Divinity 2: Blood of the Dragon

Divinity 2: Blood of the Dragon

As in the old fairy tale

In every detail, every dialogue, every corner of the interface shines developers love the old, proven methods. The plot of the extent of the epic, the graphics - a consequence of outdated but still popular engine, the music enchants the gameplay captures the deliberate negligence. Divinity 2 firmly holds periodically tortured, but at the same time happy, sometimes fun, and often makes a mockery of. Bitter smile. Because the first impression is the most faithful: "So no longer do."

Divinity 2: Blood of the DragonDivinity 2: Blood of the Dragon
Architecture - a huge plus in the treasury of Larian Studios, the local building is truly impressive, even the most experienced player. It is now called us wolves shameful, ugh, dogs, trash, and then penetrate into the brain and the whole baldness proest!

In essence, Divinity 2 - is the quintessence of the entire history of videogames. It is inconsistent, it throws you into hot and cold. Beautifully constructed dialogues, whose quality (despite some naive language) can be compared with the mainstream, alternate blatant hack like similar models. No, really, I'm a good part of the female population differently as Elsa did not mention - great modelers shalturili. I'd like to avoid comparisons, but in the case of the Divinity 2 is excluded. She came in one time with the «Dragon Age: Start", thereby signed his own death-list. However, if Dragon Age - the ideal form of role-playing game, the Divinity 2 - the perfect content: somewhere random, where a scripted, but in any case is so fascinating that, with surprising regularity every evening I find myself thinking: another half an hour - and sleep.

Divinity 2: Blood of the Dragon About Us
1996: In Belgium, based Larian Studios, and it is still the most advanced studio in the country.

1997: Leaves colorful real-time strategy LED Wars.

2002: After five years and three shifts a game concept goes Divine Divinity.

Constructor for adults

Larian Studios approach to the construction of gameplay impressed me more in Divine Divinity in its simplicity, but at the same time, non-triviality, and some depth. Useless skills - and this, remember, hardcore role-playing action - there is little, therefore, pass the game is realistic in any way. You can make a pure class, carefully zamazyvaya all its disadvantages gear and potions. You can ponabrat for one unit of each skill, and completely lost in the keyboard, trying to win a simple fight. Anyway, with a choice of Divinity 2, all in perfect order: as you want, and play.

Divinity 2: Blood of the DragonDivinity 2: Blood of the Dragon
All of these boxes, baskets, vases, barrels and other containers can be shot with a clear conscience. Any more effective than rummage individually. With TES4: Oblivion (as well as with Divine Divinity) game have in common a lot of small caves with treasures and secondary objectives.

Strains only one thing: the game is strictly dependent on the use of Necrosaur - Assistant to the protagonist. To get it, you need to pass the simple quest to collect various body parts of creatures you killed. Besides the visual differences in those same parts of the body have and tactical properties: for example, the head of a goblin-wizard allows you to shoot fireball, and the legs drakonita give more health than all the others. And annoying, actually, the fact that through the game without calling Necrosaur difficult, and all is good, but my only glitch he infection. Distract the attention of opponents hardly knows, sometimes there are difficulties in finding the way to goal, he does not have, and modes such as "protect" or "lance". But if he was "hung up" on an opponent, you may feel like a stone wall - the enemy is unlikely to pay attention to you, until you get the minion. In general, every minute something pops up unexpectedly. And not the fact that pleasant.

Somewhere near the middle of the game you get at your disposal tower of power. You will have personal necromancer, a blacksmith, gunsmith, and alchemist (their choice - a whole separate adventure). Back to you in the service received three courier, which you can send for different ingredients, as well as a musician by the name of Cyril cover and a certain girl, performing on the first request, a wild orgiastic dance. Well, or is it seems that dance is a wild and unbridled, because gamebryo - engine is a veteran of last generation, as with animators from Larian Studios, apparently tugovat.

Divinity 2: Blood of the DragonDivinity 2: Blood of the Dragon
About the translation Battle Tower as a "tower of strength" any claims. Indeed, as seen and written. Number of books, perhaps no less than The Elder Scrolls 4: Oblivion. And in general played in many like her.

That's the stuff

Plot of the game - pure, unrefined romance. There is clearly signified evil is clearly set was good and there is ... all the rest.With each new episode of something in the film world is changing, something to the contrary, more adopted. There is no explicit unexpected moves and precious piano in the bushes. By and large, the storyline Divinity 2 - is a little translation into a new way to tune the first part of the eternal question of "why me again?" And "but from a lock, this key?". The only major difference - less freedom. Rails clearly signified: from point A to point B follow, deal with the character C on the performance of tasks in the magazine changed the name of items and characters. In fairness it should be noted that the narrative rails are not too stringent: with the exception of certain segments can be arbitrarily varied his adventures in a small but quite comfortable "sandbox". When I filled in the column "genre", I was drawn to write: "slasher with research." By the way, the invisible walls of the first part with us again.

Divinity 2: Blood of the DragonDivinity 2: Blood of the Dragon
Parallel worlds - an integral part of the universe, Divine Divinity. Elsa time, two Elsa ... On average, every second - Elsa.

Do you remember the Divine Divinity? The main story was a necessary evil rather than the core game. Side jobs, wonderful meeting, demolishing the roof of the dialogues and NPCs, combining audacity and spontaneity in one person - that's what made Divine Divinity of the cult RPG. The speaker is well aware of desires? Well, the one that money can fulfill any desire. So, here it bratelnik showed up. I threw him 1000 gold, so he laughed: «Oh yes, that's the stuff!» - And the level presented. Even in the course of the story occurs Zandalor - is the old man, who on behalf of the people represented the Council races. He still has to live for the sake of saving the world from all evil. On this, perhaps, the major intersection with Divine Divinity ends - and begins the same game, only funnier and more relevant. Dragon Slayer (go to the stump with his "hunters" miracle localizers) Talana, settling in the mind of the protagonist, does not hesitate to let spiteful jokes on each more or less important occasion. The special charm of the gameplay adds the ability to "read thoughts" - it can lead to both gold and diamonds, as well as to new assignments. The only "but": any mind-reading is spending some amount of experience points, and the inveterate munchkin, shaking over every penny of experience, this approach is unlikely for the soul.

Divinity 2: Blood of the Dragon Arise, my pet
Divinity 2: Blood of the Dragon
Snowball company known for its location - it's not so much a direct translation as adaptation of the text under the rules and traditions of the Russian language.Entering into a brief correspondence with the editor of localization, I found that the slayer is translated as "Dragon Hunter" rather than "Dragon Slayer" for the reason that the concept of slayer has a noble connotation than "murderer", that "ardent knights" - this is from the official translation of the first game, and the entire glossary was with him, agreed. Not everyone is pleased with such an approach is, the more so in the localization of common violations and candid neologisms.

A striking example of (a description of high-performance "dexterity"): "There is such a blow from which you could not dodge. Assassins' Guild floods your mailbox with spam offers of work. " Or how you this: in the dialogue the main character calls the character "dead end"? Localizers do not hesitate to add a gag where the original is simply boring: one character refers to people dialogues Rivellon "lariane ... oh, Rivellon. Oh, and the hit of the season - a ritual call Necrosaur accompanied by the phrase: "Wake up, buddy!» («Arise, my pet!» In original). Not localized, but the real American race: a high calm Philology, then homework tenth. To its credit, translators, have promised in the near patch to fix it (the idea, he should be released). A spring will fully voiced version of a yet unknown bonuses. And now it seems to me, my friend, that you'd better wait until spring.

Belgian Waffles

It is time to properly swear. Terrible random number generator is capable of in one single trunk to give anything - from a useless pebble to a rare subject with the name of, quote, "a convenient easy Shortbow hermit destruction" - it's not even evil, it's somewhere beyond understanding . And cheat generator - how not to FIG done enough to stand in the chest and has consistently pressed the right mouse button, Escape and F8 until until between the RMB and the Escape does not appear acceptable subject matter. About Artificial Intelligence Necrosaur mentioned. What else? Loosening of the game from simple to complex and vice versa mistake not to think: if the monsters for a couple of levels higher than the first hard, then later, with an increase in the level and selection of items, pack the crowd is becoming easier and easier. Until you open the next area with new, more powerful monsters ...

Divinity 2: Blood of the DragonDivinity 2: Blood of the Dragon
To hell with him, with the old engine. Nice right? Dye-and-and-Ivo! Brutal dragon boggling ghosts in their own house, - Larian Studios in their repertoire!

If our magazine called "On the waves of my memory," and all was from the "Retro", the game would have received well-deserved nine points, because it exactly as made classic RPG in the mid 90's. But now we have a little end of zero, so the score actualized by modernity. And do not even exaggerated!