Call of Juarez: Ties of Blood

Call of Juarez: Ties of BloodCall of Juarez: Ties of Blood
Enemies have burnt native hut ... That is, of course, the family home. Ernest Hemingway, A Farewell to Arms! ", An illustration of page 34.
Summary of the previous series: Call of Juarez, 2007. Polish studio Techland proves to the world that she can do not only arcade rally simulators (Xpand Rally, Xpand Rally Xtreme) and failure-ambitious shooters on alien negnidogadoidah (Chrome, Chrome: SpecForce). The story of the priest reads passages from the Bible in a cursory firing six-shooter, had become, it seems more fans than all the American igrovesterny put together (most recent noteworthy except that Gun). The world is not mad, and Americans have forgotten how to make games about his cowboy past - just in Techland got a little better.

And do not say that Call of Juarez was flawless. She, by contrast, played on contrasts of positive and negative impressions. Great scenes with the priest Ray replaced the dull and crooked stealth in the execution of his nephew - a son, nicknamed "Billy Candle. The second part of the developers realized that to play for Ray was interesting, but seems not quite understand why. Fortunately, the "bond of blood" has a choice of character.

Call of Juarez: Ties of BloodCall of Juarez: Ties of Blood
Duels do not represent special complexity - in the end, we always have quickload. Arms dealers are at almost every level. Money collected from defeated enemies, at least - are earned for side quests.

Praise the Lord and Pass the Ammunation

«Call of Juarez: Ties of Blood" begins many years before the events of the original game: in the midst of a civil war between north and south, with the advantage is clearly not on the side of the Confederates. Two brothers, a southerner - Ray and Thomas McCole - show (with our feasible using) the miracles of heroism, holding almost hopelessly lost ground. Reward for it - reinforced by horse messenger who announces that the army ordered to retreat. The Yankees, meanwhile looting with impunity in the South. Desert brothers find their house turned into ruins, and his mother to death and go in search of adventure to the U.S. border with Mexico to find gold Aztec and meet your love - one for two. On the plot at all possible to speak very long, but let's say briefly: it is excellent.Behind-the story of a person younger brother William, who fled the war from a theological seminary and dreaming to instill a rebellious brothers love of God ... The permanent in-game dialogue and acerbic comments brothers, classic westerns for treason and even slightly through suffering ending, a cynical murderer Ray transforming into a man of faith ... All it looks good, and connects the two games is logical.

Call of Juarez: Ties of Blood Wild multiplayer
Call of Juarez: Ties of Blood
The most interesting thing in a local multiplayer - not the number of modes (they are already five of them) and classes of players (16, repeat: sixteen). The greatest value is the mode Wild West Heroes, where you can, among other things, collectively, to rob the bank - and one side will protect him, and second, respectively, to storm. These "cops and robbers!

Horseshoes and Handgrenades

Besides viewing and scene splash plays funny dialogue we are engaged in the actual shooting. Skirmishes still take your breath away: rapid fire with two hands on the accumulation of dead bodies is replaced by the concentration mode, which is now every brother own. Playing for Ray, you need to quickly identify the enemy to a moment later, brought them a hurricane of lead. Thomas just firing indiscriminately in all - a thing no less effective and even more spectacular. Alas, this merits a "new" brother, come to an end: he can not shoot with two hands (although, when we're playing for Ray, miraculously begins to do it regularly), and it is extremely unhelpful arsenal. Throwing knives are few and worthless (the possibility of silent killing the game will provide exactly twice), and for Indian onions catastrophically difficult to find the arrows. Remains the only single pistol and a shotgun, which is why Thomas dies suspiciously quickly. The idea is that to survive is to help the new system of shelters: after the hero dives for a box or a kiss on the corner, you can drive a mouse vlevo-vpravo/vverh-vniz, carefully taking aim and hiding from the bullets. But the shelter is useless for one simple reason: any decent person will be playing for Ray, who has two pistols and the awesome power of dynamite (though not used stuff). In addition, Ray can handle a Gatling gun, and he need not climb on roofs and pull the levers - this kind will, Thomas.

Call of Juarez: Ties of Blood Eyecandies
We chose the five most beautiful moments in the game.

Call of Juarez: Ties of BloodCall of Juarez: Ties of Blood
Confederate camp in the woods. Trees in the «Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood" made just fine, they are gently swaying in the wind. Yet here is completely incomparable tree. Rain. Raindrops flow down the screen, bang on the ground. Absolutely all the surfaces become wet and reflect light.
Call of Juarez: Ties of BloodCall of Juarez: Ties of Blood
Apache territory. Mountain landscape scale strikes. If you look closely, the distance can be seen weeping rock - three waterfalls, which play an important role in the plot of the game. Crossing in a canoe. The sun streaming through the foliage, reflected in the water and reflections on the surface of a sniper rifle. At the end of the chapter will be a rapid descent of the rapids of mountain rivers.
Call of Juarez: Ties of Blood
Desert. Vegetation is again done very professionally, and the rocks look very prominent. HDR-lighting casts a realistic shadow effect of hot air creates an atmosphere of 40-degree Texas heat.

Heroes and Cons

The variety in the game are designed to make the elements of an open world. In two chapters out of 15, before going on a mission into the distance on the plot, you can first run a few errands local sheriff, in response to signs reading Wanted and other interesting commercial ads. Return the stolen herd of cattle, to punish the offender - all quite real earnings on the new guns and cartridges. Skip to the next checkpoint at the Mexican prairie - individually or with an incomparable pleasure. Any such assignment, however, ends with a duel with the leader of the bandits. Here I must say that the duel in "blood ties" paid special attention to a complete mini-game: you have to clearly catch the moment when the whips out a gun, move together with the enemy and keep his hand close to the holster (which is slightly opposed to management, is clearly more sympathetic to console gamepad). Similarly frustrating and console avtodovodki: Sight "glued" to the necessary parts of the opponent's body, making it easier and without a dense distribution of Headshots. Disable does not.

Call of Juarez: Ties of BloodCall of Juarez: Ties of Blood
Mexican girl Marisa - a real femme fatale, and the main cause of contention between the two brothers. The character models look even close to worth.

Artificial Beauty

The original Call of Juarez was one of the first games using DirectX 10 (the American version she attended once, in a European appeared only after patch 1.1.1), and indeed pleasantly surprised by the picturesque scenery. "Blood Ties" - one of the most beautiful games of this year, and it is not only in technology. Techland managed to make colors and overall atmosphere of the game more seamless, but at the same time, neither parent is different - for lighting, special effects and stunning scenery of the American heartland. Some problems of the nature of the console, of course, take place, but even with a pair of muddy textures backgrounds, limited depth of draw and the most advanced animation, the game is able to shake its graphics - just look at the surrounding screenshots and a special frame.

We can not say that the new Call of Juarez was perfect. Rather short storyline has a lot of worn-out in terms of game design moments, when we have a long time to move from point to point, concentrated firing enemies of small caliber. Thomas, as we have already seen useless, and a great idea to openworld-gameplay could not find a decent implementation: 2 outdoor level of 15 - it is criminal enough. On the other hand, the best westerns at the moment simply does not exist in nature, and «Call of Juarez: Ties of Blood" is also devilishly handsome. When a guitar strumming pass over the precipice, when the wind chasing the dust and the air trembles with the heat and in front of you unfolds a panorama of Grand Canyon, captures the spirit for real. Even if you know them from the outset that all will certainly end a stupid duel of two brothers over the cursed gold of Juarez. Damn it gold or not, it's worth it.

Call of Juarez: Ties of BloodCall of Juarez: Ties of Blood
Is it possible to submit without a western shootout in the saloon? Menu selection of weapons (called holding the middle mouse button), though enchanted by a gamepad, but extremely informative.

Call of Juarez: Ties of Blood About Us
1991. In the Polish city of Wroclaw is based Techland, yet distributor of software.

1997. Produced the first commercial product the company - the game Crime Cities. Then started the development of Chrome Engine.

2003. On this engine goes Chrome - a shooter with huge open spaces, nedotyanuvshy to modern standards.