Ninja Gaiden Sigma

Ninja Gaiden Sigma
Next-generation platform - is not only new opportunities but also considerable risk for developers. Make a mistake with the choice of console, you will spend too much on a new project, and farewell hope to profit. We are not talking about disgruntled shareholders and frenzied Publisher. What to do if a new "iron" like experience, and to insure against losses? The answer is obvious - to release a remake of the blockbuster time-tested. Better yet, not a remake, but just a slightly reworked version of the already finished the game. Such as Ninja Gaiden for example. True Legend beat'em up and one of the best games for the Xbox, Ninja Gaiden has already suffered one reissue. Now came the turn of the owners of the PlayStation 3 to join the fight for the Dark Dragon Blade.

Ninja Gaiden Sigma All sisters ... tinsel!
In addition to standard attacks and combos, Ryu can use special techniques (so-called Ultimate Techniques), unique to each weapon. And the magic of a brave ninja something sense: the accumulated energy of Qi, masterfully roasts enemies with fire and lightning.

Ninja Gaiden SigmaNinja Gaiden Sigma
These soldiers are not only protected by armor, but armed with assault rifles and grenade launchers. Be careful. New Dual Sword, Dragon's Claw & Tiger's Fang, have all chances to become your favorite weapon.

Way of the Warrior

The first thing to consider, taking the Ninja Gaiden Sigma - a high level of sophistication that is sure to put many into a dead end. More or less easy life awaits you did that at an introductory level (strength and native village ninja Ryu), but even there must always be alert, or even the first boss to handle it would be extremely difficult. Later the same passage into a nonstop battle for survival - some enemies are replaced by other, more powerful and evil, the pace of fights growing rapidly, and every new boss will require extreme concentration and incredibly strong nervous system.

The protagonist has a fairly impressive arsenal, where there was a place and light swords, and combat staff, and an indispensable shuriken, and bow and arrows. Almost any weapon can be improved over time, making a stronger and more deadly - this will require money (they have to beat from enemies) and a visit to the legendary blacksmith Muramasa, extremely knowledgeable and tightfisted old man in the shop which, apart from swords and amulets, there will always be vocabulary and other useful things.

However, the weapons with weapons, but on the dexterity and agility and should not be forgotten. Ryu is able to move with great speed, high jump and run on the walls - all of these skills you just have to use the full program if you want to reach the final.Finally, the ability to block enemy attacks time and avoid the most dangerous attacks will allow you to use at least found or bought at Muramasa medicines.

Ninja Gaiden Sigma Rachel at work
Ninja Gaiden Sigma
Demon Hunter Rachel has appeared in previous versions of Ninja Gaiden, but there she was assigned a secondary role, and play for beauty is not allowed. In Ninja Gaiden Sigma made up for lost time by adding events adventures of Rachel, but at the same time explaining some of the "dark spots" in the plot. By the way, to fight for Rachel not only - a girl slower Ryu possesses great physical strength and enjoys heavy weapons.

Ninja Gaiden SigmaNinja Gaiden Sigma
Knocked the breath out of one opponent, try not to turn their backs to the other. Only the second boss - and how many special effects!

Running in Place

The original Ninja Gaiden was considered perhaps the most technologically advanced game for the Xbox. Team Ninja employees squeezed from all platforms that could - and even today the result of their effort, if not delighted, then, at least, a matter of respect. Of course, moving to the PS3 is not without some some cosmetic improvements, foremost of which was to support higher resolutions. In addition, some adorned with new levels of detail in some places replaced the textures and remade the scenery. No small change plan also does not cost - sometimes they are "embedded" in the existing stage, but added a few completely new scenes, by the way, no way inferior to the existing phenomenon since the first Ninja Gaiden.

Nevertheless, there is cause for excitement. The character models did not contribute to landfills, and therefore seem to have some angular. Lighting, too, decided not to touch (and completely wasted), and the animation is stagnant, which is certainly not bad, but it makes one suspect the authors in the banal laziness.

Specific complaints and causes the camera work: viewing angle, and then it makes life difficult, and this, given the high level of complexity and defiant aggressiveness of most opponents, often leads to the most lamentable results. In the debut of Ninja Gaiden on these blunders could close my eyes, in Ninja Gaiden Black is already plagued decently, let alone set out to sell the same game three times, the developers definitely could ignore the well-known rake.

Oddly enough, ignoring the trouble with the camera, the creators of the project took a very zealous "screw up" management. Say, now gone the need to jump a small gap and low hurdles - Ryu overcomes them automatically. To run on water, no longer need to click the jump, just do not stop. Do not forget about the gyro - if in time to shake the controller, significantly increases the power to use spells. And here is what you wish for that little shake Sixaxis in the midst of another battle - an open question.

Ninja Gaiden SigmaNinja Gaiden Sigma

The third premiere

A dynamic, colorful and ruthless to the user, Ninja Gaiden Sigma can rightly be considered one of the best representatives of the genre this year. The gameplay, as well as three years ago, created keeping an updated schedule pleases the eye, and a lot of extras and bonuses are quite capable to justify the purchase. However, do not forget that before us, in essence, the same Ninja Gaiden sample of 2004 - and if the creation of Tecmo did not like you then, is hardly worth waiting for revelations now.

Ninja Gaiden Sigma Add three, two take away one in the mind
Although the authors Ninja Gaiden Sigma is positioned own brainchild as "the most complete version of Ninja Gaiden», it is not so. Or rather, not at all. For example, owners of the PlayStation 3 will not be able to gain access to the NES-games series (such a bonus attached to the Ninja Gaiden for the Xbox) and the arcade version (and the bonus was in Ninja Gaiden Black). In addition, markedly decreased wardrobe of the hero: the secret costumes for Ryu is now only two. Disappeared and introductory video tells the story of Dark Dragon Blade and Dragon Sword (we do not believe that the Blu-ray is not enough space). Indifferent to the sight of blood players certainly are disappointed to learn that a European version of Ninja Gaiden Sigma can behead enemies - although released shortly before the European premiere of the demo was such a possibility. But there is consolation: arsenal Rue added to a pair of Catan - Dragon's Claw & Tiger's Fang, the list of opponents has appeared a couple of new bosses, but for a small fee you will be prompted to download a special addition to the game, opening the Survival Mode in three variants, and further missions to each of them .

Ninja Gaiden SigmaNinja Gaiden Sigma