difference in quality - as RACE did, in fact, a new team, albeit under the cover of a familiar guise. A Blimey!, Completing work on GTR2, soon announced that work on the next project, auto racing license Ferrari. That's the game we'll be waiting.

Race - The WTCC GameRace - The WTCC Game