Shaun White Snowboarding: Road Trip

Shaun White Snowboarding: Road Trip

Who knows, we may have witnessed the birth of long-lived sportseriala and someday the name of Shaun White will be familiar to gamers all over the world as well as Tony Hawk. The trouble is that the very first game of the new rulers moved in different directions - Road Trip for the Wii definitely has earned a point, while the "main» Shaun White Snowboarding was adopted much, much cooler.

In English, there is a mot «downhill», translated into Russian, it is rather cumbersome - to rush to the hills. " A couple of years ago I watched a picture - to the mountain, which at that moment I Snowboard, drove a jeep, he fell out of three guys in coats, forty, for themselves, they dragged the oilcloth. Her bed on the ice, they sat down and somehow went down. Flying 15 meters, the construction has collapsed, and all flew in drifts. Happy and laughing, they returned to the car and went about his business. This is the Russian "The Wind in his ugly face, and I Shparo!" (Group "Lube") or, if you want a more intelligent version of "What Russian does not like to drive fast?" (Gogol) - and is the basis of the very downhill . And pokatushki a hill that feeling - a key.

When the game about snowboarding came to the home platform, developers quickly realized that a little realism here who are interested in, everyone needs first and foremost "downhill" - to burn up the road to jumping a hundred feet, and another to be able to pass on wire on top tucked in the way of the alpine village.

Canadians from Ubisoft tried to make the game on older consoles, "more serious". That came out of it, you've already read in the last issue. But the Wii, which has traditionally getting any crumbs from the master's table multiplatform, got its own, "separate" game, which cleverly bypassed on the side of his older sister and got the laurels of the winner.

Shaun White Snowboarding: Road Trip White Rabbit
Soundtrack in these games usually turn out by the third race, but suddenly here, Shaun White has found something to surprise - instead of the bored "mandatory program, we got Bob Dylan, Run DMC and, most importantly,« White Rabbit »from the Jefferson Airplane. The youngest readers, note especially: to rock music is about as Fallout 2 for igrostroya.What? Do not play?

Shaun White Snowboarding: Road TripShaun White Snowboarding: Road Trip
For each trip to choose two characters - the operator, which fixes the video arrival, as well as evaluating tricks, and, in fact, an athlete. Initially, may occur a little cognitive dissonance on this issue - watch the game, we on behalf of the first, but manageable with the second
In Shaun White Snowboarding: Road Trip is no way to bring photo-realistic image of mountain slopes, or create a scrupulous editor of individuals, rather the opposite - it is ultimately a travesty. Characters like the angular cartoon characters from Cartoon Network, and somewhere in the middle of the story campaign, even wonder why they still do not fight with a gang of bad guys, snowboarders. Well, do not fight, and right. But they are now and then communicate by e-mail (letters can not read, skukota), traveling in a trailer and in his spare time playing with something vaguely resembling PSP. As a snowboard exclusive Nintendo last generation Avalanche 1080, everyone here has their performance speed, jump height, the ability to keep the balance - all important when choosing a character for the missions.

All of these athletes - the real citizens of the world, they can easily fly from Canada to Chile, and from there - in the Alps, and so on, make new friends and scouting new routes. Shaun White himself (see sidebar) - a sort of elusive vigilante, he was always ahead of our heroes on the pitch and a half. Actually, meeting with him and is a grail of this hike is not enough unless the scene fall prostrate before summer tomatoes (again, see sidebar).

Visually, nothing out of the ordinary here, however, did not see - such a schedule in snowboarding games all know already about five years: rare trees, rocks, even ice cover we see no eyes, but rather on the rumor. Nothing new in themselves snowboarding competitions also not invented - in addition to high-speed "downhill" to perform tricks for points, collect (for some reason), garbage cans, lovingly apart in the snowy slopes, and jump into the "pipe".

After abstruse scheme snowboarding in SSX Blur, the way it is implemented here, it seems almost a revelation - you need a Wiimote: all the jumps, slopes and tricks are easily achieved with its help, though, even themselves. Fun should not be complicated, all right.

Shaun White Snowboarding: Road Trip Flying Tomato
Shaun White Snowboarding: Road Trip
Shaun White - red Olympic champion Winter Games 2006 in Torino, the winner of numerous other competitions.Sean in 1922, and in addition to snowboarding, he manages to find time even for serious skateboarding lessons, although a collection of medals in the sport he has much more modest. According to one version, Shaun "Flying Tomato" White, and Constantine "Vrenna" Govorun - separated in childhood twins.

Shaun White Snowboarding: Road TripShaun White Snowboarding: Road Trip
Any trick has its own icon - very convenient, as read at this speed once
But the real fun begins when you turn sideways to the TV Wii Balance Board and get up on it, as if this snowboard. And now for the first time you realize that is not in vain that white contraption for six months gathering dust in the corner: the game goes into a new, far more complex dimension, the next morning wildly hurt leg muscles, and control of c using a conventional paddle on the same morning it already seems legalized cheat. And the worst thing - to realize that now all your favorite games of snowboard and skate, managed gamepad will already seem dinosaurs from the past. How? - You ask. It is obvious and simple. Speed ​​added tilt forward and turns all too clear well and is responsible for tricks nazhimaemyh combination of buttons on the Wii Remote and your pas on the Balance Board. Words can not convey - try for yourself.

I remember in the same Avalanche 1080 was such a problem: guests came, include joysticks, and I overtook them all. Game is mine! Shaun White Snowboarding: Road Trip allows you to give beginners a head start - you can play together simultaneously, one - Mote, the other - on the board. And not just two, a whole bunch of options.

It is with Shaun White Snowboarding: Road Trip in a set (instead of Wii Fit) worth selling Wii Balance Board, she deserves it much more. After it we have not just one more "game about snowboarding, but a completely new experience. Once, under the impression of SSX, I went to ride this board on this snow fell in love with the sport. Wii-version of the game named Shaun White, I am sure, will push to make this decision for thousands of gamers around the world. And who knows, maybe some of them once utret nose on the track itself "summer tomatoes?