Delta Force: Xtreme 2

Delta Force: Xtreme 2
Studio Novalogic - a phenomenon of approximately the same order as the average "a legend of Russian rock": people over the years doing the same thing, a collective mark anniversaries and firmly believe that the world is no one more talented than them is another matter that the world at this general, do not care.

Novalogic has long forgotten how to do a new game and in recent years makes a living by selling wholesale old. Virtual shooting range Delta Force has always been and, apparently, for another thousand years would be her main source of income: a cast-iron engine broke up 11 years ago, and since then he has the unwavering insistence creeps forward, had no qualms about that monorails and nanotechnology . Delta Force 2 differed from Delta Force Tsiferki exclusively in the title, numerous add-ons, sequels, and gold-platinum reissue (all of what Novalogic do in your free time in idleness) year after year, slowly turned into a mummy in the collection boxes. Xtreme 2 - sequel to the remake of the first Delta Force; sell this in 2009 with money and with a serious face to be wildly uncomfortable, so someone of the developers read the book about the Shaders and painted the beautiful water that was not so ashamed of their competitors. Water has turned so beautiful, clean and transparent, that through it all can be seen, including untidy layers of silt, which has become a simple and ingenious Delta Force'1998 under the onslaught of time and human laziness.

Delta Force: Xtreme 2Delta Force: Xtreme 2
According to statistics, every picture from Xtreme 2 hides in itself a minimum of five drug dealers lurking. The guy is like 20 minutes stuck in the wall, but continues to bravely move forward.

Terracotta Warriors

The biggest mistake you can make an untrained viewer - confused Xtreme 2 tactical shooter Ghost Recon format or Rainbow Six. The game begins in the middle of the night clearing branchy tropical flora, the branches sing some animals, companions of spamming the airwaves, it smells danger. Moth-bitten Black Hawk Down engine in the first minutes of struggling tuzhitsya not to fall down dead. Somewhere run out baleen Ahmadinejad with guns and stuck in the muddy grass texture, control the game Delta Force "does not pay any attention to them: the sergeant shoved his head into a tree, an ordinary left without us run away to save the world, while common on the right fell into the water and swims Ahmadinejad around the corpse, sometimes it postrelivaya. Five minutes later, the last one hundred drug dealers falls dead, trucks with arms fly up in the air, the game says that we won. What was it?

In a timid hope that the circus will not happen again, running away from drug dealers in a campaign number two and we get straight into the snowy Tajikistan. The helicopter, parachute, rifle in hand, in my head is spinning thought: now begin Project IGI.Certainly not: the first wall of the first counter-packing plant of chemical weapons is outrageously alive - suddenly it pops out of a Kalashnikov and shoots us in the head. While we were in shock clap eyes, the helicopter had already spit in the direction of the new plant paratrooper, it turns out, can not die here even if they wanted - the almighty Delta Force "by definition can not be a shortage of recruits. Furious circumvent the treacherous wall with the rear. Of the square windows of square huts, one after another fall out crazy, but already dead Ivana; once again come into the side of construction does not make sense - harsh Russian traitors do not need furniture and sleep, mainly on the chairs, also in the corridors of the engine as a really quite shamelessly begins to show the level of Quake 2 graphics and slow about the same as the one brake in 1996. Stepping over the next Ivan and slightly staggered from an overdose of nostalgia (in fact it is a feature of the local chamber - when you try to look down the hero leans over the body, the player with the feel of herons), go to some hangar and see ... a motorcycle! Lazily firing back and spit on a map, saying that the target of 2 meters away from us, we jump into the saddle and squeeze the gas. The motorcycle is not coming, he moves - spit on all the laws of physics, pretending that the iron, then a boat, seeping through walls and jumping over buildings. At this point, it becomes clear: Delta Force died ten years ago and all this time, slowly but irreversibly decomposed. Amen.

Delta Force: Xtreme 2Delta Force: Xtreme 2
If you inadvertently included "cat's eye", will be guided solely by personal markers comrades. In daylight the game subtly reminds the Deer Hunter.

Blow it out immediately

Xtreme 2 is so terrible, clumsy, old and disgusting that deliberately play it only on compassionate grounds. This is the same Delta Force sample 1998, a virtual shooting gallery, where hunter and prey - are idiots, and winning the one for whom democracy. Xtreme 2 would have looked bad, leave it about two years ago on some iPhone; in the XXI century and PC games such do absolutely nothing. She is stuck in childhood and are unlikely ever to grow, even multiplayer - and that of another era. In this regard, Xtreme 2 is very similar to film The Delta Force 1984 (not having to do with it) about how the group "Delta" killing terrorists. All the same: and naplevatelstvo into elementary quality criteria, and inconsistency to his time, and total madness creators. There is, however, one difference: in the movie was Chuck Norris (Chuck Norris); grown into chairs employees studio Novalogic to such a focus not thought for anything ever.

Delta Force: Xtreme 2Delta Force: Xtreme 2
A shot at radio and exploded in FIG. Fall off the bike is impossible. To die on it - in general, too.

Delta Force: Xtreme 2 About Us
1985. American computer programmer John Garcia (John Garcia) joke created a company Novalogic.

1992. Publisher Novalogic has become rampant, self-run to market their own the same game Comanche: Maximum Overkill.

1998. Released Delta Force - the first and best game show.