Enemy Territory: Quake Wars

Enemy Territory: Quake Wars
Solid puffing diesel fuel, on the bumpy road rolled a military jeep. Behind the wheel, moving the Kevlar helmet on his head, sat a character created deputy chief editor of "Countries of the Games" by Alexander Trifonov. At that time, the alter ego of another Alexander, Kanygina like a corpse terminator, plastered with chicken legs, with the comfort of reclining on the belly in a dusty roadside bushes. Approaching car, he stared through the sight of an automatic rifle, and the right pseudopod Stroggos eagerly stroking the trigger. Suddenly, above anything boomed, sprinkle screen land and issued a plate: "Press the spacebar to enter into the next wave of attacks." "Damn bots, well, not an ounce of do not understand in tactical combat operations" - in despair, he thought instantly killed Strogg-infiltrator. At this very moment, the string game chat started, and in pure Russian asked: "Are you this stuff, then the game gonna take?"

Enemy Territory: Quake WarsEnemy Territory: Quake Wars
Dove volley from the plant "Molot", you can quickly mow all living things. How nice to see the enemy through the sights reylgana!

Bounty Hunters

Going. Honestly going. Only hard it is - reviewed multiplayer action immediately, hurriedly, not spending sleepless nights in the digital trenches. For six or seven months, probably will catch the subtle taste of the game to polish his knees all more or less significant position for firing, learn about the secrets and hidden features, to experience a few patches, shifting the balance slider. On the other hand, during this time of the toy can and do forget. You now know the name of War Rock? But there too there is vehicle and run through the fields the soldiers with machine guns. Field, plowed large and small teams, often profusely fruiting. Need only a move familiar with mladye Nail voynushki "on the screen and allow those in need to choose a role to taste - like here to give the opportunity to put in the bank a few centimeters of cash. The bearded uncle and just dosmotrevshie "Good night, kids" fighters breathe hard into a microphone, a rapidly knock on the keyboard rhythms and naturally flinch, the word virtual bullet-fool. Now imagine what would happen if you multiply the passion of these people in selfless devotion to the fans of the world's Quake?

Enemy Territory: Quake WarsEnemy Territory: Quake Wars
While there is a workout in advance will look after the iron horse. Our engineer clever.Look what he had collected on the battlefield.

Mom, I want to be an alien

Terrible happened. Anyway, this title is capable of providing multi-million selling anything. It can be hung on the new mobile phones, motor oil or baby food. So judged in the Splash Damage and took a volitional decision: to take the player models from the famous tactical multiplayer shooter, and replace them with paltry people and the Strogg, quickly come up with vulgar nicknames for the technology and quickly primotat old story with the capture of the planet and a scoundrel Macron. Here is a blockbuster and ready! Stockpiled developers trump his job done: some, hardly setting the QW, rushed to act out the role of the cyborg. During the years of fighting, brazen arrogance of space marines managed to get bored, and after the previous two parts very much like to try on the armor of bad guys. However, the Strogg have changed. We remember them even on the Quake 2, and let the engine of the game is not pulled vysokopoligonalnye models and clear textures, cyborgs looked great. Cosmic Gladiators collected from old parts and pieces of flesh, instead of arms have steel cola or multicore machine guns. Indeed, why bother, uncovered weapons, if the average life expectancy of any of those caught us Strogg 2 - 3 seconds. And that metallic voice, like a gnashing of iron hoes, scraping on the rocks? Remember, the new game warlike inhabitants Stroggosa were both generalized averaged aliens. Does not particularly noteworthy, not robots, not people in suits for diving, it is not the same as in Quake 4. Alas. This is the first thing that catches the eyes of those who wanted to see a global tactical action game in the universe Q. No Mars and other nonsense. People have not yet adopted the aliens supertechnologies and dispense conventional rifles, shotguns rifles yes. Place of Earth time - Strogg invasion. The war has been going on for several years, the invaders obzhilis and adapted plants and factories to your needs. Perhaps now we could have quipped that if in this whole story, replace the word "Strogg" to "terrorists" ... but we will not. Generally, off doubts - Enemy Territory: Quake Wars can enjoy. Do not be put options, descend on us during the launch, the interface is friendly, there is no need for long hours digging in the fine-tuning. Give us a fight.

Enemy Territory: Quake Wars Megatehnologiya
If the information about the game is a literal combination of id, without technological frills just will not do. Quake Wars graphics done at a very high level, we see eminent ancestors make themselves felt. But, in addition, for this particular game was in store a very unusual thing - megatekstura. To be honest, at first we thought it is a goddess Strogg, or the daughter of the Macron. The essence of innovation lies in the fact that the entire landscape at a level to use a single "skin" a 32 thousand to 32 thousand pixels. In the original, this rug takes about 6 GB, but the texture is optimized to easily fit in your game. New technology allows to achieve good performance and gives high quality images, in addition, megatekstura affects all physical properties - friction, the particles, even audio effects. Now too noticeable change from asphalt to curb green lawn does not hurt the eyes - it is not there.

Enemy Territory: Quake WarsEnemy Territory: Quake Wars
Disembarkation.Strogg, of course, do not use parachutes. In the capable hands of walking "Cyclops" - a pledge of victory.

I - Robot

Although the game has a single mode, and even there is no campaign (a set of "operations" that are put to perform on stage), we do not advise too much to count on a comfortable game with bots: a society of artificial intelligence feel very distant from the digital entertainment experience. They run. They shoot. They perform the job. They control the technology. They eventually dispersed on a motorcycle and ram careless opponents! And we are just sorting out the management, read the message that the mission is successfully completed. Perhaps the next time the bots will not take us to the team. It is quite another multiplayer action. Quake Wars will offer a huge list of already "existing" battles, you can join the British, Germans, Italians. Russian has not yet been found. Selecting the vending mode and map, we throws out the menu with the parties and professions. If you do not pay attention to the name, specialty opponents alike: an infantryman watching as the aggressor in the mirror, human intelligence with the same feelings staring at infiltratora Strogg. Similar abilities, weapons differs only in appearance - that is so long tested Splash Damage? It turns out that balance, it is almost intangible, but extremely clear and is quite complex. Strogg have no concept of "ammunition", but their guns overheat from the endless firing. People are a little tight, but for newcomers stroent - both health and ammo. " Who in such circumstances is better? Physician, capable of almost instantly heal the wounded? Strogg Technician, thrower stroenta capsule and the body turns enemies into a point for the "reproduction" of fellow soldiers? Important differences also have other classes, but to understand them, we should try both sides.

Enemy Territory: Quake WarsEnemy Territory: Quake Wars
Meet - a Defiler. Oh, no wonder its so-styled! For Stroggos death in battle - it very much. Losers will be recycled.


It is not clear as to whether originally intended, but fighting on the proposed map you will not see. The fact that all twelve levels of players are served by their sets of assignments, or if you want the quests. To capture the drive with important data, destroy the portal, to protect the plant - each zadachka requires solutions and we need people who will be engaged in his search. Sneak behind enemy lines or cavalry assaults sweep defenses? You decide, but at no time firing useless. Experienced players slipping into clans, and clearly stipulate the "duties" as long as the enemy fighters raznosherstye frenzied storm of anti-turrets, master of quick steal, break, is cleaning - in short, perform combat missions and earned the title and prize points. It is not hard to guess that this is how you can get extra bonuses.

Enemy Territory: Quake WarsEnemy Territory: Quake Wars
Some levels are amazingly beautiful. Well, why fight here, tell me? Riding to fight this thing is impossible. And sorry, very sorry.

In the struggle for our hearts

Enemy Territory: Quake Wars gone straight into the stocks in the open sea. Behind the long shadow looms heavily armed dreadnoughts Team Fortress 2 and the new Unreal Tornament. But there were no clashes, and even more so without an open battle, and that's fine. Do not forget, we have a unique opportunity to avenge an ugly two-legged, offended beloved Macron.

Enemy Territory: Quake Wars Clash
Licensed copy of the game from the studio of "1C" has been fully translated and made public. Sure, it's great news for our fellow countrymen. But wait, what happened to reylgan, classic Quake? Why do they call it energopushkoy? Since when has the Strogg, whose immortal «tresspasser!» Still sounds in our hearts, talk like normal people? Perhaps worth restrict adaptation of tasks and not to touch voice bots?

Enemy Territory: Quake WarsEnemy Territory: Quake Wars
Duels "technique for technique" is very interesting. Here, however, does not pomanevriruesh - shoot! On some levels, all important place in an enclosed space, and running outside, so you can not find the enemy.