Raven Squad: Operation Hidden Dagger

Raven Squad is clearly not good to remember in the annals of Hungarian geymdeva (if they ever write). The developers have released their "crow" decrepit to such an extent that when they opened the window to the world of entertainment, she fell down dead on the floor. And we have to dissect its corpse.

To put it bluntly: Raven Squad - a bad game. That's just a bad game. It is unlikely that you will buy it, it's doubtful even that the Torrent, and really quite a fantastic show us, if you pass it through. And we passed. What did not make for the sake of readers.

Raven Squad: Operation Hidden DaggerRaven Squad: Operation Hidden Dagger
Someone armed with a M4A1, someone - M16, and some Uzi. Differences in lethal force between them is no. Uzi, however, benefits from increased rate of Looking at this screenshot, it is easy to mix up the game, such as Codename: Panzers

So, on the 2011-yard second, two years after the crisis. A team of six Special Forces soldiers is assigned to find a crashed plane in the Amazon jungle and find it among the debris disk with classified information. Naturally, the required on-site can not be detected, and the men, still go into the jungle, discovering a village, and in one of the houses - the coveted drive. Naive gamer already anticipates the denouement of history (at least by the time the will is only the second hour of the game) when suddenly bombarded with new team in trouble: the radio communication with headquarters is lost, the bandits surrounded on all sides, civilian land on his neck, and yes even shoes are beginning to rub his feet . With all of this proposed deal in a short story campaign. Search for corn plasters have roughly the same area: first, among the palms and ferns (no beetles have been reported), then on the cobbled roads of the dilapidated city, and finally again in tropical forests. Decorations are not distinguished variety, but the jungle, in general, looks quite decent, even a few surprises.

Too surprising, but pleasant, full of helplessness as the shooter game. From this angle can see all the shortcomings of Raven Squad, chief among them - totally inadequate artificial intelligence. In all likelihood, the school where he taught banditry unfortunate Brazilian, it took only three lessons: "How to run toward the enemy," "How to squat in one place" and "How to shoot without moving" - a lesson "How to fire on the run money for local not enough. They do not know how to use grenades (only on the script) is not able to dive for cover, retreat, or go to the flank. We could still many quirks of the local porasskazat about AI, but still suitable for this word would significantly enlarge the age rating of our publication. By the way, sorry: we have described all the flour at the same time, associated with the management. Perhaps the elite fighters squad is so elite, they do not consider it necessary time and even with some sort of initiative to respond to commands from the player. They turn very slowly, reload weapons for half an hour, jogging and running sluggish behave like on vacation. For us to shoot at terrorists defective - things torment.

Raven Squad: Operation Hidden DaggerRaven Squad: Operation Hidden Dagger
The soldiers of your unit sometimes perform miracles ingenuity and courage: for example, sat down with sacks of bandits on the right, they shot at close range, following a frontal Sometimes opponents cease fire and come with the player in a psychological battle, suppressing his stony gaze of his desire to continue fight

And what if we look at the game from a different angle? For example, the top? You can - just press a special button and the camera metnetsya in the clouds, giving the opportunity to see everything happening with the bird's flight. The game turns into a kind of mini-real-time strategy - it saves from having to contemplate prostetskie character models up close and help coordinate activities. It was then barely punched shoots and tactical shooter.

We manage two simultaneous orders: a group of maneuver and fire by a group of three people each. You can control any soldier, and again there is everything. Agile team is sniping, throws smoke grenade and blinding, and the other provides covering fire and blasts the enemy jeeps from a grenade launcher, if required. Each fighter is armed with some automatic or semi-automatic weapons with endless (!) Ammunition, but the grenades, rockets and ammunition for the rifle to an end - to collect them, and simultaneously improve their health, can have special containers, helpfully scattered across the map. It sounds reassuring, does not it? But in reality everything is predictably bad. At the middle level of the enemy did not have enough intelligence to thwart you, and you can calmly, do not exit the RTS, run forward and kill all the right and left, without any grenades. At the level of increase will be easier to use the sniper rifle, and when the cartridges run out - just aiming to shoot occasionally moving idol.

Raven Squad: Operation Hidden DaggerRaven Squad: Operation Hidden Dagger

As if knowing that a normal AI, they can not write, the developers modeled the extremely linear levels with a minimum fork - so that the detailed tactical genius here absolutely nowhere. Although, I confess, RTS-mode allows you to save time and nerves and engage in a gunfight in person only when things went wrong, we would like. General picture of decline and expansion complements the obscure musical accompaniment and a rare voice of their misery. Apparently, the role performed: programmers studio artist, he immigrated from Russia a friend and the guy that brought pizza to the office on Saturday night.

Raven Squad - a misunderstanding, interesting, except that flagellant enthusiasts and collectors. A regular fan of video games more than enough to read this article. Dead bird in the apartment no one gave up.

Raven Squad: Operation Hidden Dagger ***
Looking closer, you'll notice in the main menu option of multiplayer: the idea, any mission from the story campaign can be done together (one takes the command of the combat group), and for this even will Achievement. But getting them is not no way: I have not managed to find altruist, who agreed to undergo at least one level. And this is the first week after release.

Raven Squad: Operation Hidden DaggerRaven Squad: Operation Hidden Dagger