Universe at War: Earth Assault

Universe at War: Earth Assault
For the honor to say, looking at these games, I want to gain more air into the lungs, dramatically raise their hands and cried: "Yes, how much you can, gentlemen igrodely!" How much you can spend huge capabilities, "developing" game - to create the design units, model them to write code, voice, in the end (although, by the way, here at the height of the soundtrack) - only to produce another clone. Surely not bored? But we got tired order!

It is easy to understand the beautiful and, alas, not the original StarCraft II: the slightest attempt to change the gameplay of the numerous fans of online battles tear to pieces accidents developers from Blizzard. That has limited the new image and a few svezheizobretennymi units. You can enter into the plight of the creators of Civilization, or Red Alert - alas, they are hostages of brands and serials, dictating their own rules. But picking up his own universe from a totally new game, why tie yourself repeating long painfully familiar cliches?

Universe at War: Earth AssaultUniverse at War: Earth Assault
The American army while valiantly destroying small and hilenkih aliens. And here at the good robots are far more likely to tear the enemy foot. Of course, figuratively speaking.

Old, old story

Let the new was just a wrapper, but I must say, it somehow fiddled too badly. The story really worthy of attention, of course, if you like good Japanese-comics-anime-ish style. Otherwise, you do not like the storyline.

So, in a peaceful and quiet evil aliens attack the Earth Hierarchy. While quite common, is not it? Invaders insidiously destroy anything and everything in its path. Even in slavery, to take one is not going as earthlings with his entire civilization - only a portion of their food chain. Of course, the heroic American officer rescues the president is going to deal with aliens, but suddenly his team rout, and our brave man is completely helpless. Evil aliens awfully scary. In the Chiefs they walk huge (full screen), three-legged robot. And now, when our brave earthling going to die with honor, there are good, honest and brave ... robots Novus. They, it turns out, somewhere in walking, while evil Hierarchy destroyed their masters. From the remnants of these hosts produced a cloned girl Mirabel, who, despite the origin, not only the joints do not stick out, but it is even very pretty. The heroine is trying to make friends with our brave general (as a lonely girl should think about the future), but he shoots her and runs away. Probably disappointed in contact.

And so it goes in the same spirit. Then to join the party representatives of the dark mysterious race Masari, many years to hide from enemies on the Earth and human civilization created out of boredom and hopelessness.

Here is where the battle begins, for which no one needs earthlings watch, sitting in an orchestra, since except for food, they do not matter.


Again, Universe at War: Earth Assault on the whole quite usual RTS: collect resources, build units, develop science - all as always, with minor differences for different races. Of course, there are divided by the area of ​​global map of Earth on which to plan their insidious attacks and build troops.

Universe at War: Earth AssaultUniverse at War: Earth Assault
American helicopter attack megarobota. Of course, to no avail. Construction of the Novus. The first step is to create the generator.

Features races

Novus, good-predobrye robots for the style and design that somewhere between Tau from Warhammer 40,000 universe and the droid army from the world of Star Wars. They have a huge number of infantry, which, unfortunately, is produced on one piece, not squads, and in battle dies like flies. In short, the army is very fast, and a strong number.

By the way, as resources are used Novus abandoned human dwellings, so that the friendship of people with them is unlikely to be a very long and strong. Their working units find food themselves and you should look not require - not what the good old woodcutters, who will drive used to the forest to half of the map, gather a circle and lyasy grind.

Interestingness of Novus two. Firstly, they can build cunning tower, connecting the blue rays. For these energy flows robots maneuver, and even the same rays and enjoy their work, to quickly turn around nourishing human homes. Property is very useful, interesting, and the masts themselves are inexpensive. Only Just recently, the Imperial Guard in the same way to transport our troops on the map - from the house to the house. And the Necrons had a similar thing.

The second feature Novus - the so-called upgrades, the list is rather extensive. Developing science and we can use more different stuff and magic tricks are very useful in combat. These improvements should be carefully studied, since they, in general, laid half of all the intricacies of Novus.

And finally, the last bun of the race - an abundance of micromanagement in the battle. The strongest infantry can create their own clones, which pretty well fought, and the ordinary soldiers are able to attack the enemy and the heroic burst straight into the arms of the enemy.

Universe at War: Earth Assault Main feature
The main feature of Universe at War: Earth Assault developers feel the difference of races. However, upon closer examination it appears that this difference is rather decorative in nature, since features such seemingly bright and interesting, does not give rise to a peculiar tactic. In fact, players use a different type of action, which ultimately will still lead to the same goal - to collect more forces from those that harder, a huge crowd fell on the enemy and destroy all. About any choice in the development and, consequently, different solutions for the player, no question there.

Imagine what would happen with a crazy in the WH40K: Dawn of War, if he had tried to follow such tactics! In multiplayer, the poor fellow would have taken out two minutes, but it ran into anti-units would be on a technique or vice versa. Yeah, there are enormous differences between the races, despite the fact that at first glance all the "peoples" as like as peas in a pod. And no wonder: The authors Dawn of War set the game kinds of troops and a rigid specialization of individual units.

Universe at War: Earth AssaultUniverse at War: Earth Assault
Two advanced infantry Novus conducted under the belly of the terrible enemies of a lot of time being invisible and creating clones that and fought alongside them. Unfortunately, the camera pulls closer in the game, not showing the best moments, but does not rise above, to cast a glance the battlefield.


Its desire to destroy or devour everything what you can reach these evil robots are very similar to Wells' Martians. Unlike Dobryakov Novus, they are not interested in empty houses, and living earthlings, which they gnaw to the pits, and more cars, cows, etc. They even have a special unit, taking it all under control and as gamelnsky piper, leading to the slaughter.

As their main feature is that, while the other players cut in StarCraft, Hierarchy fighting in BattleTech. Because everything they have - it's a giant robot with which the authors of the game and sent them into the light - almost like a miller's son bequeathed the younger cat. But unlike a cat, a robot is not two pathetic upgrade - hat, boots, yes, as many as eight! Each leg of the thugs are allowed to put on its evolutionary way of development: to strengthen the protection or hang additional weapons. In addition, inside the iron giant, hidden "little candle factory" - a robot can specialize in infantry, engineering, or engaged in the development of science. In all this there is one small inconvenience - shooting the enemy destroys the artful arrangements and they have to create it anew. Such is the BattleTech.

By the way, the robot has another superweapon, mortally dangerous for non-computer enemy. When he appears on screen, there is almost nothing else fits. And since the camera is above a certain level does not raise, the opponent of a giant walking plant will have hard times, if he tries to find his loyal fighters, darting between the enormous legs.

Universe at War: Earth AssaultUniverse at War: Earth Assault
Working Novus extract resources from the wreckage. What is humanism compared with the Hierarchy! All base Novus illuminated with blue light. And these "wires" to help you quickly redeploy forces.


The only race of people which does not need anything. Is that worship. Mas'ari still a bit resentful that humanity is deprived of their divine status. They arrived, learned to build pyramids, we can say from scrapings cleared, and ungrateful people forgot everything. Main Mas'ari in this: they are the only extract energy by themselves, without using any human resources.

Therefore, the race is anybody not need it, builds his own little corner of the generators, surround them with three or four lines of defense, and then to go and fight. Their "working" to help in the production and extraction: stand side by side with the building and "cheer" those who are working, with green rays. In addition, they have two modes, a bit reminiscent of various upgrades Novus, - is the use of dark or light energy. Dark energy gives all units great opportunities in the defense. Light - makes them shooting and assists in the attacks.

Universe at War: Earth AssaultUniverse at War: Earth Assault


So, in general, we have completely normal RTS, with no striking features and latest finds. In fact, all the beautiful differences between races are not of strategic significance, but serve only to serve the tales. From the perspective of strategic cold crazy - this is nothing more than a very showy, but the false features.

Although emotional people who love giant robots, two-handed swords, plasma and relevant stories, the game will certainly want to taste.

Universe at War: Earth AssaultUniverse at War: Earth Assault