Might & Magic: Clash of Heroes

Might & Magic: Clash of Heroes
When Ubisoft just announced the Clash of Heroes, the screenshots can be assumed that we are prepared retelling Puzzle Quest in the entourage of Might & Magic. But ten minutes is enough familiarity with the game to realize how unique and different from the nabivshuyu nauseam Bejeweled these parts combat system.

Two screens can be very useful: the bottom are contributing player on the top - the enemy. The field is divided into eight columns, each of which can be six soldiers. Units differ in color, and if to build three identical creatures in a vertical row, they will be squaring off and begin to prepare for an attack, and if you add up horizontally - will turn into a wall, protecting against enemy assaults. Aimed at attacking team spends a few moves in the preparation, gathering strength, and then rushes on screen opponent, causing damage to anything that will meet on the road. And if he would get the forces to break through all the other people's units, he still gets up to the hero, whose death marks the end of the battle.

In addition to simple units, occupying one cell field is still required two cells elite and tetrachoric "champions reside freely as much as two columns. Because the fold of such giants together is not possible for them to throw out conventional fighters of the same color. The result, however, justify all the difficulties: the elite usually has some nice features (eg, treatment of the hero or the ability to safely fly over a number of enemy walls), as champions, preparing his attack for six or seven strokes, beating much stronger than ordinary soldiers.

Might & Magic: Clash of HeroesMight & Magic: Clash of Heroes
Movement on the location comes only from one point to another - is no freedom. Fans of the fifth "Heroes" will find in the Clash of Heroes familiar faces.
Also, each character has a unique ability: one, for example, can make your walls turn into a fireball, burning the enemy army, the other the strength to sacrifice all of idly standing units to fill the power of the spell. To activate special moves to complete the appropriate scale - their attacks or strange (and, ironically, the greatest gain line gets exactly when your hero is Done).

Fighting in the Clash of Heroes walkthroughs, and each move can be made ​​exactly three steps (use of special moves does not count). Space here, however, is not enough: or call units in the field of stock, or transfer them from one place to another, or even delete, so it remains to add in the required combination. For each unit formed in this way relies extra turn. There is a battle system and nuances, but we will not confuse you - the foundations laid down more than enough to make an impression on the Clash of Heroes and see how it is unique.

Might & Magic: Clash of Heroes
Some battles begin in the winning conditions for the enemy.
Subject campaign introduces all five in the game races: elves, humans, undead, demons and sorcerers. Each - a characteristic set of units, significantly enliven the tactics of warfare.

In addition to participating in the battle, our heroes can walk on the beaten tracks, chat with other characters, gather resources, acquiring the units that perform the same type assignment form "that NPC is bad, kill him, and during all this pumped. Some of the fights - the puzzle in fact (they are called in the game): They need to find a way for one course to deal with the specific placement of enemy forces. In general, will not be bored.

But about the crucial aspect for the RPG, as the plot, in a positive way to say do not come out. Already on the catchy anime character design suggests what audience were aimed at the creators of Clash of Heroes. Utterly banal plot, the characters do not go beyond the heroic archetypes, pompous dialogues - everything as like teenagers. Alas, Clash of Heroes crosses the brink of bad taste.

However, no one alive, the plot a good game, right? Alas, not this time. In addition to the passage in the Clash of Heroes and nothing really to do: there is, of course, a multiplayer mode, but it is unbalanced, so much so that for him and the brother does not like. Judge for yourself: special elf Anven (shot) is accumulated easily, can be targeted in any column and takes 50 HP from hundreds of the enemy as possible. Two arrows - and the fight is guaranteed to win. While the other characters need to shreds tear to ensure that at least useful to their abilities.

For fans of the Might and Magic, however, the main disappointment is the very fact that it's not "Heroes." Compared with the beloved TV series in the nation boevki Clash of Heroes lacks depth, the characters - the characteristics and management of resources - scale.In Puzzle Quest created the genre of role-playing puzzle »Clash of Heroes proves to be excellent, but, probably, any person who is familiar with the line of Heroes of Might & Magic, there is a reasonable question: why Ubisoft did not port any of the ready-made games series on the same DS?

Might & Magic: Clash of Heroes Heroes of Might and Magic
After the bankruptcy of 3DO Ubisoft acquired in August 2003, the right to Might and Magic, but has released since then only three games: Heroes of Might and Magic V by Nival Interactive, Dark Messiah of Might and Magic by Arkane Studios and the current Might and Magic: Clash of Heroes of Capybara Games. This is the second console for Canadian studio, before that, she only managed to loudly declare his wrecked heap of awards playing Critter Crunch, first released on the iPhone, and then ported to the PlayStation Network. About the fact that in the future episode, Might and Magic is waiting for completion, there is no doubt: in videodnevnikah Developer Clash of Heroes on the game's producer T-shirts can be seen six "Heroes", whose development has long been an open secret and had already been confirmed by many sources close to Ubisoft . It is hoped that before the official announcement HoMM6 will not have much time, and that this time the creation of the game will be entrusted to no less competent developers.

Might & Magic: Clash of Heroes Might & Magic: Clash of Heroes
Battle with the bosses differ markedly from conventional battles. Here and the target is much less, and an algorithm for another. The correct choice of units before the battle - the key to victory. However, the flow is also important.