Touch Detective

First impressions are deceptive: by considering the screenshots, we anticipated a crazy story with a touch of mysticism. However, feeling deceived, and ultimately the game was mediocre comedic quest, but fanciful humor, having allocated unless an interesting work of the artist.

The main heroine of Touch Detective, Mackenzie had a chance to investigate on vacation four major cases. Sudden death of his father bequeathed little daughter detective agency, but that it inherit, Mack will have to flash the detective talents. Help in this two best friends, Penelope and Kloya, and every minute syplyuschy tips the valet. Kloya she would not mind to become a detective, and after watching films, fancies himself that kind of Colombo. And from Penelope and does solid trouble trouble yeah. Let's open a little secret: all the four cases will be somehow connected with this special, loving bananas and communication "perestukivaniyami" on the ceiling. What she dreams is stolen, then she herself was kidnapped. And once it becomes a witness to the murder of a flea circus!

Touch DetectiveTouch Detective
You can touch everything: skin shark Dover, a strange spike on the head of a teddy bear, rocks and moss. All this added to the list. Kloya like Tomo-chan from "Adzumangi" - the same whimsical and unbearable fidget.
McKenzie is also a difficult girl: she lodges animated mushroom Fungi, which does not depart from the hostess throughout the story. In addition, from time to time, Mack would not mind a chat with myself. Under her thoughts and feelings are allotted to the upper entire screen - sometimes do not have time to read the dialogue itself is so fascinating thoughts young lady. However, the fear to miss a passphrase or a tip-off, scroll through multiple replicas forward, not worth it. Heroes or give direct instructions to how and what to do next, or drop out of the Mac to their fate. Therefore, missing a couple of provocative conversations, you are unlikely in the future will be in a hopeless situation. Wandering from room to room, you're sure to stumble or to the opened door, or a new subject, and even on the landlady Beatrice, who kindly takes you to the door or wherever you need it. And then - again, all the same: the subject, dialogue, direction ... We warned: Touch Detective game are very monotonous. All that is required by McKenzie for the disclosure of sinister crimes - to choose a subject, if necessary, to study it and then apply the right place. Everyone here runs the stylus - the conversations themselves inventory and gizmos. To touch the items necessary if you decide to complete the game "one hundred": homework Mack was keeping a list (Touch List), which entered all the interesting things to touch. Carpet, Fung, pavement - all this can add to the list.

Touch DetectiveTouch Detective
If the designated chapters will seem a little and leave with the heroes do not want (and exactly what happened), provides an opportunity to walk around town and do little quests. Sometimes they do not require any action on your part - just listen to the character, and the open it immediately locks in a diary of the protagonist. A blog certainly be pleased to read at your leisure. Say goodbye to these characters is not easy.