Glory of Heracles

Glory of Heracles
Erase the memory of the hero - is not a convenient way to justify why a soldier now in their prime have to re-learn the basics of conducting battles, and learn simple spells? One minus - very much like taking pall even those who are familiar with the Japanese RPG is very superficial.

Advertisement Glory of Heracles found his way out of this situation: to bring the situation to the point of absurdity. For example, to explain the amnesia of the famous Hercules, the poor fellow in the very beginning of the game not only forced swallow of seawater, but also a double-take off a cliff. And that famous warrior did not feel deprived, to his companions quickly stuffed the same "lucky", having lost memories. And anyway, who said that Hercules must be one? It would be nice just to figure out which one is real!

Cliche characters pursue with persistence of the ancient Greek Furies: they try joking with me ("You've got and the tower is? Not otherwise captured by Princess Comes!"), Do not give yourself to (I think the whole team sees that brisk lad taldychaschy about the inevitability destiny - dressed girl) and break the pattern (easy to listen to the goddess, who spoke in riddles - negeroyskoe matter!). Sometimes the endless comic grimaces appear strained (especially when one becomes convinced that the characters sketched in just a few traits in themselves rather stereotyped), and sometimes it becomes really funny. True, not very clear why it took all stir-known myths. If it was not mention of Zeus and Poseidon, forced marches to Sparta and Athens, familiarity with Achilles and, in fact, the presence of Hercules, the story could well become a tale about the adventures of a brave man fantasy in a fantasy world where everyone is charged with the fantasy gods.

Glory of HeraclesGlory of Heracles
Moreover, having parted with the ancient Greek luggage, Glory of Heracles only would have won. Looking at similar to each other as two drops of water the city, behold monotonous dungeons, and so it pulls exclaim - where the famous Mediterranean landscapes? Where the riot of colors, where beautiful views of coast where appropriately sinister lair of monsters? Alas, the scenery concede even the landscape in the very early RPG, which served as the source of all stamps. There is one forest, one church, one village and a maze. They are duplicated and thus ensured the lion's share of all Hellas.

In this study of peace and battles are furnished with an extremely affordable, with the exception of the traditional RPG quests and traps like "until you talk to the appropriate NPC, a detachment may want to mark as a future site of a rendezvous, and nothing happens." Responsible for the management of the stylus: to open a chest or door, and start a conversation with a citizen, just click on them. In combat, the layout and the interesting. Battles are conducted Round Based Channel, assign teams are invited with a special menu at the bottom of the touch screen.It is necessary to choose any order, as it is given the key "A" to facilitate future repetitions.

Intricate battles are no different: more time spent on the animation and spell spetsudarov than on thinking through the strategy. The developers tried to diversify the combat system, providing for restrictions on the number used in a round spells. Like, for every need not only points of magic, but the energy of one of the five elements (the source of the garrison and anti-total), which is wont to end, and for exceeding the limit magician punished, selecting glasses health. But then he found relief: a magic power over time is restored, so that strongly reflect on the use of resources is not necessary. Is that the enemies manage to put a couple of times a pair of unnecessary injuries, so the battle drags on for an extra round. Nod to the unique capabilities of DS - each custom method (either fireball or obsharivanie pockets opponent) is accompanied by a mini-game. A typical assignment: time to get moving on a circle, when it overlaps another circle. Fortunately, when the tests are bored, you can select "auto" and forget about them. But the main and perhaps the most interesting finding in the strategic plan - to restore the magic glasses, causing damage to foe in addition limit, which he is able to withstand. One is forced to wonder whether to give the course of the strongest soldier, or to hope that the flimsy magician able to ask a thorough bashing monsters and get the desired bonus.

Glory of HeraclesGlory of Heracles
Enemies for the most part perish easily and naturally, without requiring the unit to spend hours pumping. Even the bosses are not as airtight as, say, the first major boss in Tales of Vesperia. Another thing is that the random encounters on their own - if you remember how many of them refused RPG! - Are able to bore less bitter radish, and the Glory of Heracles enough yet imposed battles. What are threefold voyages with compulsory killing of tens of other monsters along the way and re-encounter with a few, have already defeated earlier bosses!

In general, the brainchild of Paon leaves mixed impressions: on the one hand, here are quite accessible and understandable, and grimaces heroes somehow help not to throw the passage in the middle. On the other, the fun of playing your own templates face was remarkably elusive and faint: kind and fun to spend an hour or two, stripping ordinary Athenian dungeon, but as there is an alternative to the Glory of Heracles you leave without further regrets - they say, and so the last half hour for the most part had to press the button "Auto".

Glory of Heracles Particularities of the local hunting
Avtorazdacha orders in the Glory of Heracles does not lead to the same disastrous consequences, such as in issues of the series Megami Tensei. On the contrary, the characters magically figures out how to spell the most vulnerable opponents, and the whole fight is worthy of (the scenario of combat behavior can be corrected for each soldier in the special menu). But without the disadvantages can not do. For example, a character in the arsenal is the correct spell disaster, but to the mass defeat the enemy. And no, AI will not behave economically, would not prefer to use melee weapons, allowing the magic neighbor with the correct spells. He, of course, lowered the abyss of magic glasses to distinguish himself.

Separate occasion to wonder - how skills are distributed among party members. To get new skills, the team must make a pilgrimage to the statue of any God, pray, and then pumped in ordinary battles to the correct (usually the next) level. It was then that the list of special tricks and replenished. But it is implicit magician can never give all the spells the impact of defeat, and a powerful fighter - to bestow the most powerful healing spell. A way to somehow correct the situation: find (or in the trunk, either by experiments in the smithy) uniforms or weapons, which included attending the coveted skill. But alas, the chance to enjoy the choice is usually given too late. Who wants to improve a weak sword, or I have a good armor to the one that protects much worse?