With the original bosses all bad - they usually look like enlarged copies of ordinary enemies. Just kill them have much longer. In the subconscious of some of the objects change their shape. For example, the boiler turns into a skull.
You've probably heard about the syndrome of Russian shooter. With very few exceptions, domestic developers have stubbornly refused to receive quality games in this genre. Strategies are able to do, quests, too. Even RPG, simulations and action go, but the trouble with FPS. And, apparently, this rule applies to the whole of Eastern Europe.

If we forget about the former Soviet Union, Eastern European studios over the past ten years have only two iconic classic shooter: Croteam, the Croatian pleased frivolous (in a good sense of the word) Serious Sam, and the Polish People Can Fly has released the famous Painkiller. Not surprisingly, the Czech Mindware Studios has decided to go the same way: warmed up while working on Painkiller: Overdose, the company began work on my own. Seemingly was to get no worse, but the reality proved to be too cruel. However, what reality? We are here dreams. But too cruel.

Enemies who are in the subconscious mind, looks like red jelly. To kill them, you must enter into the subconscious through the portal. Fuzzy picture tells us that Alice is in the subconscious. Red jelly now seem to be enemies who are in the mind.

Aunt Dr.

From early childhood, Alice (actually, her full name Alice Drake) was tormented by nightmares. Maybe she could laugh at the same age, who were afraid of the dark and ghosts - Alice knew what a real nightmare. The dream was for her torture, to the same time she found out that he sees not only the horrors but also the nightmares of others. Salvation came when she learned to fight their fears, and becoming an adult, I realized that it is able to help other people. Seeing their nightmares, Alisa can fight with them in mind of the patient. Ideal psychologist, able to help in those cases where the rest are powerless, but with great risk to themselves - after all, and in the world of dreams can die.

In the mind of the patient Arachnophobia Miss Drake will meet with huge spiders.Rescuing a man suffering from fear of the mechanisms, it will fight with huge humanoid robots and mechanical dogs. If you find yourself in the arctic ice is not hard to guess that the patient is afraid of cold. And the crazy white-collar workers "live" in the mind of a person suffering ponofobiey (fear or revise the Charter). Corresponds to the phobias and the entourage of levels: each of the 12 nightmares unique design and locations would deserve the maximum assessment, if the authors had not permanently locked up the player in each of the next room, making methodically shoot emerging from the air creatures. In my opinion, 5-10 minutes of jumping, running around and shooting in a room that you can run around for 15 seconds - it's too much even for a clone of Painkiller and Serious Sam. There were a lot more locations, and enemies do not occur in the same places. An interesting finding of steel except that the portals in the subconscious, furnish a copy of the level, but with their monsters. On the other hand, the ingenious battle with the bosses who should be sprinkled with bullets, managing to shoot from the smaller monsters in our time certainly looks anachronistic. Agree, a few hundred murders for 20-30 minutes (for so much on the average pass every level) will be pleased unless the spinal cord, which is known to be not responsible for pleasure.

Alice can teleport over short distances. Helps wash away the heap of monsters, but not always. Sense of humor is not alien to developers. A little further away hangs a poster films "Saw 25".

Treat so treat

Not impressive, and the choice of weapons. Each adventure (or healing if you like) Alice starts with empty hands. Although the heroine is excellent owns Pyrokinesis and telekinesis, she is not averse to arm gun or rifle - to create the patient's mind, trying to help get rid of phobias. Each of the several types of weapons are two modes of fire, which a few are complementary: the shotgun is capable of freezing the enemy, and a machine gun, electric arc and beam rifle shoot rockets or grenades likeness. One of the ammunition, by the way, happy thoughts. However, in the arsenal is a clear favorite: a hybrid machine gun and rocket launcher is useful in any situation, while improving the (resources to enhance weapons, as well as first aid kits, fall from slain enemies) is capable of a single missile to carry pieces of 20 enemies. In addition, methodically destroying nightmares, Alice enters a state of berserk, increasing damage dealt and your speed - a clear reference to the Painkiller, which is completely analogous to a mechanic. Finally, we move quickly to mind (but not unconscious) patient Alice helps a ghostly projection: it sends forth its mental counterpart at any time and can teleport to the place where he is. The rest of the Dreamkiller - ordinary budget shooter with a single uniform and the same boring multiplayer.Fly by - you will not regret.

What meat shooter be without portals? In Dreamkiller they lead into the unconscious patient. All of the electrification of evil!

Dreamkiller About Us
2002. In Prague, founded Mindware Studios. If we believe her official website, the problem of the company - the development of original games for various platforms. As it turned out, originality is just not enough.

2005. Goes the first draft of Mindware - spy action Cold War, which has been unfolding in the Soviet Union in 1986. Impression of the game were mixed: great like Splinter Cell, but with a couple of interesting innovations.

2007. Mindware finalizing Painkiller: Overdose. The project, which started as a fan modification to Painkiller, has been officially released by DreamCatcher (publisher of the original Painkiller).