When it comes to shooters on the Nintendo DS, the battle at once is annoying contradiction: the convenient management on one hand and the weak "Iron" filling the console on the other. And for the second consecutive studio Renegade Kid is trying to rectify the situation.

A previous attempt (as well as the debut), the team from Texas has become a horror first-person Dementuim: The Ward. There, in addition to a zombie, dynamic lighting and beautiful scripted scenes, was full of flaws and eccentricities - besides, the game was outrageously short. But behind the striking similarity with the first Silent Hill and unbelievable by the standards of DS graphics forgave a lot. Now employees Renegade Kid armed improved version "of the very" engine and pile Moon (nee - Project M). Shooter, full of sincere love for the games with the words «Doom» and «Metroid Prime» title.

From time to time, Moon is very reminiscent Metroid Prime Hunters It seems that is exactly the same lattice fence was Demetium: The Ward. And this is not the only deja vu

Space astronauts in space

Happened ... weird. Get at least a story. The plot is banal and dull: brave American soldiers in colorful spetsskafandrah found on the moon some ancient artifact. Artifact, however, proved to be the hatch leading deep into the Earth's satellite - and there, of course, hiding dark secrets, and alien civilizations. Next, as usual, "begins miracles": emergency, something went out of control, the special squad was killed, and we - the last hope of humanity, progressive democracy, and the target audience of the newspaper "Life". Call us Edward A. Kane, and we have a great futuristic gun. Pumkaet Arms regularly to guard robots and small alien fauna, infinite ammo - in general, so far so good. It is true that on the descent into the mysterious hatch of the U.S. military is waiting for a little disappointed: the developers have abandoned the scenes on the engine and replaced them with compression of the video, that the quality of game graphics have a very weak and almost could not justify the occupied space on the cartridge. Another thing is that very graph confidently takes the bar set by Dementium: The Ward. It's very big levels (albeit with slight podzagruzkami at the door), attributable effects and textures, which you can watch without tears - a very rare and valuable feature for the "truly three-dimensional» DS-games.

Moon Colonization of the moon
Here we're with you a good laugh over the plot, and NASA between one and really plans to colonize the moon in 2015. Through some miserable six years on the hapless companion again landed American astronauts, and this time - a good long time: they are waiting six months of the lunar surface for suitability for life and the possibility of construction of settlements. Indeed, although the program "Apollo" and demonstrated the feasibility of a lunar mission, it is at the same time, and cooled the enthusiasm for the establishment of the colony: the analysis of samples of lunar minerals showed their complete unsuitability for the building and sustenance. But scientists are optimistic - as early as 2006 president of the national rocket-space corporation Energia said that the main objective of the Russian space program - industrial production on the Moon of the rare isotope helium-3, necessary for carrying out experiments to produce fusion energy.

Trips on moonwalker really gone - they want to replay, which can not be said about the other levels Moon Orders gives an atypical representative of the U.S. Armed Forces - African-American woman named Lambert

Make me beautiful

Unfortunately, except for graphics surprise in the Moon, and nothing more. The initial shooting guard drones (flying balls, trying to delay us on our way to the triumph of democracy) is catching up only sadness and gloom. Next there are force fields that should be turned off by taking over the management of small robots on wheels - something like you just saw in Metroid Prime Hunters, with the only difference being that the local hero does not know how to fold it into a ball, and sends a wander through the narrow tunnels radio-controlled gizmo with a video camera and a blaster. Very slow action is gaining momentum: new enemies, bosses (which premiums are repeated several times) and pokatushki to "combat moonwalker, low-polygonal twin brother transport of Mass Effect and Gears of War. But a terrible start might scare away any unprepared person, and subsequent levels are the same monotonous in appearance. Generally, the focus in the underground (sorry, sublunary) maze without built-in maps is very difficult - all the corridors are very similar, and lost a piece of cake.

Useless precision

But the vaunted management with the stylus and really convenient - finely tuned and works fine, except that the initial sensitivity is slightly higher than they should. Sight, as in Metroid Prime Hunters, not fixed in the center of the screen - it's convenient, but at first it might seem unusual. Anything, underestimated the difficulty to Normal will give a good head start, enough to get started: to die at first very difficult. The only chance - to find some heinous tripod, spraying acid, and defer DS for a couple of minutes. That's when one of the few useful Save-terminals. Talk about a dynamic and fierce firefights in this case is simply impossible.And if in Dementium: Ward rare (because of the peculiarities of the genre) meeting with the enemy occurred in darkness and were accompanied by sounds really scary, the Moon has nothing to offer except empty corridors and hum of alien devices. Which, in the common tradition of story, always will ... And yet retain at least some intrigue.


White moon poverty and shine

Moon has the meaning "look" at least to gain confidence that the 3D-shooter - with a beautiful 3D-shooters! - There may well be on the Nintendo DS. Another thing is that for most of this genre, it has only an indirect relationship: most of the time we foolishly wanders along the corridors, read the occasional text message and much too quickly get rid of flabby opponents. If the emphasis in the game was shifted to the horror it would cause fewer problems, but to frighten us here and no one was going. The authors are dismissive: they say, look at Metroid Prime, and yet we, too, First Person Adventure. Well, if it really justifies the boredom, then no questions. The revolution will be canceled. Wake me, when will the CORE