Assassin's Creed: Altair's Chronicles

Assassin's Creed: Altair's Chronicles
Huge cities from the original Assassin's Creed on the portable console does not fit. DS is not the strength to show the crowd of townspeople filled the streets. There were no seats and was loved by many acrobatic tricks. All that fame Assassin's Creed, in Altair's Chronicles had to be removed. There are only unpretentious fights and jumping across rooftops. But can this game stand out from the console, for which, and so released a lot of great platformer?

Trump card Altair's Chronicles was supposed to be a complex plot. Not without reason the game was called a prequel Assassin's Creed. But instead of further reveal the character Altair, and show how he lived before the events of the first game, heroes go in search of an artifact, and he was up to the finals almost did not disclose his mouth. On the way, the guy meets a new character, the recipient of a monotonous job, winning a pair of villains ... Business as usual. But the characters, as well as the vicissitudes of history, are too boring to somehow entertain us. Science fiction from Assassin's Creed vanishes, and with it gone, and realism. From the floor was moving out spikes on the roofs of houses sit poisonous snakes, and over the crevices hover platform. The developers of the original version managed to the last brick to recreate real cities, so look at their pale shadows - sadly.

Assassin's Creed: Altair's ChroniclesAssassin's Creed: Altair's Chronicles
The green arrow at the top of the screen indicates the path to the next checkpoint. You can disable it, but then the play becomes quite impossible. The dialogues in the game is not announced, but movies are only two - initial and final. However, they also did not utter a word.
But whether or not to require so much from a simple platformer? Of course, free to walk in Altair's Chronicles is not allowed. Power of the console was only enough for a small unpretentious levels. But the world is really large, but the hero can move in all directions. Appearance of freedom, unfortunately, disappears after a couple of minutes after the start (when you realize that you can only move from one checkpoint to another). No one control point to miss is not given, but they are literally every five meters. It remains only to run on the route, proven developers, to kill the sleeping guards, neatly arranged along the path, and turn aside from the ubiquitous spikes.

Although most of the skills of Altair on the way to the handheld console, and lost, something he still left: asassinov able to run up the small walls, swing on ropes and walk the narrow beams. Altair and had not forgotten how to steal. If the guard you have not noticed, it can kill with just one blow. Here are just getting to the enemy is rarely possible: on a miniature map does not show where servicemen are watching. And if they appear on the main screen, you immediately notice us and take out their swords.

Because of the strange behavior of the camera and confused management jumping on the platforms too tortured.The slightest inaccuracy - and the hero flies into the abyss, naparyvaetsya on thorns or burned alive. It is necessary to approach the trap at least one pixel is closer than expected, as the Altair goes to heaven. The problems of management and review, you can add and not too pleasant graphics. Gray-brown landscape on the small screen DS is often impossibly blurred, and discern in them the right platform, it becomes impossible. But the fighting scenes from this palette just won.

Assassin's Creed: Altair's ChroniclesAssassin's Creed: Altair's Chronicles
Mini-game theft. The player must pull the key from his pocket, they are not hurting anything. The location of enemies on the map is shown, and checkpoints authors for some reason decided not to show.
But during the battles there are problems. Although authors have created a complex combat system, balance it weighted so badly that the game can be passed with only one reception. The very mechanics performed well: the impacts of Altair joined in the combination, he can put a block, parry and counterattack. But all this does not help. Most of the attacks on the enemies just beat off. Must use a unique combo that they do not reflect the strength. With additional weapons similar story. They are many: there is a crossbow and throwing knives, and bombs. But in the battle much easier to do alone with a sword. Crossbow somehow managed through the stylus, although the game itself Pointer almost never used. Knives and bombs on the small screen often do not fly where you want. Yes, and switch between different weapons quite uncomfortable.

In addition to shooting a crossbow, a stylus is necessary only in two small mini-games. The first requires a pull from his pocket a key enemy without touching them to a single subject, while the second offers to arrange a sophisticated enemy torture (something like we saw in the Elite Beat Agents). Appear on the screen pain points, and the player must click on them, observing the rhythm. Entertaining game won, but only just.

Do platformer for the DS, almost without using the touch screen - a thankless task. Especially if unusual findings in the game is almost there. Although the Altair's Chronicles found good points and flaws of the camera control spoils the fun.