Samurai Warriors 2

Someone related to the history of Japanese seem strange: not yet emerged of the Russian game, say, the Civil War years 1917-1922, which would be requested to fight on behalf of several "red" officers and "white" generals. And not just play the tactical battles, as in the image Chapaeva Kolchak or plunge into the thick of the fighting, a gun or sword paving the way through the enemy ranks, while the allies somehow keep the defense.

But it is a way to explore the past - is not always accurate, but entertaining - came to taste the developers of the Omega Force. First, nearly equal abilities acquired the ancient Chinese military leaders in the TV series Dynasty Warriors, then their talent alone to confront formidable armies inherited sons and daughters of the rising sun in the Samurai Warriors.

Samurai Warriors 2Samurai Warriors 2
Characters have forgotten how to equip anything other than weapons: useful items from the first Samurai Warriors replaced with skills that are mastered in the battlefield or ... in the store. Sometimes as a reward for defeating the enemy commander a hero not only gets more experience, but also new skills, influencing its performance.
Samurai Warriors 2 continues launched in the first part of the story of the unification of Japan. Choosing the hero determines whether to repeat the achievements of winners or pospobstvovat triumph clans, losers in reality. List of men lean not mention: as in the first part, the passage of story mode for any of the available initially generals rewarded with the advent of a new playable character, which, in turn, opens the way for other figures or additional battlefields.

Fighting science traditionally is to knock out one key to a continuous chain of weak reception, finishing or a combination of a strong blow, "tied" to another key. Distinguished warriors mainly due to personal settings and weapons. For example, the iron fan TESSY Mitsunari Isis small radius of destruction, but the enemies he chops almost lightning speed. A spear-gun Ieyasu Tokugawa shoots a little slower - not easy to cope with such heavy construction! The more experienced general, the abundant growing chain, but the combination is not so much torment and two buttons to quickly become boring, though each fighter in addition stashed two unique skill: from layouts minutes on the field before being called a whistle faithful steed. In addition, due to gradually accumulated energy Musou can slow down time: while competitors move at a snail's speed, they are highly vulnerable.

Samurai Warriors 2 Lessons of Survival
"Lessons of Survival" differ little from the plot and the free mode, except that the arena is limited: fight to the castle. During one session character must pass five levels, each of which is proposed to solve the problem of fighting - mostly to kill a certain number of enemies or enemy commanders.However, when and in story mode occasions revenge on rivals abound, dreary castle tours attract only one - for performing certain missions, you can open a secret character, moved from the first part - Ranmaru Mori.

Samurai Warriors 2Samurai Warriors 2
Learn to own various types of weapons is unworthy of this samurai! Yes and no to anything, because enemies are always carefully pripasut armament desired type of gift. Absolutely useless special skills no one hero, but still hit enemies by lightning are often much more convenient than the call to the aid of a detachment of soldiers indecisive.
Even with such a modest set of tricks battle would take place where exciting, if not desperate unwillingness to resist the enemy. Ordinary soldiers there, only to humbly join the list of victims, commanders readily "caught" on the combos, and much more only to attack whole crowd and occasionally fend off the blows in a fight one on one.

But even with these concessions do not always win the player. Scene modes and free rich variety of tasks: from those without them winning is impossible (such as Defence Headquarters or the protection of key figures) to optional (do not give the enemy raskoloshmatit siege ladders or escort squad shooters). By themselves they are not too complicated, but when the battle arena is large enough, it is necessary not just to rush from one end of the card in another, and calculate the shortest routes, and plan a hassle not to lose precious time. Immediately it appears that the allies (even those who shone among the playable characters) dream on the battlefield one thing - the hero to save them. Even the redoubtable Nobunaga Oda hits in a panic when one of the nameless soldiers can not knock him off his feet, and heart-rending reports "immediately to help the commander! Forces do not stay! "Tumbled hail. And when the blows of simple spearmen dies dodgy Hideyoshi Toyotomi, one begins to suspect that he succumbed to the enemy from harm or has long replaced the slob-double. But should they be close to aspiring to the boss, and they immediately strive to intervene in the battle to deny the legitimate player experience points.

Samurai Warriors 2 "Monopoly" in a samurai
Minigame Sugoroku resembles a simplified "Monopoly": the four members travel the lined cell at a map, defining the range of motion with the help of the dice, buy the abandoned land to augment income, and pay tribute, if you will be in other people's possessions. Goal - the first to accumulate a predetermined amount, confounded opponents. If the required number of players is not reached, control is transferred missing characters AI. Lotteries so slowly, and economic growth so much depends on luck, that of "monopoly" fever is not a trace left - just boredom and pozevyvanie pending move.

Samurai Warriors 2Samurai Warriors 2
Even if the mission failed, gained experience points and ability to persist and be useful in future battles.
Fight silently in Samurai Warriors 2 is not accepted. Compliments on duty among good friends - the usual thing, boasting over a defeated opponent - a debt of honor. For example, the wife of Hideyoshi, Nene, in response to the successes of her husband exclaimed: "Oh, dear, our children will be proud of you!" A good idea once again destroys the monotony: in stock all the characters more often than one or two sentences. Rare scripted scenes - unfortunately, a pleasant exception to the rule and not a familiar part of the situation.

Vivid characters rescue episode once again: the deliberate theatricality of their actions cast doubt on the historical veracity of what is happening, but does not interfere with empathy, to admire the courage and upset when decent people are killed or forced - in accordance with the precepts of the samurai - to commit suicide. But the outdated graphics and an acute shortage of diversity in the fighting techniques that the battles themselves, in contrast, is pulled to the bottom. To forgive the writers free paraphrase the events of the past years easily, but the lack of dramatic improvement has not gone Samurai Warriors 2 on benefit.

Samurai Warriors 2 Opinion Artem Shorokhova
As a longtime fan of Musou-series by Koei, can not interfere with the smooth course of the narrative in order to encourage short-brothers in arms do not hang up their noses. The harsh truth is that the new player, almost conscripts acquainted with the series already too late: he is too mired in the morass called for their "languishes in captivity once exciting, but irrevocably obsolete and bored schemes, is languishing in the stocks hundredfold lat ancient engine (the Xbox 360 version looks like the old standards to a miracle beautiful and fast, but it only reinforces the anger and resentment: "Again, all the old way - on such-iron!"). Nevertheless, for the notorious "their» Samurai Warriors 2, though, and reminds the hundredth time subordinate Zaporozhets, very interesting: this time the host is not lazy, and went over the car completely - dozens of small, unremarkable improvements do not conflict with each other, really improve gameplay and make the new slash epic from Koei is extremely attractive to its audience; that only there is a fundamental change of castle sieges. Last game series (coming Empires, as we know, the essence of "strategic" addition to a set of arenas) came ever assembled, debugged and convenient. Cross the fingers for the future of medieval Europe - Bladestorm: The Hundred Years' War created an entirely new engine and, according to a deliberately different from the Musou-game name, put up as something entirely new. And when will the song of the Hundred Years War, we will ask Koei to the full program.

Samurai Warriors 2Samurai Warriors 2