Football Academy

Football Academy
Somewhere deep under the ice of Antarctica is the base of a secret organization ZMPF ("Capturing the world through soccer"). During the championships, they organize the fans' outrage, at the weekend sent orders for the production of brass knuckles and baseball bats, "All-Russian Society for the Blind", and in the offseason in the name of EA Canada, in a secret laboratory № 318 produce psychotropic football and games - such as the Football Academy.

By the way, while you're here a couple of seconds, giggling incredulously, thanks to Football Academy in the world has just become the three football fans more. And not only fans, but the real fans - because this game really develops football erudition. One has only to touch the cartridge with this plague, and within a week you'll know what Zambrotta Zanetti differs from that on the arms of FC. KOln drawn goat, in the classical construction of the 4-4-2 hitters are not used flank, and the greatest number of striped forms belongs to the Italian teams of the Premier League. The worst thing that it works even with those who only yesterday not that Borussia Dortmund from Tottenham could not tell, but generally not heard about the existence of these clubs. Almost two weeks I spent inhuman experiments on their friends and colleagues, casually slipping it Football Academy, and then using superzreniya gleefully watched as increasing their football IQ, and Smart take the form of markings of a football field.
Football AcademyFootball Academy
There are at least four tactical construction, which use hevbek attacker and defender. It remains to recall the name at least one of them ... Geographical test in which you specify on the map of the hidden city football club - one of the most difficult in the first place - because of the microscopic scale of the map.

This phenomenon is explained very simply - the basis of Football Academy is a collection of various mini-games, time-tested. Here you and "Field of Dreams", and Scrabble, and remembering the sequence of actions. All of them, of course, solely on football. In addition to traditional games found on the developers and their own notions. For example, sorting the players and sets of forms across countries. Or better yet - the study of tactical constructions: the game shows the scheme of arrangement of the players, and you write her name in the box for handwriting recognition and the next on the complexity level of this Quiza - specify which of tactical schemes using these or other game roles. Another find - guess the team logo, which is initially hidden protective layer. When using the stylus you gradually erase the defense, trying to guess the tiny pieces of the team.Nice and entertaining "simulator judge": you are given for the analysis of game situation (offside infringement, etc.), you are putting the stylus in the desired position the referee (hussars, be silent!), If necessary, pull out a yellow or red card and blowing in the whistle ... sorry, into the microphone. Not ignored and pure arcade fun, such as the execution of penalty, during which you are driving force of impact and twist the ball. Each time you visit the training center Football Academy randomly selects for you three mini-games, and their results calculates your football IQ.

Football Academy Pohimichim?
Football Academy
Each team has the option as "teamwork» (chemistry). Positive influence it can in three ways: picking up the players of one nationality, exposing them to the correct position (you're not going to send Pele in the attack, right?) And choosing their favorite tactic construction. At first glance, everything is simple, but in reality nahimichili anything worthwhile is obtained is not the first time. Sometimes we send protective hevbeka attack, hold the gate Internationale of the Germans, Brazilians and Italians, and spit on the tactical preference for mates. How else? All for a goal, all to win - that's our motto.

Beckham's three, not counting Onopko

Of course, even the best mini-amusement of themselves are not able to captivate a long time, well aware that the secret lab employees number 318. That's why a set of tests is only the prelude to another part of the game - collecting football cards, which are divided into three types - bronze, silver and gold. The higher your IQ, the better are allowed to set to open after the test. Gold, for example, can be taken for the index is not lower than 120 IQ, and it will be a minimum of 2 star players with a total rating of 80 and above.

The number of cards that you can keep on hand is limited. Therefore, firstly, we have to constantly throw out unnecessary, and secondly, to change the tactical building their virtual "card team." For example, an excess of cool defenders - a good reason to switch to 5-3-2 or a similar scheme, which uses five bekov. In this case, nothing prevents stock up on two or even three equal playing cards, three Beckham in the team - is not the dream of any manager? As you've probably already realized, we quietly come to the next layer of the beautiful game - the manager and simulator.
Football AcademyFootball Academy
Mr Jakubowicz, you make come true for Real Madrid! Throw the car keys! I can already see it - Arsenal, and you?

Allow me, I try to feet?

Cards are collected not only for the sake of collecting, but also fun for.Gathering "starring a pack" and selecting one of the tactical constructions can be made to match any known command. Simulation games in Football Academy is extremely simple, but that is no less interesting. Position of the ball on the field is shown schematically line that randomly caught between the gates of rivals. Randomly, it stops and starts drawing a game situation. Your players are alternates in the role of attackers and defenders, and you can choose from two options - secure and more risky. Either option can both increase the chance of a successful outcome of a game situation and make it worse. The difference is that the guaranteed option usually provides a range + / -5 points, and risky - + / -25. In addition to your choice in the balance falls teamwork team, the current level of fatigue of players chosen by common tactic ("Attack," "defense" or "balanced") and, of course, the personal characteristics of football players themselves. For example, if the defender trying to circle, then the chances are made up of security settings / speed, and the chances of an attacking player - attack / dribble. In short, good luck here certainly important, but the team and your personal actions during the game - is more important.

Football Academy If I go out with a friend ...
One of the most remarkable features of Football Academy-availability of multiplayer. And because friends can not only arrange matches, but also to exchange cards players. And cheat to pump beginner soccer friend did not come out - the maximum overall ranking of cards, which can be obtained in exchange, is calculated based on the current composition of the team player.

Zest Football Academy that all three of its constituent parts - Quiza, collecting and manager - are inextricably linked. To get good players, you need the best possible way to pass the mini-games to open a new command rivals - to find at least five players from its membership (to keep them in the deck is not required). All - full circle, and you already find themselves, frantically building up its football IQ, bowel new packs with the players and shuffle the team of his dreams. The world has become another football fan anymore.