Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots

Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots
The team that works on the series Metal Gear Solid, with years of thinking that does not change. Head of Department shall hold office for five or ten years. One of the newcomers, hired for MGS4, - a young foreigner Ryan Payton, assistant producer. Hideo Kojima gives him a demonstrative description: "This is the most hard-working Americans from all I've ever seen. In the team nine out of ten people - Japanese and diversity, we will not interfere. " Good or bad, but no increase in teams of up to fifteen hundred people, no transition to a new generation that did not change the status quo. Metal Gear Solid - a show that is held apart. The entire gaming industry separately, Kojima Productions - separately. The impression that the developers last four years, without leaving the office in Roppongi, saw only a sticker with a flying superman on the glass cabinet Kojima and focused solely on their interests and their own standards of quality. Studio recalls eccentric recluse, who climbed into the mountains, many months ate mushrooms and roots, and then returned c genius and totally divorced from real life novel in seven volumes. Metal Gear Solid 4 can not cram into the Procrustean bed of conventional genres, it does not work to compare with the usual hits. Advantages of the game are undeniable, it is full of discoveries, jokes, innovation and adventure. While playing, mentally alternately ask two questions. First - "Well, who does that?", Then - "And why, in fact, no one does that?".

Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots SECRET!
Shadow Moses Island at Otakon asks Snake to enter a password, which the former animeshnik supposedly forgotten. If instead of the normal password to enter 14893, you get points for donated 100,000 Drebin store. Passwords are 13,462 and 78,925 open special songs for playing iPod.

As we know, the bosses in the game - beautiful hand-written, and even Snake could not resist their charms. If during a battle with the beauty you will do nothing to play for time and run in circles for three minutes, then you are transported into the mammary haze, and beauty will fade in attractive poses, giving Snake the opportunity to make a picture, of course, if he found the camera during a briefing of the second act.

Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the PatriotsMetal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots
Transitions between the saver and play brilliantly! The camera rotates a bit, and control is transferred to the player before the end of the roller. Boundary between the film and interactive game play, and earlier to carry out was not easy, but now just a pipe. The system of Sons of the Patriots highlights of his, and under certain conditions - and others.Experienced soldiers can automatically share data on the enemy with his team.
Necessary warning. Below the text are a variety of spoilers up to discuss the latest training game. The logic is this: the rich fans of the series long ago bought a next-generation consoles, plasma TVs and collectible edition of MGS4, and these people are no surprise. Modest means do not buy in the near future will not buy, but want to know about the game. In addition, the printed text - a special case. One may write about the music of Mozart, but still the essence of words can not be conveyed. So with the Guns of the Patriots: remove the inside out, carefully retell the details, and still enjoy the game will be with nothing comparable. Spoilers will be, and if it's scary, now pull out the overview page and toss in the trash, and set fire to a bucket that surely.

Metal Gear Solid 4 - the last game in the history of Solid Snake, but not the last part of the series and maybe we will still see the game about Big Boss, or you never know, a prequel. The main conflict Guns of the Patriots - the confrontation between solid and liquid in the near future where private military companies have become more powerful than the national army, and the actions of these companies are controlled by a system of nanomachines and Sons of the Patriots. Liquide intends to subjugate the system, renamed the Guns of the Patriots, becoming the de facto ruler of the world and shoot a finger; Snake wants to fill its head liquid. The situation is familiar: almost the same (except for the firing of a finger) went on in the first game, but the characters are not the same as before. Solid, being a clone of Big Boss was old, and looks at the sixty years. Liquidity at all dead, and now exists in the guise of Ocelot, details - in MGS2. The action of the last parts of the game took place on one huge map, but this time it is divided into five acts: the Middle East, Latin America, Eastern Europe, memorable, and now abandoned island of Shadow Moses, and place the final confrontation. Passage takes about 20 hours, and it's time equally divided on the gameplay and exploring stunning screensavers.

Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots What's next?
Does not give the public wondering about what Kojima Productions will after MGS4. Imagine this: a team of one hundred and fifty people who perfectly know how to create MGS and have skills and tools for this, but absolutely no experience in the creation of other games. All they have to pay salaries, therefore they must be something to do, so why not take the next part of their production? Ryan Payton said that, they say, "we should understand that MGS4 - Snake's end of history but not the last Metal Gear Solid. That's the life of Big Boss, for example, many blind spots. In general, there is two further versions of events. Or a new game engine to MGS4, or downloadable add-on to already published Guns of the Patriots. Think of this note, when you read the announcements coming from Konami.

Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the PatriotsMetal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots
In war as in war: two fight, third - do not get stuck. Surprisingly, cardboard boxes work, and opponents can easily cheat.
Kojima first to say that on the occasion of farewell to Snake wants to reveal all the secrets of the show, then - that he wanted to "make all the characters happy." The latter still all right, but the first - muhlezh clean water.A huge number of obscure events and remains unexplained, many important things are remembered only in passing. Sunny, the daughter of Olga Gurlyukovich - one of the main heroes of the game. Everything we know about her, said in passing, and in one sentence - "Raiden rescued Sunny from the Patriots. The very blonde moaner and alarmist just been born anew, now a proud and confident kibernindzya. What caused the change, we do not know. Raiden once casually mentioned that rescued Sunny, disappointed, went to Alaska and became a ninja. And then kibernindzya. And then it turns out that a doctor who creates kibernindzya, actually one in the world and lives in Europe. Resolution of riddles in this situation and does not smell, and the writers want to outdo each other in the game "actually was not so." It seems that in every part of the authors consider it their duty in a new way to explain the events of the past games, and MGS4 do not understand quite nothing, but a new theory about the Patriots boring bad fit with the past and leaves many questions.

Abandoning a clever plot, the authors have made an emotional narrative. This is generally a very typical Japanese approach. America looks and reads militants tehnotrillery Clancy, Europe - the cradle of classical philosophy, but Japan still does not appreciate anything as distinctive and attractive character. This approach became the backbone of MGS4, and a huge amount of screen time given to the experiences of characters, their inner world. Snake anguish and sorrow, love Otakona naivete Sunny, Raiden disappointment, betrayal Naomi, Meryl bitter, timid Johnny - that's what this game. Who would have thought that it was in MGS4 will be the most spectacular offer hands and hearts of all that has ever encountered in a videogame! Even outside the industry, it can easily compete with the fantastic martial wedding of the third part of Pirates of the Caribbean ". This is neither good nor bad. The first part - a cool action movie, the second - a philosophical murk, the third - spy adventures, and the fourth of a sudden - about feelings and love, even though the language does not turn to call it a melodrama. And if you expect from Guns of the Patriots repeat any old game show, you know - it is about something else.

Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots Cosplay!
Omi Gibson - Japanese woman, has received the celebration of the twentieth anniversary of Metal Gear Solid personal invitation from Hideo Kojima. The fact that Omi - the most famous in the country and the world cosplayer on the series. She cosplay dozens of characters of both sexes from all four parts of the game, and in any attire looked inimitable. On account of its cosplay Meryl, Eva, Raiden, Snake in the mask Raiden, Naomi, Olga, Emma, ​​Ursula, Tatyana, Boss - and some of the characters several times in different costumes. Among her recent works - Naomi and Meryl in the costumes of the Guns of the Patriots, but at the moment she is working on a cosplay Reid kibernindzya. Photos of Omi can see in her profile on the site at

Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the PatriotsMetal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots
Sneaking - one of the most interesting modes. Can you find the legendary hero ... Snake? CHE-E-EYK! The game has stunning character models, and the camera chooses the camera angles, which clearly demonstrate the advantages of heroes.
Whether the focus on the characters forced developers to work on the graphics, whether a new generation of power, whether perfectionism Kojima - one thing is clear: here is the graphics, which can not in any other game. God forbid you run MGS4 on a normal TV, not HD.Even the huge and expensive display is not enough, in the good in MGS4 to play in a theater with a huge screen and surround sound. The game looks better than ... that whatsoever. Than their own trailers, than any project in development than Uncharted, Gears of War, Lost Odyssey, Heavenly Sword, Mass Effect ... There is no single secret of success in business and detailed models of characters and weapons, and believable movements and brilliant facial animation, and competent coverage, especially in the "art direction" (that in English is called art direction). Any of these elements, well-executed by itself, could become the basis for the usual instant hit. Here, all on a global level and quality indicator could be the fact that the game was released, and patches to the developers to publish it and not think. Everything has been done on the "excellent" from the first time. The quality is especially evident in the cutscenes, which are known to occupy half of the game and are not something that a feature film - just a whole level of the Hollywood trilogy on one disc. And what about the gameplay? And the gameplay - it's in MGS4 is not important.

Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots How young we were ...
Along the way, Snake and Otakon get to the island of Shadow Moses, where the events took place the first part of the game. Contrast is shocking: before the island was a heap of pixels and polygons, and now he abandoned and forgotten, but it looks like the real thing. Snake finds himself in familiar rooms and ventilation pipes, playing music from the first part, and the hero indulges in memories. That's where he fought with then kibernindzya Gray Fox, here's where he met with Otakonom, who described here is a short way to the hangar with Metal Gear. Friends of a couple of times joking about how things have changed and what path of development have been video games, but Snake is recognized that "misses the days when no one door would not open without a key card." Would add - and for those times when a sniper's rifle had to be run through the entire game. Now you can buy in the store when you want - where's the interest?

Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the PatriotsMetal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots
Some screenshots are so good that a journalist would never believe in the authenticity. Excellent angle, impressive special effects and an interface "not of this world." But not if MGS4. All the screenshots on these pages are real, and were made by us. The game somehow copied to your hard drive is not all necessary data. Loading of each act is accompanied by additional installation, during which it is necessary to listen to good advice.
Surprisingly, the nine or ten hours that they give you to play the main campaign, did not have time to get enough of what is happening. Half of the gameplay time is occupied pursuits, surveillance, shootouts and duels. On what is called the words tactical espionage action, remains only some four hours. After finishing the game, throw up your hands: and all this? Willy-nilly like back in some Grozny Grad, to pass it from one end, then back, then run away and come back to again go through the familiar corridors. This attitude to the gameplay is particularly strange, because the few hours that are in the game are excellent, and very clear, why not add to the game a few more no less exciting levels (possibly to sell them later as "episodes"?) . In the gameplay a lot obnovok. The first, of course, like to call "osmiflyazh» OctoCamo. Costume hero takes the color of any surface to which leans against Snake.In fact, it's the same camo from MGS3, only to change it myself, and there is no need now and then climb on the menu. Snake learned to use someone else's weapon, this weapon invented an entire mobile shop owned by a new hero, the black dealer Drebin. All that is going to the enemies will automatically be exchanged for points (those figures, rather than those who don). These points are then spent to purchase new weapons, equipment and ammunition. The shop is open at any time, anywhere. Unrealistic, but comfortable: out of ammunition during a battle with the boss - no problem, went and bought it. We were promised a battlefield on which there is nowhere to hide - do have such refreshing experience, but to hold it to be only a few hours and not very clear because of what was generally fuss. There was a system modification weapon can be mounted flashlights, silencers, grenade launcher, rifle scopes and the like - very convenient, useful and interesting, especially as all the additions are sold at the same store Drebin. In the inventory, Snake, and now there is a miniature robot Metal Gear Mk. II, ready to significantly facilitate the flow if you do not deal with espionage assignments. Changed the system of targeting, which has become more simple and convenient: L1 - at the ready to take up arms and go into the kind of "over his shoulder», R1 - shooting. Well, even the camera can rotate as you like - that has already been done in MGS3: Subsistence.

Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots Beauty and the Beast
Bosses in the game - the group "Beauty and the Beast", an elite girls soldiers working at Liquid. I must admit that the idea of ​​serial bosses become outdated. The first boss, Laughing Octopus (Laughing Octopus) - the most successful. The battle with her and her story impress, because a novelty. The second boss is too personal, and then it gets sad and depressed. Battles are built on the same pattern: a fight, looking headband, admire the beautiful, compassionate, listened to the story from Drebin. It is an artificial, far-fetched, and contrasts with the rest of the game, because nobody, except Snake, these villains are not needed, they did not even really mentioned in the dialogues. Whether it was in the first and second parts of MGS, in which each opponent was a personality and has played a significant role in the plot! Such a relationship with the bosses - that the cast is quite possible to have and recover.

Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the PatriotsMetal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots
Snake takes seriously old. Meryl stands to remind the hero of the age, and part of the "psychic energy" is gone. Would find the enemy by surprise, and do with it what you want! Search the, question, and strangle bainki Lay ... And there is no time - with a knife to her throat and all the long!
As is usual in the series, the only races is not limited. A choice of five difficulty levels, from very simple to the "extreme". You can collect weapons, which in the game are about fifty species that roams from one passage to the next. Provided and the special, secret instances, such as solar gun from the game Boktai. You can collect the kinds of camouflage or songs for a virtual version of the iPod and listen to them during the game. As a result of the passage of issued posters that illustrate your progress - another subject of interest for the persistent player and get the icon Big Boss, as always, devilishly difficult. And of course, the authors stuffed into the game so many jokes, secrets and non-obvious features that see them all fail not so much from one - from a dozen passes.

Separate conversation - about the Metal Gear Online, which was not a game, not the demo and Starter Pack, a point in the main menu of MGS4, and therefore does not deserve a review. MGO is not much different from their own beta testing, to the story about who we refer interested. Changes to a minimum: renamed skills, added a couple of new maps and modes, corrected speed of movement in different situations. As we expected during the beta test, MGO actually uses the same engine and same management as MGS4. This is a sensible idea, as it turned out, the new engine is very well suited for a console multiplayer.

Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots Metal Gear Solid 4: Database
June 19, a week after the game, the Japanese and USA Konami released on PlayStation Network database on the series under the straightforward title Metal Gear Solid 4: Database, European Office followed suit later. File takes less than one hundred megabytes and is provided free in all regions. The database represents an encyclopedia on the events and characters of the canonical seven games series. You can see the chronology and chart the relations between the characters, and the transition between articles carried out, as the Internet - on the links, placed on keywords. It is curious that you can get information about Guns of the Patriots only if the program finds the hard disk of your console to save game data on the full passage.

Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the PatriotsMetal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots
Traditional for the series' battle with Metal Gear "was, as always, fresh and unexpected.
One copy of the game gives the right to create a character - a soldier of private military companies, however, according to Ryan Payton, we are waiting for updates from the heroes of MGS4. The player chooses the appearance of the hero, using a small number of items available wardrobe. Then you need to pick up skills. A total of about a half dozen, all simple and clear: master the use of various weapons and CQC, improved avtopritselivanie and the like. Selected skills give the hero promised benefits, and automatically improve with use, but the maximum pumping ability of even one will take more than a dozen hours. The combatants on the servers under various pretexts, clean each other face - who played in Deathmatch, who in the seizure of bases, who are fighting for the frog and a duck (see for yourself), but the most popular team Deathmatch and its variation with the old Snake Sneaking, who against all . Metal Gear Online - neizobretatelny multiplayer shooter, made, however, at the highest level of quality typical of Kojima Productions. Time is running out for him, and he easily competes with the usual console multiplayer shooters like Warhawk. Metal Gear Online looks excellent, has a mass right options, encourages team play, supports a system of clans and in-game communication. But what we see now - just the beginning of MGO. Says the same Peyton (who now often makes public statements on behalf of the Kojima Productions just because he knows English much better than Kojima), in the coming weeks will be published the first free patches, add-on. On the Japanese servers started working team of instructors and experienced players in online learning to play beginners.In our part of the web is not available yet, but will probably earlier than this issue - in a free market. It seems that the current state of MGO - prolonged beta-test an excellent multiplayer game, which over time will acquire and additions will be available on a separate disk. For example, this fall.

Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots I've never played MGS
Guns of the Patriots is full of references to previous parts of the series and the banter over them. But what if the PlayStation 3, your first (or second) console and the old hits you know absolutely nothing? The answer is simple - to play, no matter what. If you do not distinguish by Liquid Ocelot, and Solida from Neykida, Guns of the Patriots unroof even steeper. It is vitally important concepts are explained in the course of commercials, and all the rest is not so important - the game about feelings and love, remember? In addition to the PlayStation Network to download the database on the series and spy out there unfamiliar concepts. And another thing: after Guns of the Patriots you'll want to get acquainted with the past games and see the show, because of what all the fuss. Be careful: Metal Gear Solid addictive.

Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the PatriotsMetal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots
How common MGO, so as not standard single part of the game. Half of this is not a game, an interactive movie, and in the grand final confrontation line between game and screen saver to now impossible. Huge disappointment was the fact that Kojima did not dare to kill a beloved character. Those frames from the first trailer where Snake puts a gun in his mouth, in a game at all. Snake slowly die the whole game, from first to last intercourse. By the finale, he barely keeps on his feet and loses consciousness without the drug dose from Naomi, and yet hard, with superhuman effort to carry out "last mission". Like the Boss, he deserves the death in battle. And it's farewell to the aged and weakened, but noble and defiant hero would be the greatest scene in the history of video games, "killing Iris" for a new generation of players. But instead to us is the Big Boss with a speech that is good and what is bad about that, they say, the Snake, "I am your father."

Snake continues to live, and Liquid, between us, too, like as not die. History Solida completed and passion as you want to determine the location of a new chapter in the series and find out what part of the best. Do not quit. Games are similar, and yet they are quite different. Do not wait for the old MGS to a new generation. This is a new game, another interactive movie, a special multiplayer shooter. For whatever the authors undertook MGS, they manage to be among the best in the world while always find a way to surprise and delight the player. Belonging to the TV series played a cruel joke. Everyone loves the MGS for something different and everyone was expecting it, "her" again. Not be repeated. Rate Guns of the Patriots out of the series. Imagine that in front of you nobody knows Project S from an anonymous developer okinte it with fresh eyes, and you will see one of the most spectacular, technologically advanced and exciting games among all ever created.

Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots Expert opinion
Metal Gear Solid 4 + Metal Gear Online

Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots Konstanitn Govorun - MGS4 - the epitaph on the grave of gaming past generations. Gathered pertaining to, say the right words, drank some vodka and went home. A related - and people on the other, and on this side of the screen. The hero, won, running hoary and old, but gamers and 80 managed to have children, if not grandchildren. So Snake is dead, long live the Snake. 10
Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots Artem Shorokhov - Dvadtsatichasovoe movie with interactive filler "- a real feast for the eyes. Without options, to buy and pass MGS4 shall each is a living classic of the industry. And yet, from the viewpoint of the thoughtful gameplay Guns of the Patriots losing the previous parts of MGS. Monumental lump all a tissue of quotations, and fresh and there is nothing at all here. 10
Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots Igor Sonin - The first (only?) Game for which you want to buy the PlayStation 3, which I did. The fourth part of MGS has never came close to the edge that separates video games from movies. We can say that this is not a game at all, and CG-movie with elements of video games. The best and unique CG-movie. 10
Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots Michael Razumkin - This is MGS, and other words are not needed. Although Kojima still passed the line separating an interactive movie from the game. But this is the whole point of his brilliant work: you are immersed in a world from which hard to come off regardless of whether you hold a gamepad in their hands or not. For the rest there is MGO. 10
Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots Konstanitn Govorun - As you may have guessed, in the Metal Gear Online, I was not playing and not going. In my opinion, this is an optional fun bonus, the presence or absence of which in general does not affect the assessment of the game. If it were not demotest in the magazine, I could never find out about the existence of this regime. And certainly I would never have occurred to get online and start to play there. ?
Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots Alexander Ustinov - As she MGS4, MGO - it is primarily fanservis, shared fun for fans of the series. Everyone else here sore from the difficult controls. Also in the game until just frankly not enough: items for the customization of characters, modes and maps. We hope that Kojima Productions will keep MGO and issue lots and lots of addons. 7.5
Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots Igor Sonin - I was delighted to Beta MGO. Seemed to tweak a couple of little things add content - and will be a first-class game. However, since then nothing has changed. Hopefully, the game will come to their senses after the first update and self-release on a separate disk. While that is a normal network is a shooter and nothing more.7.0
Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots Michael Razumkin - Snake, catapults, the box - this no longer exists in any game. Fans of the universe can finally properly ascertain who is more worthy of the title of the legendary hero. Levels, however, is not enough, and the character set is very poor, but each time, including the game, I'm always faced with a choice: Solid or still Online. 8.0
Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the PatriotsMetal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots