Spellforce 2: Dragon Storm

Rare role-playing game, not to mention the strategies, boasts solid world with a sound history. Even the Forgotten Realms, the scene of many games based on D & D, - quilt, sewn from scraps of cultures of different peoples. A good example of sound of the universe - Middle-earth. It is not only an extensive mythology and history spanning several millennia, but in how it is served. Let's say we read in "The Hobbit", as the heroes managed to trick the trolls, then in the "Fellowship of the Ring" refers to their petrified bodies, and getting to the "Silmarillion", we learn the tragic story of Gondolin, swords, whose wrought Thorin & Co. found in a cave with treasures. The overall picture is not fragmented, but rather, gradually supplemented with new coat of paint.

Spellforce 2: Dragon StormSpellforce 2: Dragon Storm
Old friends are very frequent and sometimes help in the battle. "Titan" new race, whose fiery breath burns downright swaths of enemy ranks.
Serial Spellforce - a rare example of this approach in a game scenario. Developers with German thoroughness recreate fabulous, but they are not less believable world, not conceding on the scale works best fantasy writers. The ancient prophecy and mysterious legacy of long-extinct race and squabbles present inhabitants of the world Eau intertwined in a complicated tangle of intrigue and battles. If you have not seen the previous games, to understand the abundance of names is not easy. The narrative jumps from one event to another old times, old friends become enemies, allies appear, from the least to expect, a favorite technique of developers - to return to already visited places, often used as never before.

Everything else falls into the usual set to expand - a new branch of the heroes, the ability Shaykan not differ greatly from previous skills: application of damage to attackers on the character or treatment due to their impact, appeal to help animals or magic ax, the possibility to suspend the recovery of health from the enemy - very useful when dealing with "bosses". Another thing is that the damage type of all new spells "bloody", which means that beats the enemies immune to fire or there, for example, cold.

Race Shaykan gathered under the banner of people flowing in his veins the blood of a dragon, flying lizards and "Blade" - a slightly modified "robot", friends still on the first Spellforce. In addition, the units can be improved by choosing between two upgrades - for example, will determine whether the riders to slow his opponent's blow, or throw his darts.

In the floating stone fortress that serves as the sole means of transportation between the islands after the magic portals finally petered out, you can forge weapons, rings and amulets, also appeared "sets" of objects. It remains only to regret after buying EA Phenomic overwhelming fate of the show under a big question.

Spellforce 2: Dragon StormSpellforce 2: Dragon Storm
Puzzles and side quests in addition simply an incredible amount, and some are very unusual. For example, running a mechanical spider. Battles of large orders, as always - a bunch of small, poorly manageable. Conveniently except to treat soldiers, using the ability of the characters.