Beijing 2008

Beijing 2008
In archery sights not just walk freely around the target, and likely applies to the wind.
The Olympics - a huge event, from which it is pumped out money all and sundry. Publishers of video games, as usual, not laziness. In high season you can sell any box that reads "Beijing 2008" and no one cares if there is anything inside. The main thing - the five Olympic rings on the cover.

Hard to understand how this situation came out of the Beijing 2008 a decent game. Please understand it correctly: it can be a decent name but by the standards of sports mini-games. Here, excellent animation and imputed graphics, a wide range of competitions and even an interesting story campaign. Raspberries, as always, the spoils mechanics "shaking his arm, until your fingers fall off, which carries only the first couple of hours. Then his fingers still fall off, and drive with the game goes to the far shelf. Do nothing: the developers still could not figure out how on the Xbox 360 controller and PS3 to recreate a huge stress of athletes in the most important days of their lives. A game about making the Olympics as a must.

Beijing 2008Beijing 2008
Watch the game in the Beijing 2008 is even more interesting than sitting with a controller in his hands. Even have time to see everything. Do not forget the cardinal rule of sports games: do not stare at the silhouettes of the stands.
Imagine that you have got thick gloves, and can still play in the Beijing 2008 without shooting pains in his hands. Now, before you open up good prospects. The game is almost forty species of Olympic sports - from running and swimming to tennis and archery. Of course, some of them are worthless. Take, for example, judo. It does not explain the control. Instruction offers literally reap all the buttons. " Improvise, and maybe something happens. Or look at the race. If a hundred meters further, you can rotate the handle and do not writhe in pain, then at a distance of four hundred meters of the task seems perverse form of torture. You can, however, play on some buttons, but it will be much more difficult.

Sometimes the mechanics are similar to better use. So, in a contest in swimming you have to rotate the two knobs in different directions, while the javelin right to pick up speed and left to set the angle of roll - it is quite interesting and moderately complex systems. By the way, the difficulty here is clearly too high, and get on top of the online ratings not everyone can.

Meet and match with the original control. The most ingenious out gymnastics. You follow the movements of the athlete and, when under his feet, an icon appears, pressing the appropriate button. Such mechanics relates what is happening on the screen with your actions, and because the movement of athletes seem particularly natural.

Beijing 2008Beijing 2008
This, of course, not MGS4, but the scene here, too, eat a lot longer than the gameplay. Sportswoman touched the red stripes - the player presses the button corresponding color.

And running laziness, and requests the heart of adventure

Animation in the Beijing 2008 first-class. Of course, to achieve such a result, developers have been easy - you can not directly control the athletes and all their movements are recorded in advance. But worse, they do not get from this. Look at the athletes and the spirit of the Olympics can not only during the mini-contest, but before and even after them. An athlete goes, stretches and writhes a serious face. When he glances sidelong at the projectile, the tension is felt even in his oak face - so good animation. Ends with a mini-game, and we again follow the athlete. Here he takes a step to the side and waving to the audience, or, if you were not important, leaves, drooping head. Immediately we are shown a short replay with commentary. All this makes the game very much like a TV view, and great graphics with success keeps the illusion.

Unfortunately, these athletes are not seen - the choice is available only a few dozen pre-created characters. The same person glimpses in the shooting competition, and on the treadmill, and for table tennis. It would seem a trifle, and spoils the impression.

Scene mode for a set of mini-games worked out surprisingly well. You gather your team and walk with her through all the days of the Olympics. At each placed a specific task - for example, obtained after four competitions two medals. If the condition is not met you, it is necessary to begin the day at first, because restarting the individual races in this mode, do not give. In addition, for every victory the team get points. On them you can pump characteristics: agility, speed, strength, and so on. All mini-games are open from the beginning, and the passage does nothing but satisfaction. But given the fact that online rather nevnyaten, this mode is most interesting.

Beijing 2008Beijing 2008
Online games can arrange, but lags and the need for a long time to wait for their turn to fight off a last wish to compete with strangers over the network. Much more convenient to just give a second controller to a friend and play on one console.

Disadvantages Beijing 2008 - simultaneously and disadvantages of the genre. Management tedious and complicated, hands on him instantly tired. But, unfortunately, nothing is better for sports mini-games on the Xbox 360 and PS3 so far and not invented.

Beijing 2008 Summer Olympics
Summer Olympics held every four years, so the official game it has managed to get a little - only five pieces. Arrange a short excursion into history.

  • Barcelona 1992 - came out on consoles, 3rd and 4 th generation (8 - and 16-bit). Includes 7 types of contests.
  • Atlanta 1996 - came out on consoles the 4 th generation (16-bit). Includes 10 types of contests.
  • Sydney 2000 - came out on consoles, the 5 th and 6 th generation (PlayStation, Dreamcast). Includes 12 types of contests.
  • Athens 2004 - came out on consoles, 6-th generation (Playstation 2). Includes 25 types of contests.
  • Beijing 2008 - came out on consoles 7 th generation (Playstation 3, Xbox 360). Includes 36 types of contests.
Beijing 2008Beijing 2008