Tetris DS

Tetris DS
"Tetris" know everything. Know a long time - enough to ever write off in the category of "retro" and forget it. Nintendo understands this - and therefore gave Tetris DS bunch of attractive features. Here and six game modes, one more beautiful than another, and multiplayer for ten players using only one cartridge, and even the possibility of online matches!

The most intimate and familiar of the six modes - of course, Standard. He, in turn, is divided into three categories: Marathon, where the goal is to withdraw 200 lines; Line Clear, where the bill goes to the points scored for a certain number of lines; VS CPU, where your opponent will perform "computer" with a given level of skill. In the latter case, the cancellation of two or more lines of the enemy at the bottom of the screen there are new units, "pushing" him playing field up to lose.

Based on a similar principle, and one of the best new modes - Push. Bottom of the glass is replaced by the figures already exposed to other players - in other words, both participants build their piles of figures on opposite sides of the waterline, dragging it to each other in the cancellation line.

Tetris DSTetris DS
"Tetris" with ten men and things began to really gambling match! Catch brings a completely different feeling than the usual "Tetris."
Enough excitement and mode of Mission. The essence of it - to execute arbitrary outstanding job, for example: "write off two lines, bypassing the one" or "write off five lines, using only the given figure. As in the "standard" mode, the mission could take place at "marathon pace", but you can at a time.

Catch Mode is also new. It will run on the bottom screen of the nucleus on which the upper screen falling figures and enemies. The latter should be avoided, and figurines - catching, rotating the core to 90 degrees, so as to create a coherent block of 4x4, which is soon to detonate, making room for new pieces.

And, of course, not without the use of touch screen - using the Touch we are allowed to move any of the stylus located on a tactile screen figures - provided that there is much to move. Purpose - to parse arbitrarily created "tower". There are, however, and touch-puzzle game where you need to complete the task - in this case, the terms have already drawn up design figures. As for the simple mode Puzzle, then there must by issued by the hands of figures to completely clean the screen.

Tetris DSTetris DS
In a game of Push is not uncommon, when a pass-through hole, and none of the contenders do not risk it shut, so as not to play into the hands of another. In Missions mode top screen demonstrates that we are required.
For the multiplayer modes are available Push, Mission and Standard. The first - only a tete-a-tete, while two others can participate up to ten players. Moreover, the Standard mode can vary slightly, "including" things! As in Mario Kart, they can help you or hurt enemies, making the already addictive gameplay even more fun.

According to online offers battle in the Standard 1-on-1 with no items, four of them with objects and Push. On the Internet there is no shortage of contenders - which once again proves that the new Tetris »Nintendo got right on target.

Tetris DS Retro entourage
In the design of Tetris DS Nintendo opted for lovers of classic games. Mario Bros., Excite Bike, Ice Climber, Balloon Fight, Metroid, The Legend of Zelda ... Still, after all retro fans will not look down on "Tetris", and with joy'll play for his childhood favorite tunes!

Tetris DSTetris DS