Eternal Sonata

Eternal Sonata
Once the Chinese philosopher Zhuang Zhou dreamed he was a butterfly fluttering gaily among the flowers. Waking up, the sage could not decide whether he Chuang Chou, dreamed that he was a butterfly or a butterfly dreaming that she - Chuang Chou?

Chozhie thoughts visit to Eternal Sonata and Frederic Chopin, who can not decide what is real, and that - just a dream: native Poland, the Parisian friends, piano concerts and public acclaim or Tenuto village near the town of Fort Ritardando in the kingdom, ruled by Count Waltz. However, when the golems and bloodthirsty demonic bulbs over-age and strive to beat the baton from the hands, willy-nilly, to unite with the local adventurer, forgetting for a time of emotional propulsion, and figure out where the monsters are running.

Nevertheless, doubts do not leave the famous composer: at every step we seek a reason to think (or rather, to suffer) of the illusory reality and reality a phantom. First, before you find yourself in Tenuto, Frederick lay dying: the country where the local attractions, and residents have musical names that could easily prividetsya in delirium piano virtuoso. Secondly, the main character, sweet girl Polka, suffers from an incurable disease - just like the younger sister of Chopin, which also was not destined to live a long life. And thirdly, as in the TV series Tales of, all around, just the same breath touching: the most nightmarish of generating the local underworld and the soles are not suitable, Tell me, Pyramid Head from Silent Hill. So you start to think over the next defeated the winged kid that what is happening is more like an escape from reality than the harsh reality.

Eternal SonataEternal Sonata
Voluminous jackets and skirts are characters from a cruel joke: note how the poor are forced to keep his hands in the air, to suit not faltered. Stand "at attention" in Eternal Sonata - not held in high esteem. Even in the RPG, where the majority of the inhabitants - puppet round face, there is a place with a square-jawed macho! Not surprisingly, such a fighter begins to dry all the local beauty.
Eternal Sonata still remember the very first screenshots, which are distributed Namco Bandai: and by almost bezvozrastnyh heroes (39-year-old Chopin looks no older than 16 years of Allegretto "), and by genre, because RPG remain rare guest on the console from Microsoft, though Lost Odyssey by Mistwalker will be released no later than three or four months, and in the foreseeable future looming exclusive Infinite Undiscovery and the multiplatform The Last Remnant.

Eternal Sonata Photograph - time spent in vain?
Folk myths state that the creator - whether artist, poet or composer - certainly should be hungry and poor, to compose works of genius. The developers of the tri-Crescendo such ideas are not shared, so load with money in Eternal Sonata is easy: just from time to time to photograph the monsters on the battlefield. Of all the characters refer to the camera can only fellow Beat, Allegretto henchman. Knowledge of the composition laws will not help make great pictures: the best we can to try to estimate the distance to the target, whether the monster will fit into the frame entirely. Fortunately, in any store, and for the photo category B (that is to say, the quadruple) roll the large sum - though all the stocks of medicines bought!

Eternal SonataEternal Sonata
Strike fails to reflect if an insidious enemy managed to enter the side or rear. Enemies have time to reflect the impacts to less heroes.
Resemblance of characters with puppets Dollfie (read more about them in the sidebar) has not disappeared in the final version of the game, except that the slender ranks of rosy-cheeked young fellows still supplemented by a pair with a square jaw, and even aging ladies. As the ancient Greek actors were enough set of masks, and the heroes of many RPG - icons, "emoticons", pop-up over his head, and the inhabitants of Eternal Sonata perfectly costing just a few facial expressions. But the world around them is so rich in detail, which inadvertently brings to mind a comparison with a showcase pastry shop. Strewn with flowers of the field, cozy town with flower beds and stone bridge, stately fortress over gorges and Baroque palaces with intricate stucco replace each other, like a giant cream cakes - just sugar on your teeth squeak. And once that seemed fabulous scenery Tales of Symphonia for the GameCube is already pulling in the best case for vanilla crackers. But closer to climax already dungeon i do not want to view and run and forget. And the matter is that - not a sudden allergy to sweet and next-gen. To expanses Forte seemed truly endless, and the journey of Chopin and his comrades was perceived as a long hike, the developers simply stretched the dungeon. It seems to be twists and turns to spare, and monsters do not lurk, and false paths are not so many, but runs up each fork and eat back the lion's share of time. Everywhere, except in battle, the command is one character, and is on his way to paint the stairs, as the hero begins to move as if in slow motion - despite the fact that during his cross can not wait to hurry up.

Eternal Sonata We compare the scores?
The only mini-game to the entire Eternal Sonata offers the world gather scraps of scores and look for musicians for creative duets. If the melody sounded in unison, touched by the Executive also will present a gift to you. If, however, will confusion, you are scolded, but will not give up future collaborative music making. The main disadvantage: in one conversation not to try a few musical games.In addition, even the most terrible concert will not be truncated at the middle!

Eternal SonataEternal Sonata
Special techniques are spending only the time, so that twice to recover for the round is quite possible. But here is particularly powerful strokes usually eats all reserved on the course of a second. Hotbed of evil are traditionally represented by burly general, the old advisor, charming villain (here the three of them at once) and a terrible monster. Count Waltz in the screenshot - just one of the three evil individuals with angelic face.
"Is the power of Xbox 360 wasted on curbs so Daisies?" - You ask. No, at first it seems that Eternal Sonata on the head furnished relatives of Tales of. Say, the battles and heroes (in the field allowed to produce no more than three), and their opponents (whose number can reach up to four) move freely around the arena in all three areas: a pseudo-3D of Symphonia thing of the past. True, Final Fantasy XII for PS2 cope with the same task without the arenas. Yes, and real-time fights do not go: warriors and monsters make moves in turn, spending rush, spells and fencing techniques aside several seconds. To otstegat presumptuous onion umbrella or weigh her cuff more firmly, fairly, as instituted in the Tales of, relentlessly pounding on a single key. Private keys are responsible for specific skills and pulling medical tinctures - not from the bottomless haversack, which stored all their belongings in the adventures of a good and heroic of the virtual pockets. When it comes to enemies, it becomes clear that any attack would monstryachy, at least half the weaker, if not to miss the precious time to click on another button, and thereby reflect the attack. To test the speed of reaction Eternal Sonata fits very seriously: as the passage of stricter rules clashes, and the enemies are replaced by one set of tricks on the other, knocking gamers learned by heart rhythm reflection attacks. However, the seriousness of this - an affected. Enough to rely on the amazing power medicine or healing abilities and associates that have the power to cut all the new varieties of golems - when the use of special skills to pay only the time, even those who are unable to escape and one blow, to survive in combat. Cvoeobraznaya compensation for the endless journey - pumping almost not important, but a team of nearly immortal. What, incidentally, are different and Tales of.

Eternal Sonata Who are Dollfie?
Eternal SonataEternal Sonata
Dollfie (from the doll figure) - the name of a series of dolls, which publishes the Japanese company Volks. In an action-figures "Dollfi" borrowed articulated body: through the abundance of "joint" they know better than to pose special creatures, dummies for artists. And of collectible dolls they got rich and extensive wardrobe of wigs. And offered to buy as a ready-made plastic beauty (or handsome) and assemble their own from spare parts, and face paint with acrylic paints.

Characters Eternal Sonata, however, is much stronger than like a Super Dollfie, another series of the same company."Super-duper" them especially Height: 57-60 cm to 27 cm normal "Dollfi. All parts of the body dolls are going to rubber band, the major joints replaced the ball joints (hence the name of the BJD, or ball-jointed doll). Volks, by the way, no longer the only firm engaged in the manufacture BJD, - her experience took over the other, mostly Korean studios are now offering their own series. Volks creations from their product distinguishes cost: a fully assembled and painted to order Super Dollfie will cost (however, in Japan, this procedure is called "adoption" or "adoption") is not less than 76,800 yen (about $ 750). And it's no laundry, clothing, botinochek and accessories!

Eternal SonataEternal Sonata
Emo attacks do not interfere with Chopin (extreme characters left) luptsevat monsters baton along with other heroes. How to accidentally waste a stroke of the character? Just press a special reception when there is no single monster, and you're done -
So, if it were not for graphic beauty, Eternal Sonata would be quite taken root on the previous generation of consoles. Good, and the settlement with the talkative citizens have not disappeared, and quests for long-standing tradition, require return trodden footpaths, not once or twice, and number of monsters from an abundance of rare species - a pair of triple-species in the cave. But the really unusual then, as usual among the fantasy survives typecasting is not a fictional Chopin. When the Shadow Hearts: Covenant to the heroes joined the Princess Anastasia, daughter of Nicholas II, her own story almost never told. Say, lovely girl with a camera, and in addition to the princess. Yes, and Rasputin appeared as a sort of demonized creature that here and now is able to play a prank pretty, and whose past by and large have very few people care about. In "Sonata" is the Polish composer - the main character: his works are heard in perebivkah between the plot heads, but about life, though not too detailed and sometimes and childish, narrate excerpts from the biography interspersed with photo collages. Otherwise, Warsaw and Paris, which now and then bethought Chopin, and did not seem too serious a loss against the backdrop of gingerbread and music of the country.

Although the same way as three-dimensional scene do battle by default complicated and emotional escapades waltz king, and edifying sermon on the theme of being heroes, death, and tendencies of people do not notice the side effects of something useful does not make the story deeper (or finals at all far-fetched). Of course, from "Sonata" waiting for more. And have - a beautiful, yet retelling have heard tales about how the "heroes went and nakostylyali villain, who is also trying to instill a love for classical music. And I must say, quite successfully.

Eternal Sonata Mysteries of light and shade
Eternal Sonata
As promised a preview of Eternal Sonata special abilities of heroes are divided into those that can be used while on the light filled the arena sites, and those that are available only departed at dusk. Both species are almost no different, so that resort to tactical stratagems it makes no sense. Is that the medical skills invariably refer to the "bright", and healers have to keep in the sun.As useless and the ability to mutate into some monsters in the shadows - the heroes do not even need to entice them into the light, because the chain of attacks to finish off even got stronger vrazhin.

Eternal SonataEternal Sonata
Of the heroic strikes on enemies are added chain - the so-called "echo". "Echo" one-time increase first special technique that uses any character, then the chain will have to build anew, and so - until the final victory. When the chain recruited 24 or 32 "echo" and the level of the team (not to be confused with the level of characters!) Reached 4, it can, in time pressing after the completion of a special reception immediately execute another, and even more superudary with high destructive power.