NBA Street Homecourt

Sports! You're the world ... but a parallel. Especially basketball. "Provide only: what can be amusing to attempt to take away from each other the ball, so then zashvyrnut it to a nearby bucket with a carved head?" Reasoned about your obedient servant, about fifteen years ago, watching the corner of his eye for the burly, rushing from one ring to another . Appeared several years later fashionable Megadrive console together with a smart cartridge NBA Jam, instantly changed the view of the seemingly ordinary things.

In contrast to this basketball simulation, participants in the match and the number of rules has been minimized, and handle the speed of gameplay vykruchena to the maximum. To have fun, do not know the rules and follow the NBA competition on TV - even if until now the man was completely indifferent to basketball, NBA Jam clinged to stay. Perhaps lacked only one tiny opportunity - to break out of stuffy rooms, and set the heat on the street. Years later, NBA Street series has allowed us and it is - for the fourth time. Finds NBA Jam alive and thriving: the number of players in the squad is small, the supernatural is amazing acrobatics, and the management can understand any man capable of holding a gamepad.

NBA Street Homecourt Music
Soundtrack of a mixture of fiery funk, a popular hip-hop and even a delicious soul. In other words, this is exactly the kind of music, which is necessary for the streets and those involved in these streets for sports. Especially worth noting the length of the soundtrack: total time twice as much as any other game series!

NBA Street HomecourtNBA Street Homecourt
The developers have taken care of even such trifles as cracks in the asphalt. However, pay attention to such details during the game is not necessary - too big a chance to miss the ball. If you're tired of the street, you can always hold a contest in the walls of the gym. Arranged, so to speak, back to basics.
Exciting gameplay - it's great, but the players want to see stars NBA. Here they are - some familiar faces! Not all who would like to see, but Carmelo Anthony and Richard Hamilton on the spot. These and many other idols have come here not for ticks - with them will have to fight in the main single player mode the game (actually, Homecourt Challenge). The plot of developers offer a very simple, but for street races rolled: want to become a star, created a character, put together a team - and forward, to win the basketball court. The program also includes leveling hero, and that the team from him did not lag, its composition is recommended to keep changing, meticulously studying the performance characteristics of candidates, sifting out weaklings and choosing the right person, whether it be "snipers", the kings of three-pointers, "zabivaly" or perhaps "otbiraly ? - the number of characteristics that make up each basketball player is small, but diverse. Where levy? All the same place - on the grounds. Typically, the game strives for a win to bestow a pair of shoes or any shirt, but another NBA star shame no no yes and asked the team.There could not yawn - you play with them and play! And what other sports game needs a compliment, but the recognition that even after several hours in her company still can not tear myself away? But even in the legendary NBA Jam was hard to sit through so much time. The reason now seems clear - no matter how fun to play two on two, and three against three still interesting. Note that it is more interesting - not fun: there are only one player is greater and the number of possible combinations and tricks grew at times! But the fourth, perhaps it is not necessary - bust: if, despite all the tricks, the game will be too much like a classic basketball. And if you only need it and - better pay attention to the last year or the recent NBA 2K7 College Hoops 2K7 - there is no place terrific, but it is unrealistic to jump and then "Dancing with the basket," a fig instead of streets, and with no computer opponents spar so cool.

NBA Street Homecourt Similar
If you have not yet purchased an Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3, but want to play in a spectacular street basketball, take a look at previous games of the series NBA Street:

  • NBA Street> - PlayStation 2 (2001), GameCube (2002);
  • NBA Street Vol.2 - PlayStation 2, GameCube, Xbox (2003);
  • NBA Street V3 - PlayStation 2, GameCube, Xbox (2005);
  • NBA Street Showdown - PlayStation Portable (2005).
Keep in mind: Showdown - just a portable version of the V3, it is unlikely he will come in handy if you already have the original game.

NBA Street HomecourtNBA Street Homecourt
Jump on two feet up? Easily - by virtue of everyone! Do you think this is not street skate, Tony Hawk in one of the last games name a favorite?
Someone unpleasantly surprised by the game, so this series regulars, because the list is really serious changes in the number except the schedule. But Homecourt is not just good in itself outwardly: probably in front of us the best picture, which met in sports at all! And if the cherished letters N, B and A - is not an empty word for you, then all the stars you will easily learn at first sight even for a few meters from the screen.

Despite this pleasant fact, the really juicy image name can not be: at times it seems that developers are overdone with postprocessing filters. You yourself probably know that EA Canada has a weakness for non-standard vision and unusual color palette - is enough to recall at least Need for Speed: Most Wanted, where this love was expressed particularly strongly. Here we have the feeling that the authors would like to achieve the effect shooting match to the home movie camera. Certainly, it zest, but sometimes a little blurry image in consistently "zheltyaschey" scheme starts even slightly annoying. However, if these thoughts crept into my head - hence the single player campaign is already passed and the game is simply nothing you take. There is a way - try to play with friends, and NBA Street Homecourt will open new horizons. After all, basketball - a team game, right? And you can not call friends to visit - go to Live and conquer his own created players though the whole world. It is a pity that all the limited string of singles - the developers have not taken care of, more or less full-fledged career in multiplayer mode, allowing only an opportunity to break into the table top players.But this much!

NBA Street HomecourtNBA Street Homecourt
In general, if you continue to yawn at the mere mention of the sport (as the author of these lines in an already distant past), then after purchasing this game for sure change your opinion. And if you shake the attitude to basketball can not even NBA Street, forget about the balls and baskets for all - they're probably, well not for you.

NBA Street Homecourt Jam!
In fact, it is not NBA Jam was the first game, where the authors have tried to depart from the model rules of basketball and dilute the gameplay innovative solutions. The first swallow has arrived in the late 80's - it was a game Arch Rivals (Arcade, NES, Mega Drive, Game Gear). Already there were laid down the principles that we admired, playing in the NBA Jam: an aggressive fight, the battle only two to two and a lot of bonuses that are scattered across the field. Unfortunately, the Arch Rivals no real players NBA, and even on the most beautiful "jam" could only dream of. To find a game a game-archaeologists may retrosbornike Midway Arcade Treasures 2 in versions for PC, GameCube, PlayStation 2 or Xbox (and if dig into the archives and find the "Land of Games" # 198, you can read the material on the Midway Arcade Treasures, prepared by Alex Bespalko ). If, however, intrigued by the NBA Jam, the mass of options: from 1993 to 2003, the game came out with minor modifications on almost all known platforms: Mega Drive, SNES, PS one, Nintendo 64, GBA and so on - are even versions for DOS and Windows. In 2003 for the PlayStation 2 and Xbox, a new version of NBA Jam. It is slightly below the level of the original, but contains some innovations - for example, the game is three for three, as in NBA Street.

NBA Street HomecourtNBA Street Homecourt