Saw: The Video Game

Saw: The Video Game
In that based on kinotsikla "Saw" will someday video game, no doubt almost anyone. The question, rather, was in fact what it proves the genre and how general it is possible to retain the atmosphere of psychological thriller in interactive entertainment.

However, testing the final version, we can say with full confidence, that just is a concern and is not justified - the spirit of the film masterfully recreated in the game. Although, unfortunately, to test himself in the role of "designer" we certainly do not give, so that the laurels of Dungeon Keeper Zombie Studios will not reach. The development was a thriller with well-defined plot, where the gamer feel offer the latest victim of an evil genius.

The player plays the role of Detective David Tapp. Yes, the man who was shot in the first part of the movie. However, the crafty writers have tried their best: a bullet from his chest detective removed, but only one treatment is not limited to, lousy in the course of a complicated operation in his body is the key and placing the hero abandoned mental hospital. (Do not forget - get the same key for many patients the means to acquire the coveted free.) Within the walls of the dilapidated hospital for the mentally ill to us along with the main character and to learn how much a pound of Down and Out, and along with what.

Saw: The Video GameSaw: The Video Game
The right things have to get out of barrels with acid and water closets, in which hidden away syringes. By all canons of the genre to move beyond, to inflict physical pain to our hero, a pity that the mini-games are simple and uninteresting. The first serious challenge: to save Amanda Young. For those unfamiliar with kinotsiklom it - just a young drug addict, but we, unlike the hero of the game, we know that in fact Amanda - assistant "designer".
So, David Tapp recovered in the toilet. And woke up with a loaded bear trap on his head. As it turned out, remove the simple device is quite simple - cool yourself analog stick, yeah Push the right buttons. But the restless spirit of a researcher needs to avoid easy solutions, but because it floods the job and see how our hero blows polcherepa. Well, now, and the first claim against the developers can be formulated: the killing is not intimidated and fascinated - sadistic scenes made concentrated I guess. The death of any of the characters - a movie with a lame-through directing and directly portrayed blatantly unreal splashes of blood. However, in what we do not just see that almost every death from traps "designer" - no more than an unfortunate episode, accompanied not the best animation, horror is not caused broken bones or crush the head by a bullet, and poor visualization.

And as a whole schedule Saw: The Video Game is very mediocre.And despite the fact that in the hands of developers was a very decent engine! Of course Silent Hill: Homecoming (namely, it is most like Saw) also did not call a stunningly beautiful, but at least there was a great animation, which is often smoothed many rough and reconciled with the majority of flaws. Here, there and that. Nevertheless, for all foreign clumsy, "Saw" is really interesting, do not hold for many hours: I'd like to keep track of the plot, and save to meet new people, get used to the proposed role.

Save the game other than the puzzle, of which the developers head and share big set, interesting dialogue and a surprisingly fascinating story. Of course, if you have not seen a single film release, and in particular the first and second part (The game is just between them), then a meeting with the first has got the girl-heroin addict about anything you can say. But the real fans saga saw Amanda come to the indescribable delight.

Saw: The Video Game Saw: The Video Game
During the game our ward to get some dastardly stab in the back. After this attack, he usually wakes up in the middle of the next toilet with another death trap on the body. Here's what one of many puzzles. Pleased that many of the puzzles is very difficult in the decision and is not repeated. And by the way! often on their decision to play very little time.
Perhaps the best thing here is - this is masterfully recreated the atmosphere. Indispensable audio, tips, televisions with screens that sound monologues Jigsaw, a dark abandoned hospital, equipped with "Designer" for his game - all these little things that make up a surprisingly accurate and reliable picture of the world "Saw." And when the hero locked in a room, include a timer - "Hurry, guess the mystery or die" - and indeed feel uneasy, suddenly panic, and inevitably begin to understand the main characters - himself, albeit virtually, being in their situation . Puzzles in this often very logical, and clear: all you need to do to survive is to take himself in hand, to try to sensibly and calmly ponder the situation. Unfortunately, this kind of puzzle it is not limited. Here, an abundance of unpretentious puzzles other plan - to open the lock, "" plug electrical control, etc. By the middle of these endless fil0lery begin to seriously bother, really hurt them a lot. In principle, some interesting puzzles, but when they decide to have the thirtieth time, breaks any patience.

Saw: The Video Game
As the game progresses, David is not one day find a cartridge from a shotgun and pieces of wire. And they are not useful for weapons, and for the traps.
Well, yes it is a trifle. And that's what developers need to bring an anathema because it is a combat system! It is just terrible, miserable and generally has no right to exist. Frankly, it is unclear why the game in the film "Saw" had to build a fight! Maybe that she has not turned into a bloody version of Myst? Well, it happened something even worse. Yes, now the hospital run weird psychos with bear traps on their heads and try to kill the hapless detective.He, in turn, can beat the violent insane fists, peel them bat, poke a scalpel or occasionally, rarely, rarely, even shooting at them with a pistol. The catch is that accrue will be mainly to David, because while he only brandishing a bat or reaches for a scalpel to the enemy, aggressive madman always manages to weigh a couple of resounding blows - and so could easily continue for as long as our ward dies. Terribly annoying inevitable scheme: "brandished - get on Mordasov (and even ahead of) and tried to answer - get more time!". In general, the better to escape from enemies, shutting the door in front of them on the bolts and charging per minute ago neutralized traps. Even so, no, no and yes narveshsya in big trouble: some quick mental suddenly contrive, zazhmet the wall and will give the "Infinite" on the left.

Finally, we can say that at least for the sake of the plot, two very interesting ending, the atmosphere, which the authors, despite everything, managed to convey in all its glory, and different puzzles in the "Saw" is worth playing. But it is better to accept the fact that long hours have literally can not stand most modern graphics and terrible animation, fire fighting system and the developers themselves, who in an evil hour came the idea of fighting with the loonies.

Saw: The Video Game Zombie Studios
Staff development company will not name young team, because the previous name studios Zombie Inc. and it exists already since 1995. Although why Konami chose it for this team, is unclear. The only even a little-known projects - three of the series Spec Ops and a very successful first-person shooter Shadow Ops: Red Mercury. It is unclear to what fans of action suddenly took up a thriller and released the game in which the most important - the puzzle, but oh well, the more puzzles were great fun. However, a team with such a record should once again give a scolding for the hideous combat system. We hope that the second part, on which work is about to begin, trusting it's still more famous masters, such as someone from the creators of the latest game series Silent Hill.