The First World War claimed the lives of 16 million people - is, by the way, the population of the Netherlands. During the Second World lost five times more, but has continually make games, make films, write books. Feats of grandparents we remember so well, but forgot about the great-grandparents. NecroVision, however, do not tell you about them.

Understand that the game takes place in the First World, we can only let arsenal in the form of soldiers from the initial levels. Next living subjects Kaiser replaced zombies, then ghosts, ogres, demons, skeletons and vampires. Gradually, the game resembles the Medal of Honor, transformed into the likeness of a Painkiller. The gameplay in this invariably cheery: Charging a shotgun and run by skipping levels, hanging Headshots. Reliability? Leave it to the lessons of history. Character is worn like a madman, even holding a pair of machine guns weighing one and a half hundredweight. That is - the correct approach to the shooter. Game, after all, must play well the rest of the evil one.

In an additional mode of enemies to kill the time and pre-selected weapons - such as a shovel and a gun You can carry a pistol, and can be just two. In the latter case you can not aim, but the rate of fire increases

And a decent storyline shooter does not need - because, apparently, believe the developers. Made a hero of the American soldier who was in the first few minutes of the game gets under gas attack the Germans. After waiting an offensive in an improvised shelter, the character looks outward and sees the Germans instead of the usual battlefield of the living dead. A sudden twist: our brave not get away in panic as far as possible, and rushes into the thick of battle, intending to find those responsible for the zombie apocalypse, and "once and for all put an end to this war." With this idea he comes up to the underworld, and in all that time did not ask the question "but what for?". Good, apparently, was the U.S. propaganda.

Stupid story about the Union of Germans with demons chew with gusto, and the rollers go for five minutes. Sense in them a little: on the screen are replaced by static pictures, and the characters at this time speak to each other at some pidgin dialect - either with the localization problem, whether the text of the script. Yes and coherent narrative needed NecroVision, as the fifth leg of the dog. Ability to chop the head with a shovel - that's a must for the game. A kick in the stomach - also critically important. And about the story you think throw.

Initial levels, as we have said, are at the front of the First World to the zombie in the role of cannon fodder. The gameplay is already here it becomes a runaway: the hero is worn on the long and straightforward level, both on jetpacks, but enemies crawling on it though (sometimes - and not if) from the ground.

For such coverage at times and ugly textures do not see Here you have a game about the First World

But the peppy old-school shooter - is only a shell NecroVision. In fact, this is a game with a complex combat system. Here is an opportunity to shoot a sighting, and with two hands, allowed to kick, and in addition to his attack with the bayonet or the butt, at our disposal, hand grenades, slow down time and even the combo system. Hit in the head - run scorer. Gave another well-aimed volley - and indicators on the meter jump: Attack of the hero is getting stronger and the enemies he periodically throws lightning. Along the way, about the combo system, recall is rare, but can not spoil kasha with oil.

At later levels, when the zombie Germans replaced the demons and ghosts, there is a new game mechanic: the hero gets the magic glove. Fighting suddenly go short distances. The celebrated miracle glove is stronger than any shotgun, but between beats can run into the enemy a powerful spell. If you have it on the one hand to another are allowed to take demonic guns, assault rifles and pistols, so the historical arms of the first half of the game was soon sent to a landfill. Why would the authors so all complicated? Two parts NecroVision could quietly released as two different games, and nobody would have noticed anything.

Dynamite pawned the left mouse button, a pistol shoot right. Throw dynamite - it's Q, kick butt weapons - a middle button, a kick - Ctl. Oh, it's over ...
But that's not all - from time to time you'll have to get into the robot, and even saddle the dragon, which once again completely changes the gameplay. The camera switches to third-person perspective, and you go to meet the enemies have a completely different caliber of dragon skeletons crack is not in hand.

All this looks great on paper, but the game gets a low score on purpose. Million parts bulky NecroVision does not form a single whole, but many elements simply not brought to mind. Every now and then skips flaws: sharp animation of enemies does not normally aim, gigantic bosses get stuck in the pillars and walls, huge levels are empty. Management - another story. Here only to attack using six buttons - easier to land the plane in which a simulator than a skillfully kicked the dying zombies NecroVision. Special humiliation - change weapons. To choose in the heat of battle launcher, you need three times to press the button 3.

The engine, too flawed. Just think: on the highest setting the game difficulty digesting even our editorial monster "Death Star". Although looks NecroVision well: texture levels are unclear, but they glisten zazyvno and beautifully lit. Of course, you do not will stand open-mouthed at the screen, but will not find a reason to disgust and wince.

NecroVision problems are obvious: this game still in the development recorded in the second echelon. Good ideas darkness, but to bring them to mind either too lazy, or essentially do not want to. On the other hand, the shooter Quake 3 with the rhythm of the market now, there is little, so even a damp NecroVision fans' right »FPS can rejoice.

NecroVision ***
Promotional posters are not quite justifiably called NecroVision «game from the authors Painkiller». In fact, the project deals with a young company The Farm 51, behind which is not listed or other works. This studio is really established key employees People Can Fly, the development company Painkiller, but among the programmers and artists and a lot of fresh people. It is curious to get acquainted with the mission, that is, the global goal of the new company. On the official website reads: "We want to create high quality games at low prices for the Eastern European market." NecroVision in this concept fits perfectly.