The Second World War. Liberation of Belarus

The Second World War. Liberation of Belarus

Great Belarusian

In the history of the "Second World" inscribed next chapter. Following the special operation "Second Edition", who returned the creature "1C" right to be called vargeymom and foreign travel in the "Normandy" took "the liberation of Belarus." The offensive took place as planned, the losses among the fans of the game are missing. The only pity is that in the 1C again decided not to spend money to upgrade and manage proven tools.

You see, there on the hill, stands a tank

However, to perform the combat mission of the "liberation of Belarus" was quite enough. The key to success was the successful design of new missions. "Normandy" at the time was criticized for the fact that every battle can be won only one, predetermined way. In a new addition it's different - spacious card will allow your general's talent to turn in breadth. Want to - evade the enemy's flank, you want - attack on the forehead (the good techniques give enough) want - to move forward carefully, stripping each village. True, most winning again was a tactic used extensively even in the original: take the tank to hide behind the hill, and, periodically thrusting the muzzle, to kill the maximum number of enemies, then finish off the survivors cavalry assaults of all available techniques (sorry for the unwitting pun).

The Second World War. Liberation of Belarus About Us
2007: In May, "1C" produces a long-awaited "second world". Pre-game dubbed the best home vargeymom, but at the last moment, developers have shifted the emphasis toward the RTS, disappointing fans.

2007: By June of 1C have reworked version of a game called "World War II. Second Edition, designed for war-game enthusiasts (by the way, the original owners could get a free addition).

2008: 1C publishes the first addition to the game - "The Second World War. Normandy, which has brought two new campaigns. One was devoted to the Battle of Moscow, the second - the Allied landing in Normandy.

Speaking of technology. The old tradition of military action in the liberation of Belarus "are the lot of tanks and self-propelled artillery units. The infantry is present mainly in order to have someone sit in the trenches. Game, let us recall, almost entirely devoted to Vitebsk-Orsha operations in 1944, which, in turn, was part of the famous "Operation Bagration". Western Front assigned to a separate mini-campaign "Breakthrough Strategy" which tells about the invasion of the Wehrmacht in France.

The Second World War. Liberation of BelarusThe Second World War. Liberation of Belarus
Soviet tanks Rescue faster than Chip and Dale. A detailed rendering of anything and everything is still able to seriously load the processor.


Disadvantages of the liberation of Belarus "are also inherited from the previous episodes. Most annoying bugs with the calculation of damages: the moments when the T-34 ignores the five released in the side armor-piercing projectiles, have become a kind of hallmark of the series, as, indeed, and that after the five rounds crew continues to ignore the gun, shot him in the emphasis. Generally develops a poor impression that the correction of the game in "1C" finally gave up. However, fans of the "Second World" is no stranger to reboot after another German tank decides to play in Koshchey Immortal. In general, of "the liberation of Belarus" has turned out a very strong addition: the enemies continue to exceed your troops numbers, profitable positions, as before, we have to take to battle any team to think three steps ahead. For this we are "second world" and the like.