Section 8

Section 8

What can we learn from the theory of evolution? Want to be on top - sharpened claws witty, pumped muscles, or whether all the trickier. Be the best. Or at least pretend. That works too.

Game from TimeGate Studios is not the best: it is not the most technologically advanced, is not replete with innovation, not perfected to the smallest detail and even more will not make you smack one's lips in pleasure while dating. But she struggles to that of sound, and sometimes it was very nice turns.

Section 8 - a grandiose futuristic multiplayer first-person shooter on the form and the compilation of ideas borrowed from anywhere in content. The developers have stated that the main source of inspiration for them were the film "Starship Troopers" and netlenka Scott's "Alien." However, representatives of TimeGate forgot to mention the other "beacons" on which they relied in the stormy sea of ​​available online: Halo, Battlefield, Call of Duty and other similar games. Online shooter - it's everywhere online shooter, changing only the many nuances that give the identity of the same type skirmishes. The authors of Section 8 of this no problems, although that could spy on their colleagues, they are assembled. Taken from the Halo weapons, power armor, HUD'a design of the game, and even a little thing like a glove of the character, as if the Wizards Chifa removed. As in Battlefield, the main entertainment here is to capture control points, and the design of equipment and cards like the battlefield in 2142. Call of Duty free shared the same system, customization of the character (but "squeezed" into upgrading weapons), an abundance of awards and pumping scheme. At the same time, the character design vskolyhivaet memories of Hellgate: Londonvmeste with Metroid Prime. And so, with the world on a string, lumped TimeGate its eighth game of an armored division.

Section 8Section 8
Sometimes space chopper transported in closed spaces. But this happens rarely - the main action always takes place under the stars With a giant humanoid really hard to cope. How easy and save money for its delivery

Eight armored committed to pacifying bandits space throughout the galaxy. This time our goal - a gang of "Hand of Orion", take control of entire planets somewhere on the outskirts of the Milky Way. The player must put an end to these atrocities, having a single player campaign. Complication of the plot, and an impressive entrance roller configured to participate, at least in the epic saga, but the main menu, where the first stand multiplayer and instant action, clearly hinting at what modes should first pay attention to. Single player campaign, named Corde's Story, with short videos and radio transmissions sleek tells the story of the dashing soldier Alex Corday, who fights, obey orders of superiors and wins.Could be limited to formulaic phrase that single - "just training before a network game, if it something we really have learned. In Section 8 for the perfect workout "fast" games - why spend time on the same battle with the bots, only diluted thirty-second screen?

Be that as it may, in the course of the game need to understand the many possibilities that a player gives a special suit - in fact, because of these armor division is called "armored". Suit is equipped with a force field generator, which absorbs so much damage, how much is enough charge. It is this field is the lion's share "health" - without any player can kill in seconds. Or at least cripple: a bullet in the thigh yet no one helps you to run, and hit in the arm or hat, of course, affects the accuracy. So it is better to keep energoschit in working condition - it recharges automatically or repaired with the help of a special subject.

Riddled legs pryti not add, but the armored suit, oddly enough - very even. If you run a few tens of meters, the camera moves behind him and switched mode gipersprinta: developing a decent speed, and because of not quite responsive to such moments of conflict management with some wall becomes commonplace. It seems a good time to mention another ancestor Section 8 - now forgotten drama Tribes. Yes, all right - in a suit of armor built a miniature jet engine, which is enough for three seconds, enough top-flight. This feature, along with gipersprintom really helps move the cards are really great.

Section 8Section 8
HUD austere and informative. Claims have to ugliness, which is shown by pressing the Select button If you could shoot a pair of pistols at the same time, Section 8 would become a cowboy shooter

Having dealt with twists uniforms, you can finally get online. Choose your search criteria or create your own session (supported cross-platform game) - and more! That is down! In Section 8 there was a place for original ideas. The participants here do not appear out of nowhere, and desantiruyutsya the ship - and this means that the points of recovery as there are none, and everyone is free to land wherever he wants. Sniper, for example, it helps to get to the position in record time. A scout from another team - just as quickly be behind him.

And you fell from heaven, stand up on their feet, look around - what to do? To kill others and get kills? Not quite. Correct answer: "To earn victory points. And kill. " Participants are divided into two teams (a total of 32 people in the Xbox version and 40 on the PC), and the purpose of each - score one thousand points of victory (victory points), let alone how she did it - it tenth. The easiest way - beat opponents, but he is not the main one. Mode of the game as such in Section 8 is only one, in which contestants fight comes down to capture the key points. But restrict it only this, came out would be too boring, so that TimeGate supplied his game dynamic tasks, which arise directly on the map during the match. For example, in the midst of battle Eighth Armored gets the message that in thirty seconds per card desantiruyut VIP - soldiers who must carry out one of the key points. The task of opposing sides, respectively, reduced to eliminate this man.And these "quests" there exists a dozen: mining base, escort, defense, post, extraction of important information, etc. The system works fine and disperse the action all over the map.

For carrying out these tasks and other services on the battlefield the player is awarded a special currency that without a twinge of conscience can spend on booze ... oops, the technique and defenses (this part is for some reason reminded me of the old strategic shooter BattleZone 2). Machine gun turrets shoot any enemy, and mobile radars will be shown on the map of those who hide from the all-seeing satellites. You can buy a heavy fur or four tank (controlled by the terrible), which is able to deliver neslazhennoy team a whole bunch of problems.

Section 8Section 8

Another enemy is the beginner - weird balance. For example, a menacing shotgun, which, in theory, should "bear" with one or two shots in close combat, is extremely weak. And the most common gun appears almost the most powerful weapon in the game - which is good? The damage from a sniper rifle, too small, which makes this weapon ineffective. Hopefully, this will correct soon.

That updates will follow, no doubt: the game has already found its fans, who preferred her expensive and podnadoevshim blockbusters. Before the reader gets a choice: to replenish their ranks or to support those who call the Section 8 «Halo for the poor." According to their online-competitive effect creation TimeGate is commendable, but clearly borrowing ideas from competitors with minimal use of their own and touch of the budget requires thinking about whether or not recorded in the eighth armored.

Section 8 Suit Ride
Do not forget to Section 8, of class system, flexible and highly conditional. All them in the game are six (assault, engineer, infiltrator, recon, guardian and artillery), everyone has his own set of weapons (no more than two items), equipment (up to two subjects) and the characteristics of the suit. Armor can "customize" under its own style of play, distributing the ten passive modules on multiple scales - from increasing the speed of flight to increase the resilience of the shield. And so, raspihivaya modules, changing weapons and equipment, it is possible to build your own classes. Unfortunately, passive modules for performance is influenced not so much as one would wish, and to tell the difference, you must invest a minimum of four to the desired scale. The resulting model is stored in the selection of class, and it will be possible to select not only at the beginning of each round, but near repair stations located close to all the key points.

Section 8Section 8