Left 4 Dead

Left 4 Dead
The basic principle of Left 4 Dead: «One is a warrior." Cohesion is not just important, it is necessary for survival. In "Night of the Living Dead" Harry Cooper has decided to separate from the group - and led her. In Left 4 Dead, he would have died first.

Back to back, not off in part, without haste but without delay. The danger may lie in wait everywhere - do not believe that the "bare" safe room. You - four of them - a thousand. And "they" - not pathetic lame ghouls from Resident Evil, or the same "Night of the Living Dead" and the fast furious monsters like the ones we remember from "28 days later. And they are - are not alone. As usual, the mutation in some of those infected go on a different path, giving them special abilities. Such that the flatfooted people suddenly left completely helpless.

Left 4 Dead Gameplay is easy to describe in one word: "survival". Despite the typical horror horde of monsters, no hint of "horrornost" is not - likely because the companions are constantly at hand. But survival is such that will handicap any and all games, horror together.

Left 4 Dead Infected
Left 4 Dead
On the streets of the apocalypse. A terrible infection had spread through the city, turning the population into bloodthirsty zombies. Immunity can save humanity, weapons - life. Just how long? The answer depends on your ability to collaborate with other survivors
Smoker (Smoker) captures the victim a long tongue from afar. We stand facing the Smokers Rights in this case, there are a couple seconds to rebut. Had not managed to remain helpless swing one's legs in the air or to receive a portion of blows from the smokers - their language is to immobilize until not constitute a leg-up (or do not come to an end). From afar, CSM produces a cough.

Hunter (Hunter) with a loud piercing cry jumps, throws the victim off his feet and begins to strike - as well as the smoker, before the arrival of reinforcements. From the jump you can knock out the butt - and immediately kill a few punches.

Fat Man (Boomer) sick directly to the survivors - and here, unlike Resident Evil DS, you can not blow off the vomit. Health at the Fat little, but dying, he explodes and splatter your content all around. "Smeared" people are becoming targets for the crowd of zombies suddenly departing at full speed because of the nearest corner. Fortunately, the fat man moves slowly, and its characteristic sounds heard from afar.

Tank (Tank) catches the eye is very rare, but every encounter with mortal danger for survivors.Tank health is measured by four-digit numbers, he can attack from a distance (throwing stones), and his punches throw people for a few meters (in the abyss? Easy!). The best that can oppose him - "Molotov cocktail", set on fire tank will burn, chasing the survivors. Its appearance is accompanied by a disturbing music.

Witch (Witch) is sitting and crying .... Pity it is recommended to reserve for themselves. If you vspugnete Witch - a flashlight, light, noise, whether the steps, crashing a shot or an explosion - it catches up with you and break into pieces. One blow - and has already survived a knockdown. Three more - a corpse. Turn off the lantern, barely zaslyshite mourning - have survived it should be at the level of instincts. Fight the Witch is recommended only in extreme cases where it is compulsory, and in her murder should be prepared very carefully.

Left 4 DeadLeft 4 Dead
In Left 4 Dead can paint the walls of spray in the best traditions of Counter-Strike and TF2. Add humor to the game! Mimics the characters in Left 4 Dead is delicious. Get TF2 and even take cartoon - but not the artistry

Basic Mode Left 4 Dead is comprised of four campaigns, stylized films. In each of them the same four of the survivors have to go through five levels in the late call for backup and waiting desperately to defend her from the hordes of bloodthirsty creatures. For ensuring that the passage of "film" players do not miss, meet a special AI, referred to as the director. It ensures that each successive game will be different from the previous one. Left 4 Dead is impossible to learn by heart: where the last time were first-aid kit, this will be empty, the best weapon to which he had to go floor-level, you may be right under the nose in the wasteland that could have been without a second thought to run through appears menacing tank. Therefore, we must be ready for anything.

However, even after dozens of passes is difficult to tell whether the director controls the amount of enemies in accordance with the successes of the team of survivors (as promised to the developers), or simply throwing monsters and items, anytime and anywhere. Although what's the difference? Impressions of this does not become smaller.

As mentioned above, the campaigns are divided into levels, they are interspersed with "safe room" where survivors can breathe yes to replenish ammunition and first aid kits. In the early campaigns of the heroes and Two Smoking Barrels to choose from - uzi or shotgun. Closer to the middle appears replacement - automatic shotgun, assault and hunting rifles. Pistols play the role of secondary weapons with infinite ammo. Periodically, the corners can be found "Molotov cocktails" and the special grenades that attracts zombies. Very important balance in the arsenal: for example, the command, "soiled" Fat garnet-beeper will save us from meeting with a horde of brutal dead. But here's the zombie bosses are smart, they are on such a simple bait is not kupyatsya - and difficult battle with a tank your best friend will be "Molotov".

Left 4 DeadLeft 4 Dead
Battle in a cornfield - one of those memories that will last a long time Hunting rifle is ideal for long distance - against the tanks, such as

Only four survivors - and because every person counts. PARTNERS can see the silhouettes of each other, even through walls, silhouettes and color will change, if happen to them that something was wrong. When a character's health drops to zero, it will be immobilized - and could only shoot pistols until he was put on its feet comrades. If they fails to show enough attention, survivors will be on a smaller - but, fortunately for them, temporarily. To return to the game, do not even need to wait for the end of the level - after a few minutes lost colleague will be locked in a room located on the road team.

Left 4 Dead Survivors
Left 4 Dead
Bill - a former soldier, a veteran of Vietnam. Constantly smokes and says, primarily in the case.

Louis - a black "white collar". Like all the negros in popular movies, the joker has one.

Francis - surly tattooed biker. He hates everything he sees.

Zoe is a student - and survival in a zombie apocalypse who studied for a horror movie.

Because the opportunity to bring three friends (always with a microphone or a headset!) Playing at the same time is not all the role assignments of characters will perform AI. Such companions are both strengths and weaknesses. They shoot without a miss (about friendly fire, you can forget), skillfully rescue comrades in trouble, but it does not use grenades and do not know how to strategically defend, that can be fatal in a cruel, unforgiving finals, where death is irreversible.

The irony is that while the variability of each passage and features Left 4 Dead from any other game, a real scourge of the new creation Valve was just drab. You've seen twenty-minute demo? So, you've seen this entire campaign. Three, in fact, such weapons, two grenades, five varieties of bosses. Little content. And much variation is limited: the number of tanks at the level of, for example, tightly rationed. On the one hand, it is correct - they are too serious opponents to throw them right and left. On the other - there is no element of surprise. Destroying one tank, you can calm down - the second will not appear. Even if the first was killed with ease, but a team of survivors pass through crowds of enemies like a knife through butter. And besides tanks, in fact, no one serious threat, and does not represent.

Left 4 Dead Plot
The story itself is not - as, again, in the typical movie about zombies. And should it be created? Quartet of heroes will not see a whole game not one survivor - a wall covered with notes of "safe rooms" will understand how others have met a zombie apocalypse. In this regard, Left 4 Dead reminds Portal - History fed small, almost invisible pieces, sometimes tragic, sometimes causing a smile - but always conveying the hysteria felt by the few survivors in the disaster.

Left 4 DeadLeft 4 Dead
Zoe watched "Night of the Living Dead." Know the rascal, who at the end will survive The higher the level of complexity, the deadly shots for your teammates. Be careful!

However, mindful of the still will not stop series of corrections and additions to the Team Fortress 2, you can be sure that Left 4 Dead will be left without them. And the above applies only to campaigns - only half of what it offers Left 4 Dead. Most the same gusto - in Versus-mode, where the play will have on both sides. And the outcome is binary there is not - because the account goes on glasses, and both teams, changing roles, alternately trying to get to the next safe room, then by all means try the four fellows iznichtozhit.

From the perspective of survivors Versus-mode is almost indistinguishable from the campaign - for the only exception that the dead are not resurrected, but any delay is fraught with new and new attacks are constantly recovering bosses. Also here you can almost be sure that if at least half a minute from the team whacks the hapless man, he would not survive. Because the players - not a lazy director. Bosses under the control of gamers will not appear in random locations and shove right through to survivors. They will wait for the right moment and work together. The fat man spit-covered team? Smoker immediately picks up the item at a distance - until his friends again prozreyut until they have cleared the way through the crowd, hanging the victim to be ascended to lure zombies that the piñata at the fiesta. And if the survivors left the three remaining, you will command infection can celebrate: the simultaneous attack of two hunters and smokers suddenly deprive them of the chance to reach the end level.

Valve managed to strike a balance here: if a completely different playing styles coherence and organization of the team is important for both sides. And since there is no need to choose the level of complexity (by the first patch was always fixed at the Normal, prompting outrage rough-hardcore fans), the observance of this balance is guaranteed. Played a team-infected never allow survivors to get to the safe room - and, conversely, single attack would not have absolutely no success.

Left 4 Dead Secret!
Reaching Zombie Genocidest - a direct reference to the Dead Rising, where to get the Zombie Genocider it was necessary to kill 53,594 zombies - that is, the entire population of the town, where the events took place game. Left 4 Dead Requests more - 53,595 murders.

Left 4 DeadLeft 4 Dead
To Tank is not waiting for the survivors in a convenient location, we introduce a special "line of control." When it ends, control passes to the AI ​​Tank Signs correctly play for the team infected: barely surviving from the safe room, two "smeared" Fat, the third pulled up Smoker, fourth upsets Hunter

It is in Versus-Mode Left 4 Dead shows itself one hundred percent. Campaigns can take one, two, ten, then unscrew them to the maximum complexity, and learn by heart the optimal routing of each level. But this experience only real satisfaction in the battles with live opponents. Which, of course, make mistakes, but where less than Director, forgive others' mistakes. For a team of infected and do a real pleasure to play - here is the stupefying perfectly conveys a sense of hunting people (familiar to some of Aliens versus Predator 2). Find the weakest link in the enemy team, a kind of Gary Cooper, take advantage of their desire for reciprocity, to divide and destroy ... a miracle, and not a game.

However, the most important thing - that everyone got to know Left 4 Dead will be a wagon and a small truck with nothing comparable experience. Indeed, almost every passage into a story that eagerly, enthusiastically tell your friends. Left 4 Dead - one of those rare events in the gaming industry, which can not be forgotten for years.

Left 4 Dead Localization
- We made it! I can't believe we made it!

- Son, we just crossed the street.

- Aha! Cool!

- Well, we won the battle! It's time for war.

This is a quote from the intro to the game that shows what a Russian version of Left 4 Dead. When pessimism "Son, we just crossed the street" is replaced by a completely distort the meaning not only that phrase, but the whole game, "it's time for war, self-respecting gamers to endure the hell of Russification and begin to play the original language. Where there is no "voynushki", and, dammit, survival.