I think I got a thankless task. Have to disappoint the army of fans for whom the inscription on the cover of Benoit Sokal is "tantamount to a sign of quality or the highest standard for jewelry. Alas, dear readers, Paradise - the best confirmation of known truths that plays the king suite. And if Microids cope with their role as "excellent", the White Birds, created specifically for the jewelry-cut story of the famous Belgian, trust is not justified.

Flight of fancy

M. Sokal, artist-cartoonists and a great romancer, followed by Russia of the alternative Novels Syberia devised an alternative Africa mauranii kingdom and the story of a girl trapped in a plane crash over the black continent. Stranger, not even remembering his name is somehow connected with a black leopard, guarding the harem mauranskogo Prince. From here a tie and pressed the author of several graphic novels to complement the game, dozens of original samples of flora and fauna and a dozen primitive characters characters. Further work has begun studio.

Unfortunately, the beautiful rays of light in the game as motionless as on the screenshot. All that could be done muddy and indistinct, - has been done.


Formally Paradise - adventure game in the spirit of Syberia, where three-dimensional heroine travels to the static scenery. In fact - a set of amorphous elements, poorly interconnected. Animation, dialogue, puzzles - everything seems to be done "for show".

Music consists of several short, quickly bored passages. In addition to the "oriental flavor, to say the least overdone. Artists and animators to work in a slipshod manner. All that could be done muddy and indistinct, - has been done. Resolution - the archaic, backgrounds, almost dead, despite the sluggish murmuring water, smoke and mountain views in the locations that occupy more than one screen.

The heroine is always in the wrong place, where it sends the player and there, where will the monstrous pathfinding. We call it the left, and it goes right. The transition point between the screens are very hard to find. The logic of events is even more difficult to detect.

Rich fauna mauranii: in front of you being boxing ... nose.Where there tyulenemedvedyu of Syberia 2! How long will a player to break through the wilds of the gameplay, to see how this character has brought in a hole.
Near the beginning of the game we have to pretend to be the favorite wife of Prince, and this should be obkormit odalisque cakes that she wanted ... a bath! And this is only the beginning of senility grows stronger. Natives of hermits, like a real secular gossip, reveal secrets girl its origin, and the notorious Panther, that is, sorry, Leopard, will now and then run away from heroin and return to it, replacing his antics a deep story and extending the gameplay.

Not a game, a bucket of cold water for people waiting for a grand adventure the "next generation", which spoke of GDC. With whom you contacted, M. Sokal?

Paradise Leopard without spots
In the "Night Leopard steer the player give the cat among the rambling three-backs, which were flat during the day. A wild beast cursor hear bad but not worse than ever reaching the wrong character. And why the game was impossible to make a three-dimensional?