"Did Mohammed really pushed uphill, or it was a planned PR?" - Spinning in my head freely translated line from the rock opera "Jesus Christ - Superstar" by Andrew Lloyd Webber and Tim Rice. Is SOCOM series and really worth something, or is it empty, around which the PR with marketing hype whipped up empty? It so happened historically that spetsnaz simulator SOCOM has become one of the first multiplayer game for the PS2, and Sony decided to "push" game on the market.

Today comes the third part, indistinguishable in appearance from the first. The list of improvements - military equipment and support of matches for 32 people. "Dynamic shooter, another decent game show" - hard as a wound, English-speaking gamers. I must admit. I have not played in the first two parts and will not be able to determine the value SOCOM 3 as a sequel. I just returned from the fields of the best multiplayer online games for the PS2 and look at SOCOM 3 with surprise. I see a problem.

The player can switch instantly between different positions on the boat. The main achievement of the third part of SOCOM - added to the game's military and civil engineering.
SOCOM series has always occupied an intermediate position between Ghost Recon and Rainbow Six. This is a game of special forces, who performs with the same hunting and anti-terrorism and military operations. On the job you go in the company of three colleagues, a command line interface allows you to interact with children is no worse than a computer Rainbow Six. Available weapons - three dozen, and most can give short weight grenade launcher, optical and laser sights, silencers and other accessories in military style. The game calculates the total weight of the equipment and determines the maximum speed of the character. I suggest that the show always had a meticulous realism - yes, no reproach, meticulous realism in place.

SOCOM 3: US Navy SEALs We love you too
"All gay people - freaks" - writes on the official forum SOCOM 3 fifteen Billy. In the subject begins stormy debate, which goes over into mutual insults. However, the flame and abuse ends here every second debate - this is it, an online community of fans of SOCOM 3. In the very same game together fifteen lie with sniper rifles in the corners of maps and lie for hours, killing anyone who appears on the horizon. Want to play SOCOM 3 on the web? Find a company in advance.

Navy SEALs "title =" SOCOM 3: US Navy SEALs "class =" center2 first png "/> SOCOM 3: US Navy SEALs
Many complain about the physics of the car. "Fix - developers promise - only in the next section. The Apotheosis of poor design cards. Multiplayer is transformed into a torment: to seek a green dot in the gray mist - no joy.
Weapon shoots, as in life: long queues churning sight, short hit the target. Automatic with a silencer beats weaker from a prone position to shoot more comfortable, a pair of hits - death. You can play as a third person view (default) and with a first. The third part of men have learned to swim and dive under the water, holding breath, cards have become much more checkpoints in the missions there, at the levels - military vehicles: jeeps, boats, trucks, tanks, and goodness knows what else. In each car there are a few items and you can take a driver's seat and the position of the machine gun. But if the article is about the second part of the SOCOM is what we call "global poumnenie", then this at the time called the "global poglupeniem" The enemy suddenly started to ignore the queue prozvenevshie in centimeters above the head, opponents of the edge running up to the obvious trap, irresponsibly leaving the shelter. Companions not far behind, shamelessly smear and substituted by the enemy line.

Change them to the living associates of the multiplayer - happiness. Technology and new maps of cyclopean size (up to six times more than in SOCOM 2!) Opens in a network game SOCOM 3 new dimension. Especially good straight from the tin mode Convoy, in which one party has to protect trucks, and another - to destroy. Well, if any, with whom to play, of course. On conventional servers every third enemy strives to lie down in the corner of the map with a sniper rifle, one in four - wait for "rozhalki" on the tank, one in five - to shoot on their own. Yes, and graphics, little changed since the first part, does not help to see the enemy lying in the grass. What's really there, even an enemy running towards you with guns at the ready, you will see is not always - clumsy camouflage models are merged with muddy textures, and the battle turns into a pixel-hunting - win first one to guess at stirring a heap of pixels enemy. After crystal-clear HDTV-picture with the Xbox 360 is not impressive.

Thus, the accused, what can you say in your defense? Military equipment, 32 players on one card, and huge levels? All this is in Battlefield 2: Modern Combat does not justify the schedule second freshness. Checkpoints in the levels? Good gracious, how to live without it you can. Single player campaign is too short, simple, and to be frank, boring. It will be interesting mainly in the hereditary connoisseur series. SOCOM 3 is worthy of being called a "good", but mostly because of competition in the genre not enough to swear by (remember the failure of the PS2-version of Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter). Oh, and if you do not have a network adapter or the ability to play online, then subtract from the assessment score and a half, okay?

SOCOM 3: US Navy SEALs Announcement!
Navy SEALs "title =" SOCOM 3: US Navy SEALs "class =" left1 first png "/>
The next generation of consoles is rapidly coming, and it is necessary to have time to put into print even before the launch of a SOCOM PS3 - no one else on this schedule will not want to watch. SOCOM: US Navy SEALs Combined Assault, the fourth game on the same engine that comes out this fall. The promised improvements: fixes, clever AI (long overdue), the updated physics of cars, fresh weapons (such as tear gas) and equipment (eg, body armor), co-operative campaign to four players. In short, while other developers are jumping over your head, laborors of Zipper Interactive for the fourth time trying to write a decent AI.