Bullet Witch

Bullet Witch
Evil alien invaders are now out of fashion - to replace them more often climbs Evil takes many forms. Peace and tranquility on Earth are threatened demons, vampires, living dead and the werewolves, hungry human flesh and world domination. Moreover, unlike the little green men, to deal with which can often only one squad of commandos, with ghouls to agree on human-usually does not work. Wedge have to knock out a wedge. Therefore, the demons are fighting demons-half like Dante, with vampires - Blood vampires (or their immediate family), and if suddenly there was not any of those others, will come down and the witch - like Alicia, the main character Bullet Witch.

Bullet WitchBullet Witch
Cars - not just an element of scenery, but also a dangerous weapon. If you know how to handle it. Fight with vozduhoplavayuschimi creeping through the unstable camera usually turns into suschuyu hassle.

Bright Future

Our planet in 2013 - a very uncomfortable place. The city in ruins, the soldiers of Hell clock harass civilians, government troops are powerless. So Alicia's services very useful, although the girl to turn special nowhere. Six main levels (in the future the developers promise to regularly produce a set of additional missions, of which in Japan there are already several pieces), small in size and frankly dull. True, densely populated by no means unsympathetic creatures, so that the total sweep area will require much effort.

By the way, please note: Bullet Witch can hardly be attributed to the number of light gaming on any of the presented levels of difficulty, except Easy. Enemies are stupid, but worth the number of feeble mind and enviable accuracy, while Alice herself can not boast of good health. In addition, the Bullet Witch death often occurs because of problems with the camera, or from ordinary (and therefore even more offensive) accidents. For example, the heroine falls discarded car bomb or fragment of a building ... Ridiculous? Undoubtedly. But if you please start with the nearest checkpoint.

Bullet WitchBullet Witch
Enemies sometimes long deliberate - to shoot Alicia or her well to the devil. Trying to take aim at the enemy on the run - not the best idea in the realities of Bullet Witch.

Handy tools

Arsenal witch can be divided into three parts. Part One - guns, which you probably will, and basically enjoy. Actually only one weapon - the so-called ganrod ("bullet wand"), looks like a hybrid of a broom and a sniper rifle.However, after simple manipulations, it can be used as a shotgun, and a machine gun.

The second part of the arsenal - all sorts of spells - from support (like a stone wall, behind which to hide) to the attackers. Spells are not many (9 pieces), but their effectiveness increases with time. Indispensable fly in the ointment: use magic is not very convenient, mainly because of the rather strange controls. The fact that you can not assign "hot" buttons for a spell, instead you need each time to press Shift and delve into the list of available enchantments.

Alicia's last hope in battle with the enemies - the weapon of the cold. Such is the handle (butt?) Ganrod. One-two blows enough to be finished with the rank and file opposed at first, and stronger monsters to beat a little longer. Sorry, other means for melee fights are not provided. But to destroy enemies, holding them at arm's length, it turns out not always.

Bullet WitchBullet Witch
Beautiful sunset ... but in the dynamics is easy to see that the clouds "nailed" to the sky, not to mention the pixelation. Flying brains are harmless in appearance, but they control the magical barriers to move on. Destroy!

Mutual aid

Opening Cinematic Bullet Witch informs us that humanity is on the verge of extinction. Hard to believe it is weak, as civilians get underfoot all the time - and only that and are waiting to be rescued. Particular attention must be given the wounded: without rapid medical intervention, they have not stretched. Remains a mystery how such a worthless and weak general could survive until the arrival of Alicia.

Another thing - the soldiers, some time after appearing on the scene. Trouble with them is much smaller than the civil, military personnel are sometimes even able to divert the attention of the attackers themselves. And that aides did not break too soon, they too should be treated by your Sacrifice.

Bullet WitchBullet Witch


Cavia employees have never been able to keep track of the development of graphics technology. Ever since the Drakengard they weave in lagging and it looks like not going to pull through. A quick glance at the Bullet Witch, to understand once and for all - this game is not for those who appreciate the beautiful scenery, riot of special effects, crisp textures and staggering detail. Nothing like this is not here, but it immediately struck by the lack of polygons and mediocre animation. Even the giant bosses - the traditional magic wand similar projects - look like something nevpechatlyayusche, frightening is not so much in size, angularity, and how strange design.

Bullet WitchBullet Witch

Can not execute pardon

Bullet Witch - a typical, simply is an exemplary project studio Cavia.Good ideas are a curious world, places an interesting story and a colorful character with a neighbor, to put it mildly, modest graphics, serious flaws in the gameplay and the numerous blunders "over trifles." Someone will probably be able to turn a blind eye to the flaws, while others just see them - hurrying to get rid of the disc with the game. Right, oddly enough, there will be both.

Bullet Witch Multiplayer
With multiplayer modes for Bullet Witch is not complicated - it is just not there. But Xbox Live is still useful. First of all, connected to the Internet, users can show off to other owners of their own Xbox 360 achievements. Secondly, as already mentioned, in Cavia promise not to forget the fans (especially if such typed enough), and regularly supply them with a set of additional levels as well as new costumes for the main character. However, there is one trick here. The fact that the free download only allowed the first "correction". But in the future Cavia work for free will not. And for the opportunity to extend my stay in the world of Bullet Witch will have to part with hard-earned money. However, no one to pay and not have to. As for those who are to Live and not connected or simply do not want to download add-ons, they still develop skills at different levels of complexity, from the stringy-monotonic Easy to brutally difficult Chaos (access to which is still to be earned).

Bullet WitchBullet Witch