Empire Earth 3

Empire Earth 3
I understand that it is always easier to criticize than to praise, and break more easily than to build. The developers of Mad Doc tried, pored over the game, debug, balance and perform testing. In the diligence he can not refuse, but in the third part of the Empire Earth lacks the main thing - talent. And without any strategy turns into a set of missions and units.

Empire Earth series in recent years, rather successfully competed with Age of Empires. Not that the competition evolved in its favor, but a small army of fans at the draft yet appeared. Players liked the change of eras in the spirit of Civilization, a large number of units, good graphics and familiar gameplay with no surprises. Who prevented the developers move in the same direction, and further, it is not clear, but in the new part, they decided to simplify all that is possible, and the game completely shedding its charm.

Empire Earth 3Empire Earth 3
Tanks against swordsmen - a common thing for the Empire Earth 3. Getting from one province and grab the entire planet.

World Is Not Enough

It all starts well. Install, run and get into the beautifully decorated main menu. That's news to Empire Earth 3 has a global regime! Such we have seen more than once or twice, but that way - the entire globe ... Impressive. Soon discovered and the first unpleasant surprise. Instead of a dozen nations, are available in the last game of the series, offering a choice of only three countries nationalities. This Euro-American civilization, a Japanese-Chinese Oriental civilization, well, third - hodgepodge, based on representations of the developers about the Arab world.

Mode "global dominance", where you have to capture the entire planet, will not be a revelation. As with other strategies in recent years, we start on a small plot of land, and from there spread its influence on the rest of the world with fire and sword. Or kind word and a big bribe. The first option is preferable, because the surface at all diplomatic system discourages negotiation.

Capturing the province, we should determine what type of economy we will develop: military, scientific, commercial or imperial. You can train a bunch of soldiers, but do not forget that they must be fed. Is it possible in all regions to do research. In the second case there is a risk that visitors probably enemies and nada on the cap of our bespectacled analyst. So it is important to keep a balance, so that the army was fed and the state is strong. And it does not get stuck in the Stone Age. However, research into new technologies quite impressive. Advancing new era, there are fresh upgrades, changing the design of buildings, a set of units, but it somehow bleak and routine. The more that technology tree with many branches we can not provide. With a single line track not svernesh.

Empire Earth 3Empire Earth 3
The game is a building collapse strange. Part of the roof fall off in large pieces. Forest - an insurmountable obstacle to the trooper. And the sheep will not be able to kill it immortal.


The main action, as expected, developed on tactical maps. The beginning is always the same: build mines, barracks, stables, houses for their subjects, port, etc. Then prepare and send soldiers into enemy possession. Another tactic simply does not make sense. In Empire Earth 3 is easier to win a number, rather than skill - Ten Sword easily straightened with an armored personnel carrier. Side jobs are not save from boredom, they are all made on a "go there and kill everyone."

Most clearly seen in the "skirmish." If you do not immediately capture the adjacent land, then you can forget about a lot of technical points. And if you do not quickly move into the next era - expect a rendezvous to your spearmen will come to the enemy tanks.

Empire Earth 3
In each of the eras houses look different. In colonial - that's right.
But it is a "skirmish" to play a more or less interesting. In an hour you can go all the way from ancient times to the near future. The game adds to the dynamism units vary depending on the ages, there is some diversity. Asians in the army urged to giant spiders and mutants, the Arabs Mujahideen with grenade launchers, and the Europeans walking robots. And then begins a complete mess. The picture in the game and so pretty bright, but when the shooting starts from all kinds of futuristic weapons - to understand what is happening, almost unreal. And all this doomsday also slows down the computer. What can you do a bad optimization.

Artificial intelligence does not shine too. If the enemy trail to your database, you can be sure that the other way, he will not do. It makes great defense, but just kills the interest. Enough to put five defensive towers, and you can go to drink tea until the time comes to move into the next era.

It turns out that the game is ruining stereotyped. In Empire Earth 3 is almost no new ideas. And those that have, sums are not very good implementation. Even the map editor is unable to rectify the situation, multiplayer third part loses its predecessor. The sad fact, but the game failed.