Hotly unloved with all the "real gamers" kazualy - not a crowd "of the casket from the same person." This word means simply people who play on occasion, and among them may be old and a teacher, and director of the bank's middle-aged and the young officer, biding their time on duty. All three love games, which is enough to pay for 15-20 minutes, but when I select a specific genre preferences may disperse.

Crashday - a sort of Valhalla for the souls of drivers who have once died in the accident and may now face each other for days on end. The game is fine the interlayer of the casual players who are not against fun shooting and breakneck speed. Probably the help of a professional and appropriate, but only for the passage of "career". While the career mode gray. No miraculous wheelbarrows, like a bus or a bulldozer, you open all the same can not be - a fantasy authors range from sports cars to only jeeps and pickup. In short, if your goal - five minutes of leisure, at your service the other menu items.

Crashday Audio
In Moonbyte did not take an example from the creators of "Night Watch Racing», so instead of Crashday with an electronic soundtrack and rock-metal Crashnight we got one game with two audio tracks to choose from. In my humble opinion, with the electronic-rock music to Jets'n'Guns they do not match, but thank you for choosing.

Sitting in the cockpit is not very pleasant. Can not see anything, but in the ear roaring engine. Drag in the online game "pumped" cars from the career mode is impossible.

Single check

Although the title game and have the word Crash - «accident", would not you either flying out of the cab drivers, both in Flatout, neither crushed cows in Carmageddon, or fracture the frame, as in Carmageddon II. Damages are more cosmetic in nature, and the machine behaves as good as new, yet to explode.

The explosion of the machine is an end in itself in two game modes: "Crash" and "Give a bomb." "Pass the bomb" - a kind of beloved games in all salochki. On the roof of a drove-ducting attached a bomb with a timer. Rammed a friend - sent a bomb. Do not have time - exploded. Game adds excitement points system - all survivors of the blast receive 1 point, except one who was holding a bomb penultimate - its score is increased by as much as 3 points.

Pedestrians, we do not we press, and tombstones posshibat - please! Among the available mini-games - long jump with a bomb and without.
"Crash" - the usual carnage "all against all." Imagine Quake, where a weapon by one rocket, and the characters are worn at speeds under 200 mph and get damaged in the collision.

However, your car will not stay a whole, in whatever mode you play - whether it is even the usual racing on circular tracks. What's really nothing to talk about a "show of tricks, where you continually have to jump from a height of ten-house, writing in-flight maneuvers. It just shows a characteristic of control - you, like a regular Tony Hawk, are free to turn your sports equipment in the air! And often have to do it if you do not want bryaknutsya roof down, laughing at the computer avtoasam.

Crashday Authors

Crashday - he was still unfinished. Everything started back in 1997 when the German igrodely amateurs took up a project that would both like to Carmageddon and even more ancient Stunts. Check out the "authors" of the main menu to see an amusing report on the development of pictures.


Or do you want on your landing in the style of ZigZag Makkryaka made fun of not only the drivers were robots, but also the living players from around the world? Your happiness - in three clicks away from the main menu. Multiplayer - the strongest side Crashday, but due to lack of a rating system, each game on the web with unfamiliar opponents resembles a "blind date". Find partners, equal in strength, will except by accident or agreeing with them on the sidelines. However, after arrival, you can save the replay, to understand the mistakes, and maybe learn something from the enemy.

Take the experience of competitors would not hurt and most Moonbyte Studios. Crashday has turned an original, but without the plaque of madness, which featured, for example, Carmageddon and Flatout. Perhaps these games and want casual riders.

Crashday Track editor
Arrange on a flat map prepared pieces routes if we are to each other - well, what is so tough? It turns out that it is difficult. The fact that from afar looks like a tight-fitting joint, but is proving to be an ugly gap in the roadway. Elevation change is imperceptible in the planning, but will inevitably manifest itself in a test race. A few fragments require a "stub" on both sides, without which the machine may simply fall outside the track. Even three-dimensional tip, representing the selected item, not always help.And as soon as the authors can build one of these "building blocks" such an interesting card?