Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney

Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney

A new series of Ace Attorney, designed to turn your idea of ​​justice. All as always - intriguing investigation, hot verbal battles in the courtroom ... Phoenix Wright is no longer out of work, but he found a talented successor!

While, however, the fact that our beloved Phoenix lost his law license, did not mean that in a game he will be on the sidelines. On the contrary - as MGS2 was telling the story of Solid Snake with Raiden and Apollo Justice helps Phoenix to finish his last job. And not only that.

However, meet. Apollo - an aspiring lawyer. To such an extent "beginner" that at first he'll have to search for the missing panties daughter of his employer. Perseverance and generosity (as well as unobtrusive assistance nosy ex-hero), but let him not only to earn a reputation in legal circles, but also to achieve an acquittal in a few cases that seem hopeless at first.

Apollo Justice: Ace AttorneyApollo Justice: Ace Attorney
His outstanding hair Phoenix now hides under the cap For the Apollo is still a secret inscription on the bottle. "Stars". Strange gaydzinsky drink, served with cold, as Mother Russia, borscht

Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney consists of four such cases. First, as usual, - instructional, it is here that Apollo gets the experience of advocacy. Know when to put pressure on witnesses, and in what points should submit evidence with a triumphant exclamation «Objection!». In subsequent chapters of the same trials preceded by a detective investigation, devoted to search for evidence and collect information relevant to the case. And - yes, of course, stolen panties will be relevant. How could it be otherwise?

The investigation follows the standard quest for pattern: we see the neighborhood, finds cause interest articles and speak on various topics with the characters met. The whole process (as the court hearing, by the way) is absolutely linear - in new places, for example, simply will not start until everything is already available from the bale. Exactly as possible and go to the meeting, not finding all the necessary evidence. Therefore, those who hope to find in the Apollo Justice strong detective component, we have to disappoint - she's not here. The game is the handle to advance the beaten path - so that the player could be sure not to miss any plot twists and turns.

However, despite the fact that the script is really well written and translated, and intrigued until the very end, it can not be called perfect.Toward the end, when the history of the characters intertwine very very closely, he begins to strongly resemble the "Santa Barbara". Yes in the previous parts, though there were many moments that should be called strained or illogical, to obvious temporal paradoxes are not reached. In "Apollo" is on the hold paradox built the entire intersection.

Apollo Justice: Ace AttorneyApollo Justice: Ace Attorney
Digging in the garbage - that portion of this attorney Interface in the new part is not changed one iota

Another important claim - done here by the prosecutor. Phoenix Wright is constantly opposed by opponents who have been important at any price to achieve superiority over an accident lawyer - such opponents, who could without compunction called antagonists. Apollo also went to the prosecutor and the pretentious rock-star part-time, no less noble than the highbrow Herr Justice. And you can even think that the main character simply lead by the handle - the prosecutor is almost always a step ahead and does not hesitate to pop dilettante tips. Because of this lost sense of confrontation between clever and resourceful opponent, which seemed very important to the Ace Attorney.

Visually Apollo Justice looks, though not much, but still noticeably better than their predecessors. Sprites and backdrops, which was originally drawn by a little more high resolution DS (previous games of the series, we recall, moved from the Game Boy Advance), all the clues are made in 3D, and reconstruction of the crime is often accompanied by video clips. However, it's all we could see in the fifth, an exclusive for the DS, actually the first part. Music is better not to become - is still the gameplay is accompanied by MIDI-tunes. Fortunately, the soundtrack has some really memorable tracks: at least to the level of OST Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney, they fall short, but will not disappoint.

Gameplay is also more than once will cause to remember the fifth above it. During the investigation will try some new, "scientific" methods to collect evidence - in other words, the mini-games with a touchscreen. They are quite varied and enjoyable enliven built entirely on dialogue game process, no time to get bored with it.

Apollo Justice: Ace AttorneyApollo Justice: Ace Attorney
Nedodante Nedosparda. Bunch of claims and pathos, but too little avail. At C grade My daughter Phoenix saying the name: and in the second case it has stolen ... panties

If in the earlier parts of Ace Attorney innovation is more about the detective phase of the game, the "Apollo" somewhat changes the course of the trial. Herr Justice has the useful ability to detect subtle movements Nervous by witnesses who give false testify. Fortunately, the game is user-indulgent: carefully look closely for potential liars account only when the evidence at the Apollo come to an end.

Like the earlier trilogy, Apollo Justice, rather, not a simulator lawyer, and an interactive story with vivid characters, humor and unexpected plot twists. It is strongly recommended to all fans of quests and advenchur, the same who strains to read over and over - strictly contraindicated.

Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney A brief history
At home in Japan, the series about the trials casus with the change of main character names have not changed - Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney in the original called Gyakuten Saiban 4. The first three parts, we recall, went on the GBA, but the English-language release awarded only years later. First DS-reissue was awarded the first Gyakuten Saiban with an added fifth episode, which used the possibility of a more powerful console, and introduced players to new characters (and subsequently appeared in the fourth movement). This addition reprint was called Yomigaeru Gyakuten - and that it has submitted the episode in the West, introducing the world with an ace-attorney Phoenix Wright. Thanks to his success was followed by ports (alas, no flavored) second and third line of Gyakuten Saiban games on the DS. Recall that the first and third in the "SI" awarded 8.5 points, while the second - a modest 7.5. The current Apollo Justice thematically linked to the earlier parts of Ace Attorney is not very strong - it is, in principle, you can play, and not acquainted with the adventures of Phoenix Wright. But the most fun, of course, will be experts in all histories of Gyakuten Saiban.