Number of offroad-racing to the end of the year promises to grow in times: the publisher of the publisher announced all new projects, but it looks like the queen of off-road is already known. Her Majesty Pure!

A cursory acquaintance surprising, as with the first attempts to obscure the developer can issue such an unconditional hit? But looking closer to the Black Rock Studio attentively, suddenly discover old friends. Bah! Yes this is Climax, was responsible for MotoGP series and create a superb ATV Offroad Fury 4. Well now, everything is clear, they long ago stuffed his hand on motorcycle racing and going under the wing of Disney, with all the passion began to build his best game.

Notice how realistic the dirt falls on your clothes and ATV parts. Perhaps the most stunning views in the game! Well, after such a feast for the eyes do not fall in love with this unexpectedly beautiful Pure?

Many skeptical attitude to the development of a racing game, dedicated just ATVs, they say, even the MX vs ATV series has long grown out of these conventions, and now offers us and buggy, and Bigfoot, and even airplanes - not to mention the upcoming Motorstorm: Pacific Rift. But we're just happy that the ideologists of Black Rock Studio have gone on about fashion and have focused on only one class of vehicles. ATVs are not just made with love - they are the protagonists, the main fetish of the game. The joy of building their own four-wheeled friend is comparable only with the purchase of cars in Gran Turismo, but instead of five hundred finished vehicles Pure greets us with dozens of different "parts" for our pet. Yes, the play rejects the pre-designed ready-made model, and it might upset some fans ATV. But, you know, the lack of iconic Yamaha YFZ450 compensated with the opportunity to build from scratch his own unique quad of the real-life details. After all, is not something that licensed suspension or tires - are even the handles on the steering wheel you can put the real thing, from those that actually sold in stores known brands, such as from the beloved company Scott. It is unfortunate that, without the famous names submitted by motors, and can compare engines from Rotax and Yamaha we have not. But there was a place in the game and suspension from Fox Racing, and mufflers from Yoshimura, and handlebars from Renthal, and dozens of other "parts", where everything is so realistic and detailed that even the tread on different tires look the same as in real life. But I think you already understand: talking about creating ATVs in Pure can be forever, and this process is better to see once than a hundred times to read about it, so gently get to the - to the gameplay.

So you have collected its first military vehicle, choose one of six characters and rushed to conquer off-road. Well, for a successful debut should understand the basics of the game mechanics, which, fortunately, not so difficult.Importantly, what to learn, it is right to jump on trampolines and slides so competently manage stunts and acceleration. Jumps are carried out about as well as in the series MX vs ATV: a springboard to wring the left analog down and rovnehonko on top of it - up. The faster and more accurately you perform this operation, the higher will be able to jump out.

Pure Multiplayer
Besides the possibility of knock with sixteen competitors on the track in single player mode, Pure provides an opportunity to prove their superiority in multiplayer. But the most amazing thing is that online copes with the joint arrival of the same sixteen persons. But the more people living on the road, the merrier, especially when the lag though and there: the race proceeds smoothly and without delay.

Detailing the pilot and the ATV is so mesmerizing that zasmotrevshis reflection in the glasses, you can accidentally screw up the implementation of a trick. Externally, the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 do not differ practically nothing. Perhaps the picture on the Xbox 360 a little clearer, but no more.

However, the main finding of Pure - the dependence of the nitro-acceleration of the execution of tricks. Immediately after the start you are only the most basic techniques with the "basic" button (A - in the Xbox 360 version, the "cross" - on the PlayStation 3), but after the successful execution of some of their number you finally fill in the required strip of the bottom-right and open access to more complicated tricks with button B («circle"). Even after some time it comes up and button Y («Triangle") and you will be able to perform the most beautiful somersault with two sandwiched Shift. What is all this so special? Very simple: strip, filled with performing tricks, and also serves as an indicator of available acceleration, which is activated by pressing the X («Square"), and devours the contents of the scale with great speed. And yet the more complicated the trick, the longer it runs, but also adds to the acceleration times more. Sounds simple, but it was such a feint to a simple Black Rock Studio and owes its small revolution in the genre. Henceforth tricks - it's not just a nice addition to the game, the way shikanut to rivals and earn points, but an integral part of gameplay and a direct path to victory on the road, and in any game mode. With all these intelligence arsenal necessary to use always, and especially in the Sprint-races, as they are carried out on very short routes and more frequent, with only one small stepping stone somewhere in the middle. This is where you begin to think tactically, they say, do-ka i three laps in a row tricks of the first stage, the fourth - the second and the fifth all the accumulated acceleration using to the fullest. Or is it better after each dive to accelerate the minimum means available to catch up in front? The whole system is very similar to good old Burnout - the one where the route has been closed and the cars at its forbidden band crash. But in Pure, instead of riding on an opposite and bodaniya with competitors, we do the tricks.


Species there are only three races: the already mentioned Sprint, as well as Race and Freestyle. In the first two modes of winning the one who comes to the finish line first, but the difference is that the Sprint-road acceleration is very short and there is almost nowhere to score in the normal mode, the same race track is huge - with lots of forks and a ton of various jumps. And the farther you go through the game, the harder and more interesting to get routes. By the end of the number of forks on them is growing so much that often do not understand how it is you suddenly overtaken by a rival at the next corner jumped out of nowhere, and then do falling into your head. On the one hand, it requires a thorough study of all the local maps, on the other - virtually every race you can open something new and thus supports a long interest in the game. The last game mode - Freestyle - is already familiar in other trick-racing game competition for points. There does not matter how fast you are going and how far detached nearest rival, the main task - to make as much as possible tricks and (most importantly!) Possible to link them into a single combo. And it is possible not only for one flight to make two or three tricks and get a multiplication of all points on the matching phone number combo, is allowed to continue and even after landing a bunch! Appears on the screen showing how many seconds ligament is interrupted, and if you managed to jump out again, the combo continues. So here, too important to correctly use nitro: often more important to spend it on acceleration, so as not to interrupt the string of victories, than to hold it to tighten a little more complicated trick on the next hill.

Pure Difficulties of globalization
Many people probably noticed that the debut of Pure place not only on the next-generation consoles, but on the PC. So, if the Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3, it suffices to insert the disc and enjoy the stunning graphics, then personalkami not so simple. At the minimum (!) Requirements recorded not only gigabytes (!) Of RAM, but video card with Pixel Shader third generation. However, everyone who wants to evaluate this game in all its glory, it seems, had long acquired the newest pieces of iron for your computer.If not, well, maybe the time has come?

At the start of the race is always created merry throng in the first turn, although the benefit of the collision and worked perfectly well for most of the participants are no consequences. In the absence of repetition see your dirty ATV on all sides and at the same time admire the driver can only rotate the camera manually using the right analog.

Single mode is the usual string of championships. It begins, as expected, with the most simple, to let ATVs with weak engines, more you gain points for wins and open more and more complicated stages. Alas, Pure no plot, no podiums, nor even any screensavers. Instead there are characters with a little background and interesting appearance. Particularly pleased that the track they do not behave like robots - in every way gesticulate a passing riders, rejoice good tricks, the player warmed up by various cries and really adds to the game of life. It is a pity that the customization of characters ending in choice of colors and the helmet of one of three ready-made suits for everyone. Hopefully in the next part will be purchased and protected, and hats, and clothing items themselves.

Graphically, Pure nearly flawless: not just good, but really one of the most amazing looking games for the whole last year! Detailing ATV breathtaking. Drivers can, and deprived of some polygons, but great texture and nice touches such as reliable flap clothing and stick to everything realistic dirt and prevent any attempt to think about the landfills and shaders - you just want to enjoy the picture. Pure - a game in which the only measure: a measure of blur to the extent of negative after-affects, in a measure the sun breaks through the crown, to the extent of dirt flying out from under the wheels, and even traces of protectors. What kind of trees, but some view distance, when used to jump out with the biggest jump on the highway and you suddenly think you've seen far down the right half of the country. Just look at the screenshots, but you know in the dynamics of the race looks much better! The only thing, perhaps, I would like to find fault, it's the animation. No, no, all the tricks look divine, especially the fantastic Specials, which in real life, of course, fails to make any one person - in the game, they look impressive and, most importantly, realistic. But the joy of our character after the victory in the race not that clumsy, and sometimes simply awesome, especially if he suddenly decides to retire from her vehicle. Well, of course, Comrade developers? Where was your miracle program morpheme, specifically designed to simulate realistic animation? At this stage, it seemed to take on and off. And yet ... Now you have something to work on a sequel. A sequel, we need necessarily, because in the current Pure, sadly, is not even repeat - and so want to see the crazy bunch of tricks of his own composition through the eyes of the viewer, from the!

It is a pity that the grass under the wheels of technology in the race is still not trampled.But, hopefully, the technology developers erected to the output of the second part. And already the most spectacular stunts seem altogether incredible because they can only be done after a very high jump: there something down, and opened the most spectacular views.

Well, summing up, we must admit: Pure - not just a good game, it's a real hit. Maybe not so revolutionary, however represent the first Burnout and the first Tony Hawk, but certainly the most significant and noticeable offroad-racing in recent years. It is interesting and fun to play with everyone - even the most distant from the racing and ATV-competition people. While it has enough depth for serious players who will thoroughly examine the route and create separate setups for various ATV races. Yes, there are minor issues, but they are insignificant in comparison with the beauty and entertainment of the game, and certainly does not outweigh the fact an enormous amount of pleasure that she can give.

Pure Soundtrack
As you would expect any extreme-sports game, Pure is equipped with an excellent "militant" soundtrack. And there is an alternative, and electronics. From celebrities in the presence of guitarist Jeff Beck, gained popularity guys from Wolfmother, one of the most progressive D & B-projects in the world of Pendulum, well, others are more or less known groups.