Attack on Pearl Harbor

All the same Pacific Ocean, World War II once again, no, we are quite prepared to stay here forever. Despite its name, making the emphasis on Pearl Harbor, we have to go through the whole war, not only for the U.S., but also for Japan.

Attack on Pearl Harbor
Dark night, full moon. Now spill someone's blood!
The player tries on a colorful peel chelovekopauka, saving all on this side and destroy all of that. "Oh, - hear the voice in your head manager - our whole fleet went to the bottom, mission failed!" (I wonder who could be here to talk to us?) But Spider-Man do not give up, and we alone drown a couple of enemy aircraft carriers, gang destroyers, firing simultaneously from prying enemy fighters. Finally, the ocean clear of enemy presence and otherworldly manager happily reports: "Excellent!" Mission Accomplished! "After that game immediately throws out a menu that has come in handy, because our entire fleet is still resting on the bottom and sit deck aircraft in mid-ocean Strongly nowhere. And there is no need - in the game do not fit as such, and take off automatically, simply pop proud palm of a space.

Game mechanics almost perfect. We are an all-metal petrels rush about among the dozens of planes, gunfire, noise, noise, sheaves of flame from all the trunks, thick black smoke from the fallen cars, overly bright gasoline fire after rushing to the ground plane. Button shooting clamped once and for all, we are in continuous dance. Retin-A burnt.

It is very difficult to describe in words what makes the game interesting. No less difficult to explain why the game mechanics a recent high-budget Secret Weapons Over Mormandy from Lucas Arts, and not worth a damn, but this inexpensive toy, which the press seems to be and should not draw attention, is five minutes to perfect aviashuterom.

Attack on Pearl HarborAttack on Pearl Harbor
During the battle, we are often flying through thick smoke and even fire. Cheers in spades! Our plane is surprisingly strong - it can withstand dozens if not hundreds, of enemy hits.
Realistic sent, sorry to the furnace. The fact that under our wings had grown a new torpedo was dropped in return, takes about ten seconds. Pushkopulemety enjoy infinite ammunition. The flight models of different planes if and differ from each other, not so much that it was noticeable. Although some decency still observed. For example, here is the very first fatal collision with the earth or water surface. But with other aircraft can collide without much impact. Playability uber alles.

The game has only one major problem that prevents her from getting very very chocolate final grade - too simple-minded design missions. In this game, each flight must show a miniature story with its own story: eyeballs, development and climax.It also happens to be extremely unsophisticated, we immediately falls out is fighting in the crowd and begin to bring it order. Maximum vnutrimissionnogo diversity - it's a couple of waves of enemy.

Attack on Pearl Harbor Occam's Razor
Attack on Pearl Harbor
All irrelevant to the gameplay unfaltering hand cut off in order to save. Mezhmissionnye videos replaced komiksopodobnymi screensavers, and even those only a rough minimum - one at the beginning of the campaign and after its completion. Similarly disposed of and the need to voice radio communications: everything is a replica totally illegible and aurally similar to mutter droid from Star Wars. " Read the subtitles. Most amazing of all, that all this is not a negative game, but on the contrary, it is consistent with the general atmosphere.